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  1. Now that's interesting. Will look into it once done with the extra 3D and sound/music assets. Found out that a decreet pitch/duration/frequency manipulation on particular music tracks works wonders.
  2. Unless you favour a thorough gameplay, points from quests are optional and in no way hinder your leveling progress.
  3. Google is playing tricks. Should be fine now.
  4. The attack debuff does not apply at all, if the 4th parameter is equal to 42, applies to both attacker and defender, if the 4th parameter is equal to 133.
  5. Tdechnically, yes. Problem is - how does one define an "important" quest? A criterium(or criteria) is needed. @FlixAs I rework the D2F content I keep finding something new. "cSpellBlind" is broken, use "cSpellDrFluchDesVerderbens" instead.
  6. Greetings! Nope, only one version is hosted at a time. Most changes to the Temple Guadian 2nd Aspect are softcore and moddable at text level in spells.txt.
  7. No, the dependency is set drop function-wise. Even quest sets piece drops are done via invoking a drop pattern. The currently posted Addendum iteration contains a drop.txt addressing these issues. No feedback as to the effect so far.
  8. Oh, I don't plan to include any of it either. I'm just interested, whether they succeed, or fail as badly, as they did with WC3:Reforged.
  9. As far as I'm aware, all NPC on-event sounds have to have hashes in global.res, otherwise they don't pass a certain code condition. spell tokens, that use lore skills: et_debuff_reduce_armor et_weapondamage_fire et_weapondamage_ice et_weapondamage_magic et_weapondamage_physical et_weapondamage_poison et_dotdamage_fire et_dotdamage_ice et_dotdamage_magic et_dotdamage_physical et_dotdamage_poison et_spelldam_UD_mag et_spelldam_TC_fir et_duration_boost et_energy_leech_whit et_life_buff et_life_regen et_baseVW et_baseVW_timed et_baseAW et_baseAW
  10. That's the tendency I've seen in many of the recent highly-anticipated games and movies. Made very professionally, no apparent flaw of form and... a complete lack of soul. Some(many) people just don't get it. You don't make a work of art the way you produce the toilet paper, it doesn't work. Whatever the marketing department sings. I think, it's tied to the business model. Anything not related to automated manufacturing should not be an investor-interest-focused entity. It is, but regular use causes extreme stability issues. An engine deficiency.
  11. The current reasonably calculated date of release is September 25. I'd like to see the actual released content of Diablo 2 Resurrected, first,can a company overcome it's 14-year old systemic flaw, being the question.
  12. This one is not shared, has to be for others to be able to download. Google added this feature based on whatever feedback they choose to listen sometime ago.
  13. Google Disk upload is an adequate solution.
  14. A character save file is required for quest check-up.
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