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  1. I paid full price for Sacred and Underworld when they were released And I didn't regret it one bit. Many games leave you with the feeling "there should have been more for that price" but Sacred really was worth every cent I put into it. If it weren't for Sacred I'd probably be long employed by now, hehe.
  2. Fogeltje

    Sacred 2 in Lore

    A underworld would be exactly what you describe, occupying space in Ancaria (just below ground) and completely inaccessible. Although the UW books state that Shaddar's tower was in fact a physical connection. The tower was built in the upperworld and the basement extended all the way into the UW. From that, and other books, I can only conclude that the underworld is a physical underworld underneath Ancaria. As for the Vampiress burning, that's got probably to do with gameplay mechanics or maybe some artificial "sunlight" produced by the magic.
  3. Fogeltje

    Gone with the wind

    Gotta remember that one for my aunt! She is always annoyed by Dutch tourists driving in front of her, well below the speed limit to enjoy "the scenic view of the mountains." And we Dutch like to make fun of Germans also...although those continuous "give us back our bikes" jokes start to tire one out at some point.
  4. Fogeltje

    Anyone hit level 200 legit?

    What is a VD Dryad?
  5. Fogeltje

    Sacred 2 in Lore

    Fully agreed there. Only the lower regions of the UW campaign are supposed to be actually above ground (the desert town region and the Pirate Isles). As far as the easter egg space ship is concerned, that would fit with the theory proposed in Magic and Climate of Menelgond, if you assume that ship crashed before Menelgond was banished to the UW. It might even fit in with the theory that the Seraphim and the Great Machine are actually creations from an alien race and crash landed on Ancaria or whatever (but as you might tell, I'm not a big fan of that theory as I think of easter eggs as nice nods to some things but shouldn't be considered too canon, I certainly don't think there was actually a company called Ascaron developing a game called Sacred 3 in the game world for instance). While I might not agree with that theory, I do like how everyone comes up with their own interpretation Sacred is a rich world for people with imagination as many things are left open. However I do wish the devs had given more thought and attention to Lore and make it all fit.
  6. Fogeltje

    Gone with the wind

    Actually I'm half German and have been listening to Otto for the better part of my life Otto and German dubbed Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill are "Kult" in our family.
  7. Fogeltje

    Gone with the wind

    Didn't know that was from Goethe. I only know Otto Waalkes' version
  8. Fogeltje

    Sacred 2 in Lore

    The book Magic and Climate of Menelgond makes me think my theory about a cataclysmic event or a demi-god created by the Great Machine creating the Underworld might be true. From the book: "One tells the story of an evil sorcerer who banished Menelgond below the surface; another claims that Menelgond is the origin of all magic and this magical influence created life and plants within the caverns. One day, however, this magic would be depleted and then Menelgond would fall into eternal darkness and all life within would dwindle to nothing." In fact, both could be true. An all powerful being could have banished parts of the upperworld below, creating Menelgond. The magic flowing in Menelgond might be the last residual T-energy which one day would become depleted. It would explain how Dwarves, Dryads and Garema came into the Underworld while others books say they never saw the upperworld or the sun. That would be true for the current population, having long since forgotten their ancestral life above ground. Hell the banishment could have even happened before Sacred 2 already (perhaps in the Dragon Wars). Those of the Dryads, Garema and Dwarves that were not caught in it, continued to live above the ground. And who knows if Anducar might not be involved somehow, either in the Wars for the Machine or the creation of Menelgond.
  9. Fogeltje

    Sacred 2 in Lore

    To bring back this issue, while going through my old MP toons for more books I came across Beyond_Menelgond. It clearly states that the Underworld is separate from the upperworld and thus really underground.
  10. I've installed the CM patch and it seems to have gotten rid of my annoying "friend"
  11. Fogeltje

    Water Samples

    I installed the CM patch and now the quest marker works and I was able to do it. Sadly some mistake forced me to reload. When I redid the quest I was met with a fortunate bug...the guy wouldn't follow me but I could still visit the locations Once I came back I had to talk to him once to get a ! above his head, then I could finish the quest.
  12. Thanks for this post. Sacred 2 has had a long crashing history on Vista and now under 7 as well for me. Although I seem to remember it did quite well on Vista in the end (can't remember what I did). On Win 7 I disabled elite graphics, set the graphics to high (instead of very high), grass all the way to the left, disabled physix and weathers. It has improved stability a lot and the game still looks great...just not that great as it should. I especially loved the weather and the physix details. Crashes still occur, indeed mostly when I either am about to teleport/enter a dungeon or bring up the (mini)map and mostly it seems that Sacred 2 just chokes on memory. I downloaded the patch posted by Loco, mentioned in the thread that is linked by belgarathmth. Lets see if that improves stability in general and maybe I feel adventurous and scale up my details again. For lets be honest, I bought a monster PC, so now I want to play my games in the best settings possible and my PC should be good enough for that.
  13. I'm sorry my initial enthusiasm on the books is faltering, but lately the weather outside is good, so I spend less time behind and my comp and when I do I want to take care of other things first. But rest assured, the red links I made will become blue some day, there's bound to be a rainy day sometime (at least I hope).
  14. Good point Schot, I could have easily done that with the first button already, but I guess I was kinda tunnelvisioned.
  15. Great job. I could like the page again for some resson...twice (once for every FB account)