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  1. Correct, the particular CA mechanics is controlled by EiState and cSpellClass. _RI are the saberstaves. The original use of _2H animations resulted in instances of "performing harakiri" during some attack animations. _THR1 are indeed throwing daggers/axes. To make things work properly, you have to use the Addendum models/animations for throwing daggers/axes, introduce the necessary alterations to animation.txt and itemtype.txt. That's what a single vertex with a corrupt weight assignment can do. The fix will be present in the next iteration.
  2. I'm afraid, my notes are more akin to madman's scribbles. And I'd have to detach the Battlemage-specific hacks. Some specific fixes in place: 1. All playable characters deliver the expected voicelines at special map spots during the gameplay. 2. Various Underworld monster's sound profiles have been corrected. 3. Vilya produces an appropriate dilogue during the Underworld entry cinematic. 4. The various "Attack" CA's targeting behaviour is fixed. 5. The "Stomping Jump" damage application is fixed. 6. The "Orla Aisling Jolt" full set bonus should no longer cause irrecoverable savegame corruption. 7. The Unkempt Sorcerer quest no longer produces unexpected further quest glitches. 8. The "Lorgar's Healer" set lifeleech bonus now actually works.
  3. That part is softcoded so long as you don't try to exceed the 16 skill cap. The file to be edited is within skin-xml.zip, the "Windows\Attributes.xml". Find the line "<CWindow template="skill.slot" name="skillslot.0">" that's where the skill GUI solution starts. Technically, you can copy/paste that part from the Addendum's Attributes.xml, the main rectangle dimensions should be the same.
  4. Three months total, all things considered. The Sacred 2 endeavour took much more time due to it being as much model and texture, as code. I had to invent and apply a procedure to unify all Temple Guardian animations along with the other characters. Some... apprentice had decided, that this particular character's animations were to be rotated 90 grad. against Y, creating extreme deficiencies for the mounted mode. Processing and improving/replacing the D2F models took some more time. And extra sounds and music took some more, as well. Call it a bulldog approach. Once I sink my fangs into the target, I don't release it, until the objective is achieved.
  5. Fortunately, the number of encrypting algorithms is rather limited and folks at Ascaron hadn't decided to "reinvent the wheel". Also, a certain Mr.Mouse's work had been used as a cross-reference.
  6. Setting 50 to 100 should increase the progress approximately 100%.
  7. According to what I see in the "cSpellHeTeleport" code within s2logic.dll, the 2.0 base value is hardcoded.
  8. Was "Chance to Inflict Open Wounds" an explicit property on a weapon? If so, it's not affected by Damage Lore, only the chance, that stems from a weapon's raw damage is.
  9. All spell property names are hardcoded. Some are only addressed by spell-specific functions. It baffles me as to why the coder in charge had decided to use an approach, that can be accurately described, as anti-utilitarian. Just to show 'em?
  10. I'd suggest adding vast pitch black areas to the creature in question texture's alpha channel and observing, if the ingame result is a street mongrel.
  11. Perhaps, perhaps not. My guess - it's a principal graphics engine bug.
  12. Greetings! OllyDBG is being used for EXE and DLL modification, CheatEngine(my deepest thanks to Mr. DarkByte) - for real-time debugging. A while back, our colleague @Pesmontis had made a partially successfull attempt to translate Sacred 2 binaries' contents into pseudocode, his notes serve as an invaluable reference material. There was lot of trial and error(far less now, but still present), though, unlike Elder Scrolls I: Arena(a 16-bit application), I never had to resort to editing via a Hex editor, while cross-referencing the expected code strings in OllyDBG.
  13. Might be a case of simple sloppiness. Like setting a trigger patch within the immediately visible range.
  14. Hmm, no descrepancy here: if the attack button is not released, the first strike/shot is idle->attack blended , the last is attack->idle blended, everything in between is attack.
  15. Unfortunately the purge function present only purges the entire cache, there's no input parameter to mark a specific shader for a purge.
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