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  1. I found a program that converts the Sacred 2 music from .OGG to .MP3 format. I was thinking of offering this to the community, but I wanted opinions on whether I need to contact Studio Two or Deep Silver to ask for permission to publish first. While the GoG version does come with a soundtrack, it does not cover all 127 tracks I extracted from the Music HQ folders.
  2. The .dll error could have been resolved by a DirectX package from Microsoft's page instead of going thru days/weeks of trying recovery/repair options on the OS. I've NEVER considered OS reformat a solution to a technical issue. ​I'm sorry that I did not see your messages earlier. The board tends to update quite frequently on the screenshot thread and I don't check this forum often.
  3. I have a decent idea in regards to how my DM staff build will play out. I just took out the Griffin with my DM "Darth Maul" build. What makes the DM quite dangerous is how easy stun works with Gust of Wind. I have mine modded for Stun, Squall, and Impact. Stun won't work all the time, but with Gust of Wind plus Dragon Strike modded for Heat, Heat, and Fury on my DM staff build I imagine the Griffin may be quite quickly defeated. Once my DM staff build faces the Griffin and dragon mini boss in Gold difficulty, I'll have a better idea of the true power. The dragon mini boss for the DM will be a better gauge since it has better resistances.
  4. Of the builds I have tried, I suppose my most "off the beaten" path one is a dual wielding Dryad with staves. I was seeing if the Acute Mind boost to Intelligence could make it a build to be reckoned with. I have a Dragon Mage "Darth Maul" build, but I've not progressed very far with it.
  5. How many times have I thought and re-thought this build? More times than I could probably count. With more understanding and experience playing the game, here are hopefully the final skills and why I choose them. 2. Magic Staffs - Ranged attack ASAP 3. Tactics - Increased Damage from magic staff attacks 5. Elemental Magic Lore - Mod to get stun early 8. Dragon Magic Focus - Intelligence boost for more spell and staff damage 12. Armor - Sets start to become available 18. Concentration - Two spell buffs, eventually up to three 25. Mentalism Lore - Increased physical damage resistance 35. Dragon Magic Lore - Increased damage, plus needed mods for Dragon Strike and Eternal Fire 50. Constituion - Added hitpoint bonus 65. Ancient Magic - Cut thru enemy resistance, plus increase spell damage You may be asking why no spell resistance? With the Familiar increase in Willpower, I believe there will be enough defense against the life leech spell attacks in Niobium Blood Forest.
  6. I've had crash problems above XP as well. I've been staying with a dual-boot configuration for my machine. In my opinion, I believe the graphics card could be contributing to crashes if it's not an nVidia card.
  7. I'd advise starting from scratch. Sorry for your loss, but the character editor is good for editing skills. If you add levels, you'll get the experience required for the next level added to all the previous ones that you skipped.
  8. I have a basic HTML Might & Magic site that I gave over to Sorcerers.Net. You may be able to do the same with the Sacred 2 sites that you are hosting.
  9. GoG's Summer Sale is in progress for this year. Sacred 2 is again on sale for $2.99. The Summer Sale has an "experience" feature where you get a free game after you reach a certain point. I easily hit the second free game point buying the D&D Gold Box series. Due to the large number of sales on GoG at the moment, I'd recommend using the links next to New & Notable for the different game categories.
  10. The lore and focus skills are good early investments for modification points and 10-20 points around character level 50. Beyond level 50 and into Platinum and Niobium difficulties I've found thru experience that mastering armor and spell resistance first is a good way to go. Focus skills should stay at 10-20 points until you can put in enough points for mastery. If the Focus skill helps in hitpoint regeneration or spell resistance, then I get it to mastery ASAP.
  11. I found this on the GoG forums with a different procedure than before. Perhaps this one will work better than the other one. Hi, today I have tested to install the game again. Now it works. The game does not crash during installation. My Weapons: Debian Jessie Kernel 4.4 from Backports fglrx-driver 15.12 from Backports Play On Linux 4.2.5 I use follwing wineversion in Play On Linux: Wine 1.9.7 I use follwing extensions (dll) in Play On Linux: - gdiplus - d3dx9 - vcrun2008 - vcrun2010 - corefonts (Microsoft Core Fonts) - tahoma I installed PhysX from Nvidia from the installer during game installation. I did not use physx from Play On Linux.
  12. I know Tunngle works, so that is likely your best option if you want multiplayer. Most folks I know of are using the Community Patch 1.50. I don't know about the popularity of other Sacred 2 mods like the Diablo 2 Fallen mod.
  13. Yet another sale on GoG. This time Sacred 2 is going for $3. There MIGHT be a sale on GoG, Steam or elsewhere where it goes down to $2, but this is the cheapest price I've seen for almost one year.
  14. Steam has the original game + the expansion on sale for under $4. Just search for Silverfall: Complete. Sale lasts until Jan. 4th.
  15. Steam's bundle has Sacred 2, Sacred Citadel with expansions, and the Sacred 3 game including expansions. This may be up somebody's alley for $9.99. Or you could just pick up the first two games on Steam for $6.
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