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  1. Lord Marius

    Buy Sacred 3! - Officially Announced for Deep Silver

    Kinda with you on how all the "gorgeous" graphics sorta killed the AMAZING arcade action feel of the first game. I remember how fast it was to click tween Combat Arts...you could literally launch a ca while jumping into the air, and launch another while before landing. Amazing reactions to our input, the wish wash feedback from number broke my heart *break* that was the sound of my heart breaking gogo I find my self agreeing with Epox my self, the graphics in sacred 1 where nice, and in certain areas they were better than diablo 2 I like the dark gritty graphics, just look at Path of exile for example.
  2. Lord Marius

    How Popular is Sacred compared to Sacred 2?

    I thought the very same thing Augmint, sacred 1 is quite better then sacred 2 in those respects, graphic wise sacred 2 is better but then a game needs to be fun more then it has to be prety. But I guess im gona play sacred 2 again with the CM get the lick king armor
  3. Lord Marius

    Any tips for interview!

    Well best of luck to you Cyclops, knoch em dead.
  4. Lord Marius

    New class ideas for Sacred 3

    A ninja/samurai character could be rather fun to play, nice idea! Ninja Samuri? really hmm sounds interesting but the ninja and samurai bought fight very differently. Im not sure how well that would work, id still like to see a magician who can use melle combat seams the most interesting, if you make a sword wielding wizard thats not new but there can be variation on how you do it.
  5. Lord Marius

    What do you want from Sacred 3 ?

    thank you Dragon brother but id so hope the deep silver team may concider my idea in the slightest. If they do il be so happy
  6. Lord Marius

    New class ideas for Sacred 3

    That sounds cool, maybe if the illusionist had a spell that made 3 illusions of him that could all hit the enemy with a special spell that turned the enemy into a shadow and then he vanishes.
  7. Lord Marius

    How Popular is Sacred compared to Sacred 2?

    Lol, when I was playing fire BM, I've never even considered using this spell. Maybe I should try a Purgatory mage out; I really love all those weird and crazy builds, when people I come across with say something like "lol omg what the hell is going on?" Any ideas besides spider-queen WE and undead general vamp? Crazy builds aside I think the developers should make upgradeable spells, like what diablo 3 is trying to do, so a small fire ball on the battle mage could turn into 3 fire balls, a huge fire ball, and maybe even a fire skin fire ball nova
  8. Lord Marius

    What do you want from Sacred 3 ?

    Ladies and gentlemen of Deep Silver , Dark Matters and other fans of sacred, as a long time fan of the Sacred games, and rpg games in general, ive dreamed of being able to my own ideas make it into a game that I love. I write these words now in this hope, that you will read them, like my ideas so enjoy and please make up your minds if these ideas are worth considering. First of id like to start with the story, in sacred 1 the story was very good, with trailers, cutsedness and quest chains the player saw the story, saw how he influenced the world around him and saw the power struggle and what the world of ancaria was about. But the story of sacred 2 was somewhat lacking, it didn't have that feel or urgency and suspense and intrigue. For Sacred 3 I have though of a interesting story with good, evil and a neutral party as well, so there can be a lot of variation in how you play the game. First the factions there are 3 high factions, and several lower ones. The game should take place 50 years or so after the events of the first game, the Seraphim have lost most of there power but a few still remain and watch over the mortal races while at the same time searching for ways to regain there lost power. A small group of them and there human and elven allies comprise the order known as the White Dragons. A order of law enforcers and protectors, they are comprised of mage knights, rangers and honorable thieves, the orders mission is to keep the peace in Ancaria, search for old relics of power, and research new technologies for the good of the world. It is this very order that several years after the death of Prince Valor united the kingdom under a new monarch and aided him in governing the new kingdom. The initial order was led by the few remaining seraphim and heroes who fought for ancaria in Sacred 1, many of the loyal houses of valoran followed there leadership, and soon the elves signed a agreement to join the coalition, seeing in the order a stern but fair enforcer of moral values and catalyst for the changes needed to bring stability and security to a world fractured by so many upheavals. Opposing them are the red gargoyles they are masters of manipulation, corruption and murder. True anti heroes thru and thru they have been pulling every string they can to thwart the White Dragons plans for peace, they are composed of former sakara priests, demordrey loyalists and corrupt mercenaries, it is even said a fallen Seraphim leads them but this is generally disproved as myth. Many still disprove the very existence of the red gargoyles since until now they have been acting behind the scenes, but now they become bolder for reasons unknown. But what ever they want, it is obvious there motives as well as there means are not good. In ancaria are several small factions operating for there own goals, the largest of these neutral factions is the 7 rivers guild. They welcome members from all walks of life as long as they meet the guild's requirements, the guild for some reason fights the white dragons and red gargoyles some see this as suicidal but the members of the 7 rivers guild seam to have a very well formulated plan. That plan is to take over Ancaria by any means necessary, they are true neutral because they can be bought cruel and kind at the same time, in the pursuit of there ambitions. Those are the factions and by your actions, you the player change the story with the choices of how to help or hinder each of these factions. Or you can be a true mercenary showing loyally all or none of the factions.
  9. Lord Marius

    How could a Sacred 3 Seraphim be different?

    Light saber whip Holy Hannah! like in sacred 1 the ice elves had those
  10. Lord Marius

    How could a Sacred 3 Seraphim be different?

    Ok I will agree to stop the negativ seraphim campaign, but I prefer if the devs did something original for a change, just make new characters. Id like to see a brotherhood of mage knights that strive to keep the peace and help protect Ancaria, where as they have a evil counterpart that does the oposite and you decide where you fit in, all set only 50 or so years after the story of the first game. You know what I'm gona make a big thread/reply for how id like the story of sacred 3 to look like And for all those who like Seraphim's they can be bought good and bad leading bought organisations to power or ruin.
  11. Lord Marius

    What class from past games do you want for Sacred 3

    Finally someone with a genuine opinion not a prefabricated idea about what a class should be. If I ever live to see the day a game developer stop making female models look sexy it will be to soon.
  12. Lord Marius

    New class ideas for Sacred 3

    So since Deep silver is working on Sacred 3 I thought id throw this thread up to see some creative ideas for new classes put up. And who knows if the devs read this thread maybe they will like some of the ideas. My idea was for a mage class called spell blade found this pic on deviant art, from the talented artist ZachFisher and this is very nice. My link Maybe this might be what they want to make, they will need a spell caster and if they let him use melle weapons it may be interesting if his armor looks something like this. Or maybe like ths! My link Best idea is MAGE KNIGHT! Elite skills brothers and sisters take my word for it My link
  13. Im sure gona try this wonderfull patch out as soon as I get my old pc back . Keep up the good work guys.
  14. Lord Marius

    How could a Sacred 3 Seraphim be different?

    Some of you may find im not fond of the Seraphim much, in fact I may reject the game alltogether if she will be in it AGAIN! Unless maybe she has armor not metal bras. Im totally adamant on this if your gona make a female character giver her armor, not a bikiniy. They gave the vampires armor why not the seraphim? And dont get me started on the star wars armor.
  15. Lord Marius

    Any tips for interview!

    What ever the job, my advice to you is be demanding, dont wait for them to say we will call you after a interview, make them say yes you can come for a trial or start on this day. You have to make them understand your the one they want!