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  1. in the interest of creating less strain on individual sites, maybe someone, anyone know of a torrent site where a latest version of this could be hosted?

    It would have to be a topical site that doesn't include wares or copyrighted works, as those sites tend to not last....  It'd be hard to push this as an anime-related offering, which is too bad, since nyaa.si has a games section for anime-related games.  Sigh.

  2. I'm back. I sent a PM with what I have to @ratsred. Very respectfully, fleet
  3. Check the second post in the linked topic, while it deals with mounts,the idea is the same. Note the caveat about movements. http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/13819-is-there-a-mod-to-change-mount-appearance/ I no longer have Sacred 2 installed, so I can't give you much additional help. Very respectfully, fleet
  4. Sorry. I can't help as I haven't used that method, and I don't have the game loaded. Perhaps another member here can assist you.
  5. Look at some of the mods that modify the itemtype.txt file. That method should work for you. I can't help you with that method as I didn't use it. The caveat on modifying the itemtype.txt file is, whenever the game is patched, the patch overwrites that file. very respectfully, fleet
  6. You'll need to look at all of the armor for the HE, not just the base skin. very respectfully, fleet
  7. sorry if the last one sound lame but I'm new to this

  8. hey were can I PM you

  9. It's in there somewhere, I don't have the game loaded, so I can't tell you which one it is.
  10. If they both use the same model replacing the textures would be the way to go. The medium quality textures are in the grpahics02.zip compressed file. Open it with winzip, winrar, or 7zip. The path to the riding creatures textures is as follows: mq\maps\npc\ridingcreatures\
  11. edit you're save game using hex editor n find hex related to hair color That works with most colors, but if I change the hair color to FFFFFF on the seraphim it ends up being blond becuase the texture is that color, so I need to find the texture for the hair I want to change and make it white. If you are using medium quality graphics settings, the hair texture are inside graphics02.zip. Use winzip or 7zip to open the file. Path to the hair texture files is as follows: mq\mapa\heroes\seraphim Look for the files with names starting with sera_hair1 and sera_hair2 If you are
  12. WHen I clicked on my bookmark for darkmatters.org I got taken to a Booyah web hosting site. I had to add 'forums' to my bookmrk to get onto the site.
  13. Medium quality texture files (skin color) are in the graphics02.zip file. When you open the archive files (use winzip, winrar, or 7 zip) look in the mq\maps\heroes\seraphim folder. The skin files are easy to identify. You'll need a graphics editor program (GIMP is a free download) with the Nvidia dds plug in (also a free downlaod) to edit the files.
  14. Sorry, I think I misunderstood your original question. I assumed you wanted to substitute a different type of mount for a hell hound. Is what you want to make one hell hound look like another? If that is the case, you can do it by extracting the appropriate dds (texture) files from graphics02.zip and following a procedure similar to what I told you to do with the models (gr2 files). I have not used the 'modify itemtype.txt file' technique and so cannot offer any advice on it. Very respectfully, fleet
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