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  1. Sorry I have not been around lately. I will be available today until 12:00PM Arizona time.
  2. I decided to try yet another revision to skills for this build into the Enhanced Edition to see how it performs vs Community Patch. 2 - Magic Staff 3 - Tactics 5 - Elemental Magic Focus - Gust of Wind stun and attempt to maximize spell power from the spells 8 - Armor Lore 12 - Mentalism Focus - Maximize rune usage and buff protection 18 - Dragon Magic Lore 25 - Concentration 35 - Dragon Magic Focus 50 - Constitution 65 - Ancient Magic - Increase spell power and reduce enemy spell resistance Unfortunately, with this skill choi
  3. I should be available past noon Arizona time. I can do two hours and then I have an appointment necessary for my work. Once the appointment is done ~ 4PM at the latest we can do another session if that time works for you.
  4. What is your time zone? I live in Arizona, where we don't believe in Daylight Savings Time. Never mind, I just used Google for the time zone check. You're two hours ahead of me.
  5. I just woke up, although it is much earlier than normal. I'm open for some sessions.
  6. Let me know what times work for you. If you're working at the moment, I can set up a meeting time for later.
  7. My BattleNet id is DaveO #1580. I'll do a search for your id.
  8. I have a few slots available, so I can do a new season. I'm open to any of the characters, so let me know what works best for you.
  9. I bought the Rise of the Necromancer expansion, and I was looking for people that I can play with. I had good fun playing with my brother on local, but I'm not sure if he's stil playing or not. I was part of Clan DA, but the site is gone and I doubt very seriously if I can connect with any of the players that were part of that forum.
  10. I wanted to give the team the greatest kudos possible for making a mod that really captures Diablo II AND also makes the game much harder than Ice and Blood. You might be able to "sleepwalk" through Sacred2, but you HAVE to be careful in the Fallen mod. One slip and you could(and I have) die. I do like the new combat arts and have a new favorite with Lightning Fury. I have nicknamed it the Amazon's Sith ability . Words alone cannot express my enthusiasm for the mod and bringing more new life to a game I was not playing for at least several months if not over a year.
  11. It's been a long time since I've posted to this board. I've gotten back into PC gaming after a long inactive period of at least several months. I'll be continuing some of my builds again to gather items as well as to have fun. I hope some of the regulars here have been doing well during my absence. I DO miss you all.
  12. I found a program that converts the Sacred 2 music from .OGG to .MP3 format. I was thinking of offering this to the community, but I wanted opinions on whether I need to contact Studio Two or Deep Silver to ask for permission to publish first. While the GoG version does come with a soundtrack, it does not cover all 127 tracks I extracted from the Music HQ folders.
  13. The .dll error could have been resolved by a DirectX package from Microsoft's page instead of going thru days/weeks of trying recovery/repair options on the OS. I've NEVER considered OS reformat a solution to a technical issue. ​I'm sorry that I did not see your messages earlier. The board tends to update quite frequently on the screenshot thread and I don't check this forum often.
  14. I have a decent idea in regards to how my DM staff build will play out. I just took out the Griffin with my DM "Darth Maul" build. What makes the DM quite dangerous is how easy stun works with Gust of Wind. I have mine modded for Stun, Squall, and Impact. Stun won't work all the time, but with Gust of Wind plus Dragon Strike modded for Heat, Heat, and Fury on my DM staff build I imagine the Griffin may be quite quickly defeated. Once my DM staff build faces the Griffin and dragon mini boss in Gold difficulty, I'll have a better idea of the true power. The dragon mini boss for the DM will be a
  15. Of the builds I have tried, I suppose my most "off the beaten" path one is a dual wielding Dryad with staves. I was seeing if the Acute Mind boost to Intelligence could make it a build to be reckoned with. I have a Dragon Mage "Darth Maul" build, but I've not progressed very far with it.
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