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    Thanks Theuns! Most of the pain has abated, and in fact, its must less severe now two days after, with almost no swelling as reported from the internet. The pills the doctor gave me are so potent though that I find myself only using one of them at night before bed, with only some ibuproffen during the day. Yes..jello, custard, ice cream... enuff of life through slurps.. can hardly wait to tear my teeth into something with a little more substance... hello mr hamburger... come to me maw!! gogo
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    [ SACRED 2 STARTUP SOLUTION HERE SACRED 2 NOT WORKING SOLUTION HERE ] Hi everyone, I bought Sacred 2 (for the second time because deep silver.......) and finally began to play it at the end of 2018 and I figured out a solution on my own for the starting problem. I use Win10 64 bit. I went to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sacred 2 Gold\redist then installed all three programs manually: - DXSETUP.exe in DirectX folder, - PhysX_9.somethingsomething.exe in PhysX folder and - vcredist_x86.exe in VC folder. I didn't need dxsetup and vcredist, but run them anyway. THEN I set the compatibility mode to Windows Vista. WHICH YOU DO SO: 1. go to ...Sacred 2 Gold\system 2. find sacred2.exe 3. right click on it, click PROPERTIES, go to compatibility mode, set to win vista but you can try win 7 too, press ok. Another strange problem is with Wi-fi connection, as I need to turn off wifi on my computer (2 clicks, so not much of a work) before starting the game. When it loads to main screen I simply alt+tab and enable wifi again and no problems. This game deserves love and this is the way you can love it even if it's a bit shy at the beginning. Cheers!
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    and...because the duck crossing is too adorable...here's a video of a canada goose crossing thats perhaps not on topic but SO adorable! :0 gogo
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    Hi gogo, thank you for the warm welcome! :) I play Sacred since... 2009? Something like that. I always played it in single player, but I talked about it a lot with some of my friends and with my little sister too, to whom I introduced the game. So I know builds - but not with the names you mention them, I guess. My favourite Vampiress build's first priority is to conjure as many bats as possible and then the wolf companion. Skills are the ones with regen time reduction and the rest are like armor, agility, sword lore, I don't remember the others. This build is extremely fun to play, as you usually just stand in one place, summon new minions when needed and watch your confused foes perish. You probably know that Sacred 1 calculates your chance at finding runes like: Your Level x (an unknown number) - The Number of Runes You Used = %chance of getting runes out of monsters. So a level 50 Seraphim with 50 runes spent is going to loot more runes under an hour than a level 50 Seraphim with 100 runes spent. Figuring that out changed my early builds a lot, turning this mechanism of the game to my advantage allowed me to build my fav daemon: 1 rune on Flying Daemon, most of the runes on Hell sphere and some on blazing disc. With this method in mind, I could build a daemon with skills way abowe her level and so above her opponent's level. A 4-combination of high level Hell Spheres solves bosses just like Alexander the Great solved the Gordian Knot. All I needed was a good supply of yellow potions. Skills are all defensive with sword lore, so sword and shield combo protected my daemon further. I use this method in Sacred 2, but not sure if I need to.
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    Talk about contemporary tech... Tolkien's poems could be sung forever if the music is being consistently recreated. This is the first time that a poem has ever come across to me as something that could be "immortal" and newly fresh everytime it surfaces. gogo
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    Absolutely. The music is an original composition - and the quality of it is a huge part of why the piece works as well as it does. Tolkien only provided the words. Though I think a handful of songs (mostly dwarven songs) exist as recordings of Tolkien reciting/singing them. Ah Steve, you are a kindred spirit.
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    Ben, I thought that you might like a bit more information on Beren and Lúthien. Beren means brave in Sindarin and Lúthien translates as "Daughter of Flowers" and in earlier Quendian as Enchantress. This music which you have shared with us is even better the second time, now that I again listen. It is mesmerizing and enchanting and it truly does great credit to Tolkien's genius and honors his penned words. I have always been an enthusiastic follower of his miraculous tomes for they plant me soundly inside the lands of his imagining, magical places where wonders are real and the impossible is but commonplace. Realms all their own into which one may retreat from the world when the troubles it presents are overly burdensome. That's one reason why I also love Sacred 2.
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    LIstened to the entire video. Didnt think Id like it but I did. Always amazes me that Tolkiens poems are still being sung,..does this mean that every one keeps scoring them with their own unique music? Btw the voices are breath taking, and the flautist work just drops me gogo