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  1. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Your Favorite Part Of Sacred 2

    My favourite part? Modding it!
  2. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Guys and Gals of Sacred 2?

    male seraphim? Good grief no! As for the TG, "it" doesn't have any gender
  3. Asuka Sohryu L.

    S2 Silly Pics

    Your lipstick? You mean, you smooch them?
  4. Asuka Sohryu L.

    AGEIA Physics

    That PhysX stuff is totally pointless, as it does nothing special - neither in Sacred 2, nor in other games. That's why Ageia went belly-up and was eventually bought out by nVidia.
  5. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Additional Damage - what is this?

    I'd say, an additional damage of 1 is too ludicrously low to care about
  6. Asuka Sohryu L.

    S2 Silly Pics

    Otomatrix, why is your inquisitor wearing a carpet on the back?
  7. The German Collector's Edition also has an audio drama CD and stickers on top of that - is that not included in the English version? Besides that, I also got a free Sacred 2 T-shirt because I was one of the first ones to buy it when it came out
  8. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Sacred 2 Weapon Table

    I think weapons that can only be used by one class (e.g. Blowpipe -> Dryad) should be listed separately.
  9. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Post ur awsome Sacred 2 chars here :)

    My Seraphim with her new cat girl look, only one of the hair styles in my new Seraphim Hair Stylist Pack More here: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?sh...p;#entry6832260
  10. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Going on a vacation

    Welcome back
  11. So, did Gogo also increase your PM account settings to accept the initial influx of millions of requests? BTW, I knew the site was down for a few days, now I know why ... Hello: PM account settings were not changed. (Millions? I've had one request since posting). I've already got it from your page.
  12. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Post ur awsome Sacred 2 chars here :)

    Updated screenshot
  13. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Where are the % Leech socketables/items?

    I've only seen it appear on swords so far.
  14. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Which character to pick?

    Here's more reason for admiring the Seraphim in my new mod 1.3
  15. Asuka Sohryu L.

    S2 Silly Pics

    Is that guy trying to disguise himself as Seraphim or something?
  16. Evasion chance is your chance if not getting hit in the first place. Defense rating is how much damage you take if you are hit.
  17. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Easter egg found!

    The face with the cat eyes is from my mod See the link in my sig if you want to try it out yourself. You mean why I can run at 1920x1200 w/ Elite textures and 4xAA? I'm using an Ati 4870 1GB, E8400 @ 3.6GHz, Corsair Dhx 4GB Ram and XP 64
  18. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Easter egg found!

    I found an easter egg at the ogre's house on the Xmas island Now the question - is it a left over from last easter (never found), or did the easter bunny come a little early?
  19. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Happy Birthday Moon-reaper!!

    Happy birthday! Where's the girl from?
  20. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Happy Birthday Totalimmortal!

    Happy birthday!
  21. Asuka Sohryu L.

    S2 Silly Pics

    Nah, it's a piece of... *cough* It's just a wand, probably even without any bonusses. I've found many of em in game. Yes, just a common wand. I've found it plenty with my High Elf.
  22. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Anyone tried vista sp 2 beta?

    I'd rather try out Windows 7 Beta 1 Build 7000, which should come out soon (one or two weeks). I've tried Vista for some time when it came out, and it sucked so terribly like no OS before it (ok, maybe except Win ME), so I'm not going to touch that crap anymore I'll go and see if they got better with Win 7 when Beta 1 comes out now. If not, I still got my XP 64 (actually Win 2003, not XP) which works fine for me (btw, shouldn't this be in the Key Largo Beach Resort?)
  23. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Which character to pick?

    I think I've had that gun already once... along with Djalek's Annihilator. Nice armour for the TG, but his ugly deformed head always freaks me out
  24. Asuka Sohryu L.

    Easter egg found!

    Who knows, perhaps that still comes with an Easter content pack Would certainly be a nice idea.