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  1. dimitrius154

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    It's a flat (a + b*level)/100 sec. subtraction from the current remaining regeneration time for both. It's that they are called differently: BONUS_ENERGYLEECH_WHIT is called during damage application from hits, while BONUS_ENERGYLEECH_ONCE is called by the CA damage dealing function, if the appropriate spellClass contains the code.
  2. @Charon117 I'd like to make a request, if you are not too busy. In scripts\shared\itemtype.txt file, there's a number of useful "obsolete" entries as well, as missing IDs, or even ID intervals. I'd like to acqure a list of "missing" instances for the purpose of "unique items = unique models" project.
  3. dimitrius154

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    I think, I know why. The formula responsible seems to return 50% chance, regardless of input parameters. That's what happens, when the coder types +, instead of =.
  4. The relative position of addmappos entries within the function block appears irrelevant.
  5. dimitrius154

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    That's the expected behaviour. It's like Kanai Cube from Diablo 3, sans annoyance. Once Blacksmith mastery is achieved, unique and legendary tier modifiers becom avalable in the mix. Dual monitor setup might not work well with Sacred 2 graphics engine. There's a similar problem with S1 windowed mode - it causes a memory leak, that crashes the game at some point after the heap reaches 1GB.
  6. It gets executed both client and server-side. Some AI functions work clientside only, like if I recall correctly, every single sheduled behaviour, like sleeping(there're bums at streets at night now ,hehe), eating, praying. Also this change was needed to implement the ability to engage in dialogue for multiple statist NPC roles.
  7. That's correct. Those entries serve to link sellable items to represented creatures, provided the GetClassMount function condition is met.
  8. Mr @MetaL I wonder, if your project involves fixing code issues. Like Multi-Hit crap targeting, Stomping Jump damage application, etc. There's also Orla Aisling savegame corruption, monster sound issuance, quest script landmines.
  9. Not yet, being busy with applying Sakkara Demon possession as a replacement for the downright hazardous 6-th divine gift. I'm planning to try the tool on a release ready version of the script.
  10. On par with comments for code changes, or code notes - paramount. Three months pass and one won't find a thing without those references.
  11. A primer and a finisher, obviously. They do, just don't use specific symbols from languages, other , than English.
  12. I... assume, they can and it will. Judging by the code in question, the actual stings are being compared vs. a mask, as in if "string" = "intensity".
  13. -- HERO_INITIAL_DRAGONMAGE in equipsets.txt. He does.
  14. Yes and every skill name is also present in s2logic.dll and sacred2.exe in reference tables. They couldn't, wthout editing binaries references would break. The extra "_" was an obvious typo the original developers had never deigned to correct.
  15. By editing I mean "replacing job1, job2 subentries of the duplicate entries with the presumably correct values". I would not recommend deleting anything for now.