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  1. dimitrius154

    CM 1.6 causes minimizing of game?

    Could be. Does the symptom occur, when you play singleplayer, or don't host the server as well?
  2. Can't make requests before I actually assemble the Addendum beta. As I look at scripts changed, I can guarantee a 40 MB download for scripts alone.
  3. dimitrius154

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Elder Scrolls: Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion Lionheart Diablo 1 HD W40k DOW, DOW2 Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Fallout 2 Fallout Tactics
  4. dimitrius154

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Oh, I had. It was done for v1.10, however. IMHO, the best patch, mod-wise. There was a framework compatible with it ,allowing to introduce events, quests, new voiced texts. Actually made a dark side campaign based on Median Omega. That is all characters would receive a proposal of alliance from Kabraxis, and all Median Omega quests have been tailored into the storyline of assisting that demon. Then v1.11 arrived, ruining things.
  5. dimitrius154

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Is that a reference to Mana Burn property and mana drain by ghosts? What folks(except at Phrozenkeep) don't know is, those properties have been erroneously coded. They do 256 times more damage, than they should.
  6. Say, you have ~500 diffuse texture files used at any given moment. If they are in .tga format, they are mipmapped(matryoshka-style texture resizing techique, vastly improves texture processing times) in real time, or once, then kept in some kind of cache(RAM or harddrive) by a procedure in genMipMapInfo.txt. The procedure takes CPU time(and may cause lags). If the textures are in .dds format, they are already mipmapped(if saved properly), thus the mipmapping procedure is skipped. In options.txt. And not getting replaced by a value from optionsDefault.txt, unless you hit 'Reset to Default' ingame.
  7. Hmm, by the way, I think, I understand, why the devs chose to utilize the .dds image format, despite the fact, that .tga works as well. It's about CPU use optimization. dds files can have in-built mipmaps, .tga's can't.
  8. Judging by it's contents, an unused file.
  9. He-he, it does. That's because the keys in optionsDefault are processed in a way, different from other parameters.
  10. I've solved it differently(guess, I took Ben's thesis about game developers deserving their credit(despite the time I have to spend to correct issues caused by their severe lack of labour discipline) to heart). I've edited the cutscene, significantly toning down the volume. It's the intro volume, that's annoying, isn't it?
  11. Do you mean the Ascaron logo cutscene? You could. Remove: for index,trailer in sys.findFiles("../video/trailer/") do sys.pushMovie( trailer ) end for index,trailer in sys.findFiles("../locale/" .. locale.language .. "/trailer/") do sys.pushMovie( trailer ) end So it seems. Guess the constructor is read anyways, or is redundant.
  12. As far, as I know, only the Addendum uses a custom autoexec.txt "name" subentries are unique IDs. local newBehaviour = {} looks like a constructor. Well, it's supposed to generate texture mipmaps for items and creatures. It also appears to play a role in new game/load game procedure. It can also, supposedly, be utilized to enable game session logging. No modmerge functionality is foreseen. numbers are unique IDs This file looks mighty incomplete. I doubt it's being used.
  13. Yes. The "name" subentries are hardcoded. Custom names won't work. Yes. The spell names are also hardcoded to the spell tooltip table. Therefore spells with custom names can have no spell, or property tooltips.
  14. It does. Called "Book 3 -Nor Plat" ingame. "Geography of Ancaria" section. Yes. Correct.
  15. It's not a world-level, but a Loka-ID-level identifier for interactable statics, so unless strings match completely(which would mean two objects of the same type at the same coordinates, a-la matryoshka) they can't be considered duplicates.