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  1. The currently posted Alpha version does not contain the 20 skills feature. You'd have to wait for the Beta to make use of it.
  2. I no longer detect those, but it may be a coincidence. One more thing: if you don't mind, I'd like to utilize several reworked NPC models from D2F as replacements for boss level enemies, that have generic models. The Evocator - Arcane_Horror.GR2 reworked with altered textures and a visual_fx. Mazzagon Bodyguard - a_helve@Leoni.gr2 with some reworked textures. Sorcerer Mankaul - pride_demon.gr2 with reworked texture and a visual_FX. Sheik Yerbouty - v_skelett-general@archlich.gr2 reworked(Terus model is not generic per se, but still).
  3. The proper determination of attribute and/or skill point reward for chain quests seems unattainable. Therefore, I'm going to use a digital dice roll simulation as the arbitrator with the following guidelines: 9-sided dice roll - chance to get both attribute and skill points. value = 5. 9-sided dice roll interval - chance to get attribute points. value <= 4. 9-sided dice roll interval - chance to get skill points. value >= 6. 9-sided dice roll for each stage of n-1 chain quest stages - amount of points given. value = 5. If stages >= 5, min value = 2. At least 1 attribute or skill point is guaranteed per each chain quest with n-2 stages.
  4. For the interested modders: changing a chain quest availability conditions is not quite retroactive. You have to remove the quest entry in quest.txt and resave the test character before applying changes to conditions, if you expect things to work properly.
  5. Excellent. Let the bombard... er, analysis commence! Right from the start, there's something strange with the "VIPs in Ancaria" quest sequence, not to mention, that as a darksider I somehow never got the "You... cannot... pass...". [EDIT] I see. Quest ID 1797, reservedforpath = 1 - no reason for the flag I can fathom, the quest is not used as a prerequisite anywhere.
  6. I'm thinking about the final parts of chain quests. It's that I can't properly determine the correct amount of points for rewards. I consider using a choice of 1 - 3 points by the way of 2 6-sided dice rolls.
  7. @Flix I've managed to code-in a display of attribute and skill point rewards to the quest task texts and the quest journal. I now think "some" of the quest state quirks are due to to failure to apply the proper quest NPC state modifications. For example, the debtors in the usurer quest do not have the proper over-head symbols. I'm going to try and correct those issues.[EDIT] Not a glitch, but the result of some quest dialog solutions. I'm also interested, as to whether we have a list of buggy quests(the quest NPC keep spawning after the quest completion, for instance). Also, do you have a Light-aligned char with a complete list of side-quests for the current difficulty?
  8. @Flix One more(I think the last one) item of note - quests. You've added unique items as rewards. This is a considerable incentive to complete quests, but there's a catch - Sacred 2 items scale with the difficulty level. There's no point in completing Bronze, since Silver item stats would be better anyways. There's an alternative : difficult, or extensive quests should be rewarded with attribute and/or skill points. That does mean, those have to be excluded from some Multiplayer modes. Then again, those modes are kinda not quest-related. I've found an adequate way to alert a player to the significance of an attribute/skill rewarding quest. I wonder if the entire concept is worthy. What is your opinion?
  9. @Flix The instances of "et_mult_weapondamage" increasing damage output by (100 + a/100)% are tied to EiState "cSMZealhit". I can attest that the formula is (a/100)% for, at least, SpellClass "cSpellInqPranger". If the output is not to be affected, the "et_mult_weapondamage" can be safely removed.
  10. Can't say. There's a difference between the playable characters and the NPC's as to the skill acquisition method. The best way would be to give some test subject toughness with an improper id and check it's damage reception. They do. I'm not sure as to whether their CA levels are affected.
  11. @Flix By the way, every single 'skill_enemy_lore' and 'skill_enemy_focus' entry in creatures.txt has an incorrect skill_id. The correct ids for the neaby skills are: SKILL_DM_DRAGONMAGIC_FOCUS 58 SKILL_DM_COMMAND_FOCUS 59 SKILL_DM_MENTALISM_FOCUS 60 SKILL_DM_DRAGONMAGIC_LORE 61 SKILL_DM_COMMAND_LORE 62 SKILL_DM_MENTALISM_LORE 63 SKILL_ENEMY_LORE 64 SKILL_ENEMY_FOCUS 65 Not to mention, that a slew of creature entries do not have the 'skill_enemy_focus'. I'm in the process of fixing the issue.
  12. Let's see, there're 3 vanilla CA's, that make use of the et_boost_to_buff: sk_ap_geistform - Shadow Veil, in_po_doppelgaenger - Doppelgaenger, tw_cc_kampfaura -Combat Alert In the Addendum: The Shadow Veil has it replaced due to being way overpowered, the Doppelgaenger has it replaced for the same reason, since HC characters are now able to fully utilize the CA's rebirth feature and the companion becoming a veritable Inquisitor copy, the Combat Alert is paired against a mod, useful for a buff.
  13. If we take S1 as an example, each character had access to 15 skills, while able to acquire up to 8 by level 50. In Sacred 2 each char has access to at least 24 skills, while being able to acquire up to 10 by level 65. 8/15*24 ~= 13. However, bargaining and smithing become that much more important in the Addendum, as do lore skills. Enemies and bosses become tougher. Potions become scarce. The skill acquisition progression itself is extended to character level 150. I'll take the feedback into consideration, of course. It's a beta after all. Unlike CM Patch itself, no dedicated team had tested the Addendum. Bugs, imbalanced gameplay and oversights are to be expected.
  14. @FlixThe Black Legion Axe model is badly broken, a lot of flipped polygons. I'm replacing it with a reworked model I've got from Sketchfab.
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