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  1. Most assurably. I can't stress this enough: you don't use legacy characters in Sacred 2. Spells, that freeze casters, broken quests, mangled skeletons, distorted animations are to be expected.
  2. In that case, given @Lindor's assesment of the bug instance, there's some random component present. However, I've not detected a single case in a year, or so.
  3. Hmm, you don't have the sufamily entry in the profilename = "Weapon Lightsabre". You'll have to add saberstaff entries individually.
  4. You appear to have adopted the necessary changes some time ago: newProfile = { profilename = "Item Damage Converters", subfamily = "SUBFAM_FORGE_DAMAGE", mindistancefactor = 50, maxdistancefactor = 100, event1 = { event = "PICKUP", resource = 36106 }; event2 = { event = "PICKUP", resource = 36107 }; event3 = { event = "DROP", resource = 36087 }; } mgr.soundProfileCreate(newProfile); newProfile = { profilename = "Item Artefacts", subfamily = "SUBFAM_ARMOR_ARTEFACT", mindistancefactor = 50, maxdistancefactor = 100, event1 = { event = "PICKUP", resource = 36106 }; event2
  5. spells.txt ->"sk_ap_kohorte"->entry2 = {"et_summon_soldier", 2000, 0, 0, 8 }, is supposed to be entry2 = {"et_summon_soldier", 2000, 588, 0, 8 }, Wonder how that happened.
  6. FX_BOOST doesn't work as a cast, or an effect. FX_SK_KAMPFRUF doesn't work as a bone effect. I swear, every time I work on this game's code I drink some strong stuff beforehand, as a safety measure. Just so I wouldn't wish to drag whoever's responsible for the idiocy I see to the Inquisitorial trial myself.
  7. @LindorIThe endeador is sound. However, it should be mentioned, that some perfectly operational FX will not work as cast, or effect routines, due to code conditions.
  8. COFFEE!!! Ok, valid point. graphics24 merged with graphics23, graphics25 renamed to graphics24.
  9. The Elite Trimmed Textures package has been updated, all higher resolution normal textures have been removed, graphics25.zip now contains higher-resolution versions of diffuse textures released up to and including Ice&Blood. @Flix I've added graphics25 original content to graphics27. In case you plan to utilize the latest ETT package, I'd suggest adding graphics25 content to graphics26 beforehand.
  10. @Flix I've ran the entirety of mq files released after the original Elite Textures through Topaz Ggapixel AI. While the diffuse textures react well, all processed normal textures give erroneous glow patches. The ones recreated from the processed diffuse textures are fine. However, I'm beginning to question the value of upgraded normal textures versus better conforming to the 400 MB texture cache limit. Are the upgraded normal textures actually worth it? Unlike the upgraded diffuse textures they don't seem to be an eye-candy enough, while taking up a lot of valuable space.
  11. Thing is: vanilla Sacred2 uses the "fx_wpn_glow2" as a projectile release point. Since Batteries have that bone as well and, due to how object bones are accounted for, the battery bone takes precedence. The original developers couldn't(wouldn't) solve the issue, so they simply disabled battery rendering. I've introduced an extra "firingpoint" bone as a solution, but, since there's a code component, the S2EE is unable to utilize the solution. Interesting. Job items?
  12. A soundprofile issue. The items in question do not have a pickup or drop sound assigned and happily take the sound from the next pickup/drop entry available.
  13. It's "fx_BOOST". The FX is assigned via s2core.cTypeMgr::getFXTypefromBonus. The function receives the same input ID from all consumables with a duration.
  14. @Flix I have a well-founded suspicion, that "Primal Mutation"'s 1-st and 2-nd mods don't work and never had. The mechanics behind them does not apply to spell-based attacks. [EDIT] Also, while the chicken concept might seem humorous in theory, in practice it looks more like chicken :eek:, since mutants can turn to chicken as well. The Riding skill's Mount Level description is, IMHO, false. The skill does not affect the level of the mount, but it does affect all mount properties as a multiplier. Selling stacks of items returns the same amount of gold, as selling a single it
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