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  1. One of my favorite swipes at these obnoxious people is a bumper sticker that can be seen on cars in my area: PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals.
  2. Thanks for the info. So CM 1.60 is now 40% completed. Nice to see that new versions continue to be developed.
  3. I know 2.65.2 only fixes chat, I'm just a completist and like to have my games 100% up to date. I can live without it; the GOG version with latest CM patch is up and running, so I'm good. On a side note, any word about CM v0160? I saw something about it on a German fansite and was wondering..
  4. Figured out what the problem is. The popup I was getting also says "a program is running that is not compatible with windows aero". The program is the sacred 2 exe. It disables aero only while Sacred 2 is running. There is a box to check so that you no longer get the popup message. I guess there was something in the Steam version that automatically disabled the message? So now everything is running well except the GOG version of the game cannot be patched to 2.65.2 for whatever weird reason.
  5. Be vewy vewy quiet, we're hunting vewy warge wabbits..
  6. Is Sacred 2 a prequel?

    I don't recall seeing anything in Sacred 1 about the Dwarf character having lost his memory. He mentions having to be on foot due to his flying machine having crashed, and that even though he is the last of his kind, he will still bring honor to the Dwarven race..
  7. When I right click on the Sacred 2 shortcut (or exe) and go to compatibility, there is no option for reduced color mode. The options are: Run in 256 colors Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution Disable visual themes Disable desktop composition Disable display scaling on high DPI settings All but the last two are already unchecked. ?
  8. Well, I uninstalled the Steam version, and reinstalled the GOG version. Tried the V0150 CM patch again, and this time it worked. Weird, as I did not do anything different. As the GOG version is I&B 2.65.1, I thought I would install the 2.65.1 - 2.65.2 patch found on this website. Soon as I tried to run it, it told me I have the wrong version of Sacred 2 installed. What the hell? GOG version also installs a legacy version of PhysX. What is the reason for this? The Steam version does not do that. Another bizarre thing the GOG version does, is that it tells me it is loading the game with Windows 7 Basic color scheme (I have Win 7 Ultimate). The Steam version never did that either. I can now play the GOG version, but not being able to have the v2.65.2 build is irritating, as is the Win 7 Basic weirdness. I will see if the GOG version is more stable than the Steam version. If it isn't any better I will go back to what I had and eliminate the Win 7 Basic nonsense..
  9. Best Overall Character In Sacred 2?

    The poor Inquisitor just doesn't get any respect. What's not to love about a character with lines like "Die heretic!", or "Death comes for you"..
  10. Great Googly Moogly that's one economy sized rabbit! They need to put a "Beware of the Rabbit" sign in that yard..
  11. How do I play Sacred 2 free roam mode?

    Agreed. I went there with my level 20 Dragon Mage, and it has been a non-stop slugfest. Thank goodness for the Berserk skill (and lots of health pots). I will say one thing though, by the time my DM leaves the swamp he will be a god-like being..
  12. Seraphim is still very noob-friendly. The BFG will always give Berserk a run for its money..
  13. How do I play Sacred 2 free roam mode?

    Regarding free play and single player, I just discovered that free play can be used to unlock all of the regions for single player. Start a LAN free play game with a single player character, go to Start Island and select the region you want to visit. Go there and activate a resurrection pylon. Save and exit out from LAN play. Restart the game in single player, and your character will appear at the new region pylon from the LAN game. This was a great find, now I can visit places like the Swamplands without having to slog through the Main Quest just to get there. The old hands probably all know this, but newer players may find it useful..
  14. Elite GFX Pack: System Specs?

    I may try again when I upgrade my vidcard. A GTX660 should be enough, but apparently it is not. I'll just leave the elite gfx installed but deselected. Maybe someday I can use it. On a side note, I tried the SweetFX, and could not see any difference. I tried the Skyrim Post Process Injector also, but that made it look worse. Too bad, as the injector has made a lot of other games look better. Oh well, the Sacred 2 default graphics will just have to do..
  15. So is this Sophia armor set a separate mod you have to download, or is it already in the CM patch?