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  1. is not my mod ,I found on sacred vk , I believe ,I will post here and you guys can delete it ,if don t respect the policy,it seems I can t upload here ,just 2 mb,where I upload to see everyone?
  2. I found a mod how to do it,can I post it here?
  3. Do you know someone to help me for my request?
  4. Someone know hot put the hud from Sacred 1.8 to Underworld? Will be very nice :D
  5. I can t help,but will be better that the old one? old one is pretty good I dont know what can you add for it
  6. I watch everywhere and I dont find it,if you can give me a link,ty very much
  7. Someone have a link to download characters with unique items for Sacred underworld? sincer sacred2 forum was close impossible to find that links
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