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  1. 12DuneLord34

    Possibly a new Sacred 2 Babylon 5 Easter Egg

    I thought "What the... ?" I really should watch this again, time to get the DVDs out Whoa thank you Have to grab some nice screenshots for the wiki entry.
  2. 12DuneLord34

    Possibly a new Sacred 2 Babylon 5 Easter Egg

    Yes, the shadow sword and the shadow vessel How could I forget this?
  3. 12DuneLord34

    Possibly a new Sacred 2 Babylon 5 Easter Egg

    In the wiki: not hat I seen any In the game: other than this goblin? I don't think so. At least, I haven't seen any. It's not like that I just started playing this game, I play it since release and today, it took me some seconds to realise: this little guys name sounds just nlike an alien species from one of my favorite tv-shows back in the days
  4. In Entruag, there is a Questgiver called Pakmarah, for the Quest "Feeding Time". Now the name of this Goblin sounds just like an alien species from the tv-series "Babylon 5", there the name is written pak'ma'ra. Also, the Goblin says in the Quest-Dialog: "The deader, the deerer." This would be in line with the description of the pak'ma'ra. Their diet consists of dead putrefying animal flesh. Link I checked the Easter Eggs Section in the wiki, but there is no entry on this.
  5. 12DuneLord34

    Sacred 2 Bloom Problem

    Check your items for a stat called "Player Illumination". If there is any, get rid of them. Christmas Island or the Desert are terrible with only one item with this - completly useless - stat. After you checked your gear for that stat, you can also adjust the gamma settings in order to get things darker overall.
  6. 12DuneLord34

    Clear CA shortcuts

    As far as I know, is there no way to clean the CA-slots. You only can put a different CA/Combo in a slot, but not empty it at all, after you put something in.
  7. That's all I need, a bit of fun Changing light/dark side was more or less to prove my girlfriend wrong. She said, this would be impossible. So, I had to do it
  8. Nice little tool. Was messing around a bit with it (after I made a backup of the savefiles ) Now I have a Seraphim on the Dark Side Sort of, she can't take on the Main Quest. You enter Sloeford, Seraphim says "I should talk to the Towns Elder" (or something like that, I'm playing in german, so...). After that, there is neither the Light nor the Shadow Main Quest available Dosn't matter at all, she has fun slaying monsters.
  9. 12DuneLord34

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Yes! So much better. Love it
  10. 12DuneLord34

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    The whisteling By the way: could you give a name of the artist? Are there any CDs outthere? As I said, it''s not that I don't like it at all. I just don't like it in the game.
  11. 12DuneLord34

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Yes, Tyr Lysia. Combat sounds are fine. It's just the backgrund music in Tyr Lysia. Thanks, now I know what to change after I got the game running on my new pc. There is something I ran into, but not with the addendum. It's the game itself. Have to look into it further until the machine is fully updated and all the needed software installed (Sacred 2 goes first, everytime )
  12. 12DuneLord34

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Great work, thank you. Just one short question: How can I change the background music back to the original? With the Addendum there is now almost comlete new backgrund music. It is great music, I like it and would by a CD if I had a name of the artist/orchestra. But it is not the best choice for this game.
  13. 12DuneLord34

    Weapon priority on Combat Arts

    If I rember that correctly, the second weapon - if dual wielding - is calculated with something around 25% of its damage. Let's say, you have two swords, each gives 1000 damage. the first gives you 1000, the second adds in just 250 damage. So you have just 1250 damage instead of 2000.
  14. 12DuneLord34

    Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Great to hear, that it is working now. Older software should NEVER installed within the path C:\prgram files or C:\program files (x86), because there are some limitations on read/write permissions, even if the user account has full admin rights. Why? Simple, the username is not Administrator Sounds silly, but it is the case. At setup, there is a hidden admin account created (not usable, you can not log in to that account), that is always called, if an action requiers full admin rights (via UAC). Most older software can not work within this environment. But if you install the Software somethere else (say C:\Games), the limitations mentioned above do not interfere. The installer sets "Run as Administrator" flags for the files s2gs.exe and sacred2.exe. This is due to compatibility issues, as the the game was originally designed for Windows XP. In XP, every software installed has full admin-rights, because the default account on the pc was always an account with full admin rights. Vista changed this with the UAC (User Account Control - this PopUp with "Are you sure to allow this" for everything). So, to let the game run smoothly, it needs full admin rights. As Sacred 2 was NEVER designed as a single player game, but has an offline single player, there is a server emulated everytime you start the game. The sg2.exe IS in fact the gameserver engine. Therefor, to let the game run at first and let it run smoothly at second, the gameserver itself needs full admin rights. So, the installer tries to set the needed flags for the files but Windows 10 itself set these flags at first start of Sacred 2. If the installer finds the flags set already, there goes a call to windows to inform the user "Flags already set, nothing to do here". Why Windows 10 tells you this in the way it does? I don't know Maybe the gyus from redmond can tell you, but I doubt that. It is possibly, that this "error" comes due to some legacy compatibility back to good old Windows 95 or even DOS. Maybe it is some other thing. Maybe it is... a file with bad karma or high sun activity Ok, seroius, I just don't know, why Windows acts like this. Only thing I can tell you: It acts like it does.
  15. 12DuneLord34

    Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Then you are using Windows 10, it is not necassary to set the "sacred2.exe" and "s2gs.exe" to "Run as Administrator". Windows 10 itself sets this on first launch. There is a compatibility check done and Windows applied these changes itself. At least in the german version of Windows 10 and I don't think, it differs in other languages.