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  1. In the original formula the PC level serves as a divisor for the value, determining an item's tier. @BRSamaelhas conducted a series of experiments with high level characters, that clearly show that, once the PC level is over 90, no reachable amount of trading skill is going to yield a tier 15 item, tier 14 items are almost non-existant, tier 13 are met in moderate amounts at extreme skill level(around 1750). I've altered the divisor, instead of PCLevel+2, it is if((264 - PCLevel)<=100;(264-PCLevel);100) IMHO, many game developers get it backwards, when they consider the playable character level(or they try to prolong the gameplay on the cheap). The maximum reachable level is effectively game over, sans PvP. So, by the time you reach it, your kit is supposed to be maxed out as well. Sacred 1 Trading Skill is useful for one thing only - getting items with "% of damage received goes to gold". Otherwise, its utility is,IMHO, nil, especially for the Dwarf with the Thar Eross set.
  2. Should read "increased boss durability further". There's a Pacifism skill, which is technically, incidental. Seems borne out of an ambition to make Sacred 2 a MMORG. I've edited the skill's limitations, so now it works against any attacker. Then I added it to every Boss creature. The latest modification was to up the skill's curve, so as to reach 85% damage reduction by level 200. Doing all we can to buff up those pathetic 2mil HP wimps.
  3. Due to the incorrect parameter selection, the attack, defence and physical resistance reduction CA properties were not working in an expected way. Instead of reducing the aforemetioned parameters of the affected targets, they were attacted to the affected targets as offensive properties. That is, whenever the affected target attacked the PC, the PC was being debuffed and those debuffs would stack. Player character level progression used to have a significant detrimental effect on the quality of mechant wares. That is, the PC level was used as a divisor in the item level determination formula. That same logical fallacy is present in Sacred 1. The higher the PC level is, the :eek:tier the wares selection in shops.
  4. I've updated the first post of the thread. A spectacular bug has been discovered. So far, we know it affects the following debuffs: "et_debuff_EAW", "et_debuff_EVW", "et_debuff_armor_phys". The fourth parameter for those should be 133, not 42. Also, the long standing(since S1, in fact) merchant wares selection logical debacle has been fixed. Some other, less important items have been addressed, as well.
  5. The correct one. There's something wrong then. The textures are definitely not mine and there's an obvious position(or model size?) distortion, that leads to the clipping you experience. It's as if the Addendum DM model is overriden somehow.
  6. @FlixWhat is the size and the modification date of the h_dmage-body.GR2 you use?
  7. Hmm, no significant clipping on those. What animation poses have been used for detection? Chaoskampf torso texture has no DM skin areas. Only the hq version is present though, do you use the max texture quality? Can't see anything there, could you, please, post a screenshot of the issue? Yes, that'll be addressed in the next update. The helmet uses the h_dmage-cloth-helmet.GR2 - effectively a DM head with horns and without proper weighting in the jaw area, thus jaw animations don't get played with the vanilla cloth helmets on. Judging by the inventory icons only horns were supposed to be visible.
  8. Greetings! 1) What was the installation sequence? 2) What is the locale\ru_RU\global.res size and modification date?
  9. Corrected. Two reasons here: Some alterations had to be made to these hair styles. Thing is, we can't properly restore Sacred 2 vertex-animated models, the tools we have don't support them. Vertex-animated hair styles alone take up to 60 Mb RAM, out of 420 there is for the stable gameplay. The whole Sacred 2 vertex-animation solution is just fundamentally flawed. No wonder there so few animated hair models. Well, I've always been more into Warhammer Fantasy, then Zeena the Warrior Princess. The more, err, "high-spirited" I am, the more the preference shows. The Sophia Set alteration is a fine example. Corrected for the "helve-pearl-torso-fx" and NineHells entries. Asha entry has had the UW altered so as to ensure the high-collar style. Ths set is supposed to have as little skin visible, as possible.
  10. Items 1,2, and 4 - addressed, archive -updated. Makes sense, I guess. I mean, the Elf IS wearing them, right?)
  11. Interesting. Kal'Dur's Legacy is not used as a quest reward either, I believe. Since Artamark 'borders' the Northland and has a history of uneasy neighbourship with the Thraconians it stands to reason that the De Mordrey family might possess both Kal'Dur's Legacy and The Redeemer as heirlooms. And is willing to part with them for a great service rendered. Hmm... "Mending the Ties", requires Dark Crusade chain and the Hunt for Rats side quest completion: Light Side: the repentant Baron's son laments the family's ruined reputation and mentions, that the only way to regain it would be via a tradition of monetary reparations to the Baron of Urthamark(250000 gold) and an offering to the King in Griffinborough(1000000 gold), but the treasury is empty, so it would take years. So as a good little hero that our PC is, he(she) takes it upon him(her)self to travel to both interested parties and pay the fine. After that the PC returns to the Baron's son and is rewarded with Kal'Dur's Legacy, The Redeemer and their lore books. Dark Side: the not-so-repentant Baron's son muses about the fickle favour of Ker and the cost of the failed ambition to the family's reputation, and that it has to be rebuilt, if the family is to continue participating in the region's power games. The treasury is empty, but the family has a long-standing and time-honoured tradition of robbing merchant caravans in order to acquire funds. If the PC can appease both the Baron of Urthamark and the King, he(she) gets some vaualble De Mordrey heirlooms. So our PC has to rob 5 trading parties(a merchant + 5 veteran guards) and acquire the 1250000 gold, then travel to both interested parties and pay the fine. After that the PC returns to the Baron's son and is rewarded with Kal'Dur's Legacy, The Redeemer and their lore books.
  12. Shields do have the 'FLAG_HASPREVIEWIMAGE', so the reason is, most likely, some code check, that sends the shield to the root bone. Thus, the shield is not visible due to being covered by the robe. Yes, in fact that would be best.
  13. Both translate as "no flags present". It's supposed to determine the "rendering priority" - whether an object is drawn on top of some visual effect. I added the parameter to those hair types to make their entries consistent with the others, once the vertex animation has been removed. Character and Carrier Imp Main Menu display is called "Preview" in the code. The way(animation pose, inventory slot used) they are displayed is updated upon save game load. This flag, I think, determines, whether an item can be stored in that "preview image". The model is present in graphics05.zip.
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