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  1. Part of a first iteration attempt at fine balancing character CA's. Modifiers don't spawn, as if the jewelry pieces are too low level for them. Something "might" be broken. Using legacy characters is not encouraged.
  2. BFG receives random classification boni, the second instance of the splash damage chance is from the available boni pool. The BFG Buff damage scaling is controlled by the Aspect Lore. There's only one Lore Skill for a single CA and you can't mix Lore, or Focus Skills for a single Aspect.
  3. An unfortunate side effect of some peculiar dds misinterpretaion by photoshop. Remove graphics24.zip\hq\maps\spells\mahlstrom\t_dm-mahlstrom_do.dds.
  4. No reason for the splash damage not to trigger. The D2F "tw_cc_tkampfschild" uses the same mechanics entries as the "se_co_wirbelsprung", the animation entries are in order.
  5. In that case Firestorm and Cold Touch require SM05 and SM01 animations, which the Diablo entry in animation.txt does not contain.
  6. @FlixThe D2F wiki Boss page states that Diablo has Red Lightning and Cold Touch. However I can see no such spells in the current D2F iteration's creatures.txt Diablo entry, or in spells.txt. Am I missing something, or have those been removed?
  7. Due to the way the mechanics was coded, the health-percentage based damage was doubled each tick.
  8. You need extra plugins both for DAE/SMD import and GR2 export. And most of the links are dead. So there: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10pzgokjVuuGU_r-9BQGIDZ66J6fRUTr8/view?usp=sharing P.S. I used to host a complete 3DS Max 8 folder for the interested, but now Google is blocking the link. Copyright issue, they say. Ahem, 3DS Max 8 is 17 YEARS old! Isn't it technically abandonware?
  9. It does. I detect no such bug. Bonus values for skills learnt are definitely added.
  10. One-handed staves are now the High Elf class weapons. The Dryad is unable to use them.
  11. One of those occasions, where cheap modelling solutions paired with 'brilliant' shader processing bite in the azz. Those staves have rectangular parts made curvy via the diffuse texture alpha-channel. I've made some adjustments for the next release, but, though semi-visible, those rectangle edges still can be seen. An animation file deficiency, the fix will be included in the next release.
  12. He appears on Isla Ancar, right across Hugard, once Step 2 is complete.
  13. Steps to take: 1. Complete Hugard's quests on Isla Ancar. 2. Complete Roof Over the Head in the Blood Forest. 3. Complete Nedry's quest on Isla Ancar. This series does not have explicitly defined next stage quest markers on purpose.
  14. The current iteration "extra" folder contains a faulty s2logic.dll, and should not be used.
  15. @FlixAs I wade through animations.txt, I'm detecting further ovesights. For example, D'urach, Inquisition Guard Officer and Blooddryad dual-wield attacks never hit the target, I presume. They are missing the necesary [ATTACK] entries.
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