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  1. Enjoying Enhanced Edition, with one exception. the superspawn hordes are just too much; how do I disable this and return to vanilla area densities?
  2. How do I disable Superspawn? I otherwise like Enhanced Edition, but the numbers of enemies is just too much..
  3. The Easter Bunny Cult is an interesting story line as well. Too bad they didn't make one for Halloween..
  4. I don't know if this is peculiar to the EE 2.1 (never tried the earlier ones), but the High Elf's summoned familiars will not follow her underground. Once in a cave, crypt etc I have to un-summon them, then re-summon them to get them to reappear. And then again once I leave the underground area. Will have to make some other characters to see if the same thing happens with them..
  5. I'm getting a regular CTD at least once each gaming session. Completely at random; no set area where it happens. It's always the same generic memory allocation fault. I thought I had fixed it by disabling AlienFX, but it continues. Steam and Geforce Experience were also running in the background, so I disabled those as well. Makes no difference. Maybe W10 is the culprit here. I have 16 GB of RAM, but it appears that the game is not using more than 2 GB. Once that threshold is reached, the game will freeze and drop back to desktop. No idea what else I could do at this point..
  6. Sounds like the quest is still unfinished. In any case it cannot be completed by my currently in use character. Unless the bug is random. I'll try again at a later date with a different character and see what happens..
  7. Doing a quest with the Inquisitor in Thylysium called "The Usurer's Quest". I'm assuming this is part of the Shadow campaign; I've never seen it before. Anyway, you are tasked with collecting money from three (I think it's three) people who owe the usurer money. I found the first two and collected the gold no problem. The quest circle then takes you to a third house, but there is no money to be found. Is this something that takes a while to show up, or could the quest be bugged?
  8. This may be digging up (pun intended) the graveyard thread, but while exploring the cemetery outside Griffinborough, I noticed that George Carlin's name is misspelled (Calin) on his tombstone. I don't know how hard it is to correct something like that, but it would be nice to get George's marker fixed..
  9. OK, I couldn't stand it any more; deleted my old characters (again), and installed EE 2.1. Maybe one day I'll get a toon up to gold.. That being said, everything looks good so far. Gotta love the original ragdoll physics. Knocking enemies off bridges or high cliffs never gets old..
  10. It's probably hard-coded, but it was worth asking about. It would really be cool to see all of the general's troops disappear when he does, just like the story line says is supposed to happen. Same thing happens when Shelob is finally killed. In the story line the locals thank you profusely for eliminating the threat, but there is absolutely no change in the amount of spiders roaming around. To have these things match what is being talked about in the story text would have been awesome, like your character is actually making a difference in the game world. That this never happens is IMO
  11. Here's another suggestion: after completion of The Undead Legion quest, it is pretty silly (and annoying) to still see hordes of undead legionnaires patrolling the countryside. After completion of the quest, there shouldn't be any undead left, with the exception of zombies and ghosts. I realize that would probably involve a lot of scripting, but how about a balance.txt file (if that is where the data is) that just removes them? Upon completion of the Legion quest, the altered file could be substituted for the vanilla one. Then, when playing a character that hasn't done that quest yet, the
  12. My system is similar, only difference from those specs is a GTX 1070. I still get occasional crashes. I'm averaging about one per session now. I was doing pretty good, without any crashes for over a week, but then they started cropping up again. They seem to happen the most often just after entering a cave or dungeon, but can happen at any time. I've eliminated everything I can think of that was running in the background, but it doesn't make any difference. Original or modified physX makes no difference either. I think I'll try running in windowed mode to see if that makes any difference.
  13. Cool! I'm going to set mine to 99000 as well..
  14. Interesting. Let's see what happens if I just add a zero to the vanilla figure of 1800. Off to see!
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