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Sacred Gold with CM Patch work with windows 11?

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I've been able to play Sacred Gold thanks to your patch on Windows 10, I've switched to Windows 11 and when I launch the game I get a black screen and have to restart the PC as before, are you working on this, or does anyone have an idea on how to make this game work that I love so much? I hope to have a feedback very soon.
Best wishes :)

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Delighted to see that you loved the patch on windows 10, Its unfortunate about the black screen you're getting on windows 11.   Maybe this friendly push of your topic may get it into the eyes of someone  whos running sacred gold successfully on Windows 11 and prize and lands of Ancaria will be yours :gogo:

Welcome to the forums Madpumax!



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2 hours ago, Masona said:

It works perfectly on windows 11, not even in compatibility mod. The only thing I had to install was nvidia physx, because I play on radeon.

Thanks for the feedback, and welcome to the boards Masona!

.. This Sacred game keeps our community full of madness!



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Has anyone else run it in Win 11 and had some problems? It starts up normal for abput 30 seconds. Then it slows down, like the character has to go through very thick liquid instead of air. Clicks aren't recognized for movement either, camera rotation stops in one direction as if the camrea is stuck on a wall.

I had it run fine for years till win 10, and now this. :(

EDIT: Solved by fixing the FPS. Seems too powerfull systems just burn through this old game. ^^

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