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  1. And we're off to round 4! I revived 15 new FX, including the auto-trigger ones you listed: FX_ENEMY_SPIKESHIELD_C --as you described FX_GEN_AREASCHADEN --green and bigger version of FX_ENEMY_TENERGY_EXPLOSION! FX_GEN_CASTBLOCK --as you described FX_GEN_FRAG --red smoke with red splatter on the ground FX_GEN_FRAG_BLACK --black version of FX_GEN_FRAG FX_GEN_FRAG_DUST --yellow version of FX_GEN_FRAG FX_GEN_FRAG_GHOST --blue sparkle-lines, similar to FX_ENEMY_HEAL_C but bigger and as spell FX versions FX_GEN_FRAG_GREEN --green version of FX_GEN
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  2. gulabjammun -> Quarkbällchen my grandparents used to say: Was der Bauer nicht kennt frisst er nicht. A farmer won't eat stuff he doesn't know. The speaking is probably from the time when potato were new and many tried to eat the potato fruits ;) Quark is close to a soft cheese and is mixed into the yeast dough. So Quarkbällchen translates as small softcheese balls.
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