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  1. That's correct. It's that a timely Windows update restarted my PC before I saved the notes back then. The "Past Mistakes" step. Taskitem 1004.
  2. @FlixThere's a string called "Resurrection Blade" within global.res. Supposedly, it's a taskitem name for a certain quest item in the SW chain quest. Do you recall the taskitem ID? I don't seem to find any with such a name it the SW quests.
  3. It's the multiplayer we are talking about?! All bets are off. We don't even know if both parties use the same set of files. For the record, all fixes have been tested and are guaranteed to (probably)work in singleplayer. The game's multiplayer component had never been developed to function past Windows XP.
  4. These should behave correctly, especially the second, where there's a claim of it not affecting allies. Would you, please, make a test run?
  5. This behaviour is tied to the spellclass in question deficiencies. What spellclass are we discussing?
  6. Both. Both buying and selling pries are reduced. The aim is to reduce the amount of gold in circulation. I've done a similar tweak code-wise for my version of Daggerfall.
  7. Or, we severely reduce potion drops, greatly increase the amount and selection of potions at shops, increase smithing prices, reduce gear prices by a factor of 10. I've taken this route.
  8. I've always considered that modifier as a utility bonus. It's indeed a sort of an artificer's brand, making a specific item more valuable. You know, it's like IPhone being no better, then Xiaomi, but being sold at 4 times the price As for the concept of having a modifier, that would increase sold item value, that can be done, but: do we really need that? IMHO, Sacred 2 suffers from the same inflation madness, as Daggerfall and many others. There's too much gold, it's ridiculous.
  9. This enterprise is more about patience, than intellect. Takes one with what we call "iron arse".
  10. That's correct, but not just mobs. Chests and hiding spots are affected as well.
  11. The magic find bonus is cumulative from the gear and the map discovery bonus. However the value it shows is misleading, the end result is non-linear. It's like in the probabilities theory: 50% success * 2 does not mean a 100% success, but rather 75%.
  12. I don't readily detect it's application in the code. However, I do remember it working for potions. I think, it's droplist dependent.
  13. So, what we can see in s2logic.dll: 1) This bonus is invoked by a function, that rolls the dice for the current droplist, upping the result within the droplist limitations. Pretty much the same mechanics, as in Diablo II. 2) The percentage of the map discovered is directly added to this bonus. And that's all there is to it.
  14. The only way the "Nunchaku" name could have surfaced is, if the locale\en_UK\Itemnames.csv contains an incorrect entry for the NGCLF_CHAINWEAPON.
  15. Fortunately, most of the good games I know were made within the 32-bit architecture.
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