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  1. Weapon priority on Combat Arts

    If I rember that correctly, the second weapon - if dual wielding - is calculated with something around 25% of its damage. Let's say, you have two swords, each gives 1000 damage. the first gives you 1000, the second adds in just 250 damage. So you have just 1250 damage instead of 2000.
  2. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Great to hear, that it is working now. Older software should NEVER installed within the path C:\prgram files or C:\program files (x86), because there are some limitations on read/write permissions, even if the user account has full admin rights. Why? Simple, the username is not Administrator Sounds silly, but it is the case. At setup, there is a hidden admin account created (not usable, you can not log in to that account), that is always called, if an action requiers full admin rights (via UAC). Most older software can not work within this environment. But if you install the Software somethere else (say C:\Games), the limitations mentioned above do not interfere. The installer sets "Run as Administrator" flags for the files s2gs.exe and sacred2.exe. This is due to compatibility issues, as the the game was originally designed for Windows XP. In XP, every software installed has full admin-rights, because the default account on the pc was always an account with full admin rights. Vista changed this with the UAC (User Account Control - this PopUp with "Are you sure to allow this" for everything). So, to let the game run smoothly, it needs full admin rights. As Sacred 2 was NEVER designed as a single player game, but has an offline single player, there is a server emulated everytime you start the game. The sg2.exe IS in fact the gameserver engine. Therefor, to let the game run at first and let it run smoothly at second, the gameserver itself needs full admin rights. So, the installer tries to set the needed flags for the files but Windows 10 itself set these flags at first start of Sacred 2. If the installer finds the flags set already, there goes a call to windows to inform the user "Flags already set, nothing to do here". Why Windows 10 tells you this in the way it does? I don't know Maybe the gyus from redmond can tell you, but I doubt that. It is possibly, that this "error" comes due to some legacy compatibility back to good old Windows 95 or even DOS. Maybe it is some other thing. Maybe it is... a file with bad karma or high sun activity Ok, seroius, I just don't know, why Windows acts like this. Only thing I can tell you: It acts like it does.
  3. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Then you are using Windows 10, it is not necassary to set the "sacred2.exe" and "s2gs.exe" to "Run as Administrator". Windows 10 itself sets this on first launch. There is a compatibility check done and Windows applied these changes itself. At least in the german version of Windows 10 and I don't think, it differs in other languages.
  4. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Uninstall the game, remove all registry entries. Than reinstall the game, but this time to a folder NOT located C:\Program Files (x86). If you have another hd (or ssd), install to this drive. You can use an external drive, if you like. The reason is, that in the $path-directory (erverything system-related, including programs and such), windows is pretty strict. Follow this rule: NEVER install games within C:\Program Files (both x86 and x64 variant). After that, apply the CM Patch.
  5. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    This message is in fact not an error. It is the way, Windows tells you, that some registry entries are already there. The CM Patch 0.160 sets the two files "sacred2.exe" and "s2gs.exe" to run in Adminstrator Mode. Windows 10 itself sets these files to run in Admin Mode, then you first start Sacred2. There are some compatability tests done and Windows sets these registry entries for you. Don't ask me, why Windows can't give a proper message like: "The Registry Entries already exists." (in german this would be "Die Unterschl├╝ssel wurden bereits erstellt." or something like this. What do you mean by "not with all changes." What exactly does not work or does not appear? Have you any kind of memory cleaner installed? And, very important: exclude the complete Sacred 2 game folder in your anti virus. The popularity of the CM Patch may be big within the community, but we are - in fact - a very small community. And therefor, the overall usage of this specific file is very limited. To avoid your anti virus to interfere with the CM Patch, exclude the game folder from scanning. I had an issue with the CM Patch 0.150, there all text was gone due to my anti virus. My experience was, that it is the best choice to a start a fresh character with the new CM Patch.
  6. Mount System Optimization for CM Patch

    I know Volga, really. The majority of cabs there Volgas in the GDR I mean, I CAN have both. BMW, Mercedes, Volga, Wartburg, whatever. If I have only one type (regardless, WHAT type it is), I have no choice. And, just for the records, I loved driving a Volga back then. If you can have a Trabant or a Volga... You choose Volga This is Trabant: And compared to this: Yes, this is indeed a Volga
  7. Mount System Optimization for CM Patch

    Voted No. I mostly use the special mount, but sometimes, I use the horse. So, if I have a special mount and feel like riding a horse, then I would have to sell my special mount and buy a horse. I don't see a point in it. I can have 2 cars and can switch between the cars. Mondays I drive a BMW, on tuesday a mercedes or whatever. I see mounts in this way, like cars. I can own more then one, but only drive one at a time. If we could have saddles (like we had back in sacred 1), that would be great.
  8. Community Patch 1.60 Beta Test Release

    I had the issue, that my antivirus deleted the Sacred2Updater.exe. The game started fine but there was no text in the textboxes. Solution: I set the game directory to "no scan" in Avast, reinstalled the fonts and reinstalled the CM-Patch. Seems to be an issue of creditability of the files. Not many users, so the file is marked a "potentially evil".
  9. Community Patch 1.60 Beta Test Release

    Just created a new DM on two diffent pcs, works fine for me on both. Installation language is german. I have Sacred 2 Gold in two variants. One is physical dvds, the other was bought at amazon as a download. There is one special thing with the version from amazon. I do NOT have to activate it, but the CM-Patch works fine. Also all aother mods, that I have tried. If ti matters, one pc runs win 7 pro 64 bit, the other win 10 pro 64 bit.
  10. Community Patch 1.60 Beta Test Release

    Did some testing today and everything works really smooth. I played for 6 hours, no crashes, no freezes. Amazing work, that you did here. Made a fresh char (seraphim) and did some leveling. Finally lightsabers are usable, this annoying humming-sound was driving me insane. Also a great plus, that Jaftar is now a boss. It was odd everytime, that he was a normal enemy, no boss or at least some elite. Really great stuff. So, there is just one question: is there any chance of open up the shadow path for seraphim and the light path for inquisitor? Since you enabled all Genaral skilla for all chars, I'm curious if this has any chance of coming to the light of day. It would bring this great game - in my eyes - close to perfection.
  11. Community Patch 1.60 Beta Test Release

    I didn't know that potions have also dificultiy levels Exactly this was the problem here. Some of the death potions are gold level, the others platinum. Testet it with other death potions within the same level and it works.
  12. Community Patch 1.60 Beta Test Release

    Great work as ever, thank you Flix. Loading is drastically increased (and no, I'm not playing on a potato). For the first time ever, this game works fine in fullscreen mode with windows 10. Before I have to play in windowed mode. I love it! Everything works fine, just the stacking for potions. With healthpotions, it works fine. Drop them, put them back to the inventory, they are stacking up to 99. But all other potions don't. I drop them, collect them from the ground (I tried with manual clicking also as with the "collect all"-button). They are in tbe inventory, but stacksize is just 20.
  13. Changing the Language is possible?

    It works! Great! Thanks, Flix. This is just awesome. Now, my problem is: I have so call in sick for the next four weeks, because I must level a sorceress Yes, there are some strange combinations of english and german in the itemnames, but that makes ist just more fun. For example, a belt was called: Fellbesetzer Waistband Thank you very much.
  14. There is - at least for me - a simple solution: play in windowed mode. In full screen mode, the game crashes randomly, windowed I can play for hours without any issue on windows 10. this also worked for me with windows 7 and windows 8.
  15. Hello all fellow players of Sacred. I'm playing Sacred 2 in german and it is still lots of fun. But also I like to play Diablo 2. So, I came across the Diablo 2 The Fallen Mod for Sacred 2 and I want to give it a try. To my understanding, it will only run with the english version of Sacred 2. So, my question is: is there a way to change the language of Sacred 2? I know, I could buy it again, this time in english, but I don't want to throw money at Deep Silver because of this thing called Sacred 3 and Sacred Legends, the mobile installment. Thanks in advance