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  1. Klaatu Armor Set: What is it?

    Ahh, thanks. I was wondering what the heck they were for. The green color threw me off; I thought they were some kind of armor set..
  2. I have recently found one piece of an armor set called "KlaTuhVerAtaNikTuh" (or something like that). You can't equip it; how do you use it? The Sacredwiki doesn't have much to say about it..
  3. Sacred 2 Map Download?

    Got 'em! Thanks for the link!
  4. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Yes, the trimmed GFX is working great. When I first enter a town the character will stutter step a few times, and then everything is fine. It is so great to see the elite textures again, and now without any problems. Thanks for all your hard work!
  5. Eye Mods?

    I downloaded the mod manager and the eye mod file, but it isn't working. I guess I'm doing something wrong. I installed the mod manager to my sacred 2 gold directory, ran the manager, and it created a mods folder that is inside the mod manager folder. I then put the eye mod folder inside the manager folder, ran the manager again and moved the eye mod into the mods folder. It now says it is activated. But when I run the game the eyes are still the same old ones? EDIT: Figured it out; moved all the jgsme files directly into Sacred 2 Gold, no separate folder for the mod manager inside the game. Eye mod now works as advertised. Many thanks for creating it!
  6. Sacred 2 Map Download?

    I get an error 404 message, and "This 1drv.ms page cannot be found". Sounds like it got taken down?
  7. Sacred 2 Map Download?

    Hmm, I did not see it when I looked through the downloads before. Oops. Thanks for the link..
  8. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Well, I've played several sessions over the last three days, including a six hour one last night, and no crashes at all. Even with elite GFX enabled. Tried a shorter session with Steam overlay running in the background, and still no crashes. Based on this, I would have to say that the culprit was AlienFX. So finally, after all these years I can play Sacred 2 without all the constant crashing. Back then I only managed to finish the main quest one time due to all the frustration, and then moved on to other games. Busy now exploring every little crevice on the map; am finding all kinds of things I never knew existed..
  9. Does anyone have a downloadable version of the intereactive map from Sacredwiki? I would very much like to get a copy of this so I can take it to the printers..
  10. Had a strange death today

    This was a hardcore character? That is why I won't do HC. Not that I get attached to them, but I just can't invest all that time in developing a toon, and then have to start over. That being said, if the game had a cemetery where all your dead toons are laid to rest, that might be kind of cool. Each time you died a new tombstone would pop up, and you could go there and visit, read the inscriptions etc. Maybe even be able to dig up the grave and retrieve one random weapon or armor piece..
  11. Trimmed Elite Graphics

    The swirling leaves were pretty, but if it means I can finally have physx enabled without crashes but no leaves, then I can live without them. I did go ahead and download the old file; I may try it after I have figured out what was causing my current CTD issues..
  12. Eye Mods?

    Yes! That would be awesome if you could do a standalone "eyes" mod. I would absolutely be interested in that. Everything else can be vanilla. Just never liked the comic book superhero eyes they gave to half of the characters..
  13. Eye Mods?

    Is there a mod that removes the pupil-less eyes of the Seraphim, Warrior and Inquisitor, and replaces them with normal ones? They have annoyed me for an incredibly long time. Even "normal" eyes with white, yellow and red pupils would be better; anything but the "superhero" eyes they currently have..
  14. Trimmed Elite Graphics

    If I get an occasional slowdown that's fine. As long as it doesn't go into slow motion or crash on me, then I'm good with it. Will let you know if I discover any other issues. Right now I'm just crossing my fingers that disabling 3rd party support for Alien FX cured my crashing problem. Have played three short sessions without incident, and am planning on an all day torture test tomorrow. We'll see what happens..
  15. Trimmed Elite Graphics

    Ok thanks for the info. Changing the folder name had me confused. Dropped everything into the PAK directory and enabled the elite GFX. Played for about an hour, and so far everything is smooth as silk and no crashes (knock on wood). First time I've ever been able to play the game with the elite GFX, and it not be either a slideshow or crashing every few minutes..