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All unskilled lvl216 niob characters with all sets and everything you'll ever need + challenge 1.0.0

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Hello dear sacred community:bye:

Today I've got a little bit of a challenge for you: I'm happy to finally present you all unskilled level 216 heroes with all sets and a whole bunch if not all of the uniques. And the best: I included five different savegames for farming lots and lots of goodies. Pretty much all of the items are completely self farmed with few exceptions (more below).

Where is the challenge you ask? Well, basically to get the best bundle possible for the community there is still a little bit of work to do:


1. Questing:


There are a bunch of quests which reward you with additional skill- and/or attribute points. Now to get the best possible characters, we need to do all of these quests for all the different characters in all five difficulties in the best way possible. Check out this site to look up these quests:


For some of these there is a way to get additional points, but it's super hard to do and you get only one try per hero per difficulty. If you want to do it on lower levels than niob in multiplayer you need a character editor to lower the levels of the heroes. In singleplayer this is not necessary though you cannot load a save with different characters.


2. Item refarming:


In a far to quick attempt to backup my muling character I accidentally lost some set items. It was super frustrating, so I used an item editor to recreate them (yeah I know, shame on me... :badbad:but that was still a lot of work to do, don't know if it had been faster to just refarm. But it was definitely less frustrating lol:sweating:). I did that as good as possible, but some of these items may have some of their stats a little bit off (most notably probably a seraphim sword also equippable by the deamon). So refarming these items would be great. Here is a complete list of these items:



1. Goldener Helm der Götter, Goldene Flügel der Götter

2. Abdiels Schwingen des Zorns

3. Abdiels Schlitzer des Zorns

4. Astralas Brustpanzer der Stärke

5. Uriels Helm des Glaubens

6. Uriels Schild des Glaubens



1. Lokis trutziges Rückgrat

2. Lorgars Oberkörperschutz

3. Ymirs Langstiefel

4. Dalmars meisterlicher Kopfschutz

5. Dalmars meisterlicher Brustpanzer


Dark Elf

1. Ferts Glänzende Obhut

2. Ferts tückische Klinge

3. Cordells Dolch


Unfortunately, the names are all in german and I don't really know the english names of these items, but you can check out this page to look up the items:



3. Even more item farming:


There might be some Uniques that I didn't find, you might find some items at a better level than me(should not happen too often since I farmed most of this stuff from anducar and his cerebropods who alway drop max level items if you're max level niob) and finally there are the christmas set items. It would be so cool if we could include them to this.


4. farming, farming, far... you get the idea:sweating:


As you might have noticed, I included some books and scrolls. There are a total of 139 of these in the game, but I have only like half an inventory included. Sometimes if you talk to the ancarian people they say some lines that indicate you get a reward if you actually managed to read all of the books and scrolls. It would be so cool if we as a community were able to check that. You can find a list of all books and scrolls and all bookstands here:


There is one book only the seraphim can farm in a special quest.


Now of course I could do all of this stuff myself... and upload this file in ten years when I'm finally ready lol. Instead I figured what is the fun of sacred when there is no challenge anymore? So I thought lets give that stuff as a challenge to you, the darkmatters community, but lets at least give you the tools to actually complete all of this stuff - yes im evil:devil:.

I think the best way would be to open another thread where I write down again everything that needs to be done and every now and then I check what has been completed and update the thread and this download. I'll do that when there is enough positive feedback for the challenge.  Unfortunately I think there is no way for me to actually reward your effort if you completed a part of a challenge, but then again we're all profiting from the results.


Now let's get straight to the action - there's challenges to do. What you're waiting for?:Laie_34:



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On 10/2/2020 at 4:17 PM, Kenzor said:

Wow, great job Lindor! That'll certainly save people the trouble of making hundreds of new chars for merely testing purposes and stuff like that.



3 minutes ago, MihalceDaniel said:

It's nice that you did such great work,even if some thing's are missing :D,if people want we can keep this challenge and help each other's with item's :D,btw if someone want this,I won t give or accept item's from SIM :D

Above and beyond @Lindor!

Ahhh, now if only they'd had downloadable content for the HardCore closed servers when this game came out for me!




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2 hours ago, MihalceDaniel said:

if people want we can keep this challenge and help each other's with item's :D

That's the spirit <3


2 hours ago, gogoblender said:

Ahhh, now if only they'd had downloadable content for the HardCore closed servers when this game came out for me!

Yeah, I'm probably like 15 years late xD But I was like eight when the game came out, and I could only play on my uncles PC. To be fair, he probably only allowed me to play because I was leveling his chars xD

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