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  1. As loco says the mounts are specific made for a character. The serpent or fay dragon as it's now called is exclusive for the High Elf, the tiger is for the seraphim, hellhound for the shadow warrior and so on. I also think that you then get very weird combinations. It isn't called special mount without a reason
  2. Replenish is also a good mod, especially if you don't use delphic arcania lore. That's also what ryan almost says. It's usefull for keeping spells like Raging Nimbus at a low rate. RN starts with a large regentime and when you start to eat runes it only increases. I use now the guide of the Ice Elf build of BlackJAC and in there the mods for GI are: mystic stormite experience, replenish and resilience. The guide is also posted on the wiki. And although it is posted as console build it works also on the pc. So according to your info; replenish is a useless mod and even without lore you still have to go to life energy? So the guide is wrong?
  3. Better go for Replenish. It helps to get down the regentime of the spells.
  4. I play myself with an Ice elf (took blackjac's guide as a blueprint) and use both Frost Flare and Raging Nimbus, but also Glacial Thorns. The thorns do alot of damage. Make sure you use the right mods though. RN is good for take down groups of enemies. But it takes a while to get RN properly working. With FF you can also hit several enemies and it is good for hitting one. But whatever you do, make sure the regentime is low, let's say around 1s.
  5. One of my favorites at the moment. and I also like his other track he has made this year
  6. I stick to Mozilla Firefox, which is also solid, nice, fast and you can expand it with the many addons. Mozilla is now working on version 4, which seems to be faster then the 3 branch. At this moment it's in beta and beta 4 is released today. I don't trust Google that much. I only use Gmail so far and have a youtube account and that's it. Google don't take your privacy serious. Next to that I'm used to Firefox and it just does what it has to do and is also expandable. Chrome doesn't have that many addons. Video is nice to see, but offcourse unrealistic and it doesn't prove anything.
  7. I know that the HE say "I will turn you into a torch, goblin". I haven't heard they say that also to humans. To humans they often say things like "you must serve me, human" and "where is your respect, human" I think it doesn't matter if you play as HE in the light or shadow campaign. I play myself with one in the light campaign.
  8. When the seraphim runs into goblins she say sometimes "another piece for my collection of green skulls" Nah, the High Elf don't say that with her first sidequest, but sometimes when facing enemies. Often said when facing undead and orcs. She say: Someone has to do something against that foul odor. It does fit for dark ones as the good ones. After all, she is from the nobility and doesn't like bad smells and other smelly things. Hmm, interesting question. A tough one too. Almost all characters represent something that we in normal life sometimes do. seraphim reminds to the teacher in the classroom (listen up, children), dryad reminds some hippie or a sortkind of activist, the high elf reminds a bit to hyacinth bucket in the serie Keeping up the appearances or those spoiled teens from my super sweet sixteen, shadow warrior is a soldier or maybe also mercenary (trained to kill), the inquisitor reminds to the pope, especially the current one. Both have the same evil smile. The dragon mage is some member of a secret cult. Only the temple guardian cannot be placed to something, as it represents technology. You can say it's a sortkind of terminator or a modern version of the frankenstein monster, just set out to a mission. They all represent good and bad behaviours. So let's see. The Inquisitor; someone from the church who tries to bound you for his goals. I'm not into the church. Nope, this won't do it. Temple Guardian: a half robot. not very talkative, so I think it wouldn;t be a nice conversation. Nah. Dragon Mage: a mystery. Sounds a bit like a cult member. I got a bit the nerves from such persons. no go. Shadow Warrior: well, it is a soldier. So it probably goes all about the battlefield and such. But he is also undead. I don't know if zombies can say something usefull. I don't think this will do it. Seraphim: a bit full of itself. You call that narcism and I don't like such persons. Although it is a quite unique person and wanted to learn more from them I don't know if it would be a nice conversation. High Elf: spoiled, very spoiled. I don't like spoiled brats who bragg about the things they have and worry about broken nails and such. Dryad: hippie figure, greenpeace member, farmer maybe. It's all about nature here. I like nature myself, but I haven't any green fingers. But I don't like to talk all the time about nature and such. But my vote goes in the end to the Dryad. Although the dryad is a die-hard naturefreak she seems also very talkative (according to the book dyr-lain). She seems also the most normal person from all, although she wishes that you pray to kybele. But she isn't spoiled, isn't full of herself and don't try to get you for her own goals.
  9. I have only got 1 time the sword of the blood dryads so far. With an other build I got then 2 of them. They seem to drop often in the cursed forest. Things like Testa's Annihilator and Gronkor's downfall are fairly common, just like Circle of Life.
  10. I go for the focus. Just as stated before it has one big advantage: lower regentime. And that means you can improve your Combat Arts without having a limit. Also, if you use non-combat based Combat Arts, then you can take Ancient Magic to increase the damage output of those Combat Arts. On the other side, things as armor lore and shield lore helps also to lower the regen time. Especially armor lore is often used. But I guess it's here about the lore of the aspects.
  11. As I already mentioned before, we cannot create something entirely new, but we can make it look like it is by combining some leftovers. I'd say the cm-patch is not strictly just bugfixing, but also unlocking new content that lays "there" unfinished. (There is not that much left for us to fix, which is actually fixable without access to the sourcecode, unless it was not yet reported in our bugtracker). The spiketurtle was there as a "spiketurtle_sea_boss" before. This is just another finishing and honing of the outcome. The skining variants polled here are a part of it. A boring normal champion turtle skin has simply not the edge I was looking for in a new boss, since you can see those everywhere already in the game. So that spiketurtle is a hidden thing and was a leftover from Ascaron? Ok, then I've said nothing. I thought you were adding a custom made thing. Sorry for that. So the community patch fixes bugs and it reveils the hidden things which were left behind. But there is probably a reason to hid them. I think those leftovers are unstable and that's why they are hidden. How do you handle that?
  12. Ah no, not custom made stuff with a patch. Please develop the patch only that where it is intended for; to fix the bugs that ascaron and deep silver hadn't fixed it. The christmas thing; ok. that's something ascaron came with and had shipped it with a patch. It's good to see that back. But add no more things then that. I thought the CM patch was there for fixing bugs, especially in Ice & Blood. Don't get me wrong; this mod for adding a new boss is nice, but it should be a seperate mod instead of adding it to the unofficial patch.
  13. Started again and I'm now level 43. Read 11 runes of AB and 15 of SP. I also eat alot of Acute Mind runes to compesate the insane eating of AB and SP. And I've gold modded Edaphic Lances, which works perfect with DA and RI. Haven't used Tangled Vine so far. At the beginning this character is pretty weak, but at the moment she is very strong. Eats orcs for breakfast, also champion ones. I use a blowpipe as main (yellow colour) and the unique bow Enui's swift string as second and have a yellow shuriken combined with glacial defender (unique shield) for the beasts. The info in the walkthrough that blowpipes cannot hit mounted enemies (like a goblin wolfrider) isn't right. You can hit with a blowpipe such enemies. Did this myself. It's munching alot of uniques and set items and I haven't EP yet. Now I have equipped a ring and an amulet with the chance to find valuables effect. Have found some blessed relics (unique ones). One of magic, one of frost and one of poison. Nor Plat is a good hunting ground to find items. As armor I use now Chestguard of flame, the belt is belt of the twines and the rest is for a large part Detheya's. The chestguard of flame has as effect a physical damage mitigation. I think this dryad is a keeper now. Have defeated Thranak and the Ice Lord yesterday. Took a while, but not much of a problem. And this is played with Ice & Blood installed and with patch 1.65.2
  14. Visited the famous cave yesterday with my level 39 hybrid hunter dryad, but the loot was nothing spectacular. Indeed, 4 champion orc champions and 1 spider. Took them in a little time down and had to use 1 healing potion (forgot to activate ggt before facing them) I finished them at the bridge, took then the spider down and picked up the loot. But no set item or unique's or legendaries. Just random white and blue items. I also had the feeling that the amount of xp was just the same as with every other orc. Also, when I returned short after in the cave it was empty. The orcs didn't respawn and I hadn't opened any chest. A disappointment. I gained a piece of a set item not far from the cave (near the road to blulutuz) and short after also an unique item. I guess just farming across Nor Plat is more profitable then this one cave.
  15. A good strong password consist of random numbers, letters and signs. Never use your birthday, number of your address, postal code or something like that.
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