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  1. Weeeee I found the Bar! Anyway after a long break I'm back to the forum hopefully for a longer time. Havent been here for ages and missed all of you! Gogo encouraged me to take a sit in the bar so I hope he also meant that my drinks are on him. Hope you're all okey and having fun with Sacred 2 Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.
  2. Ah thanks a lot! I had a great time as well! Nice family dinner and stuff. I think ill buy an electric guitar hehe. Again, thanks for the wishes! Cheers!
  3. bhj

    hope youll have a great day :D

  4. tomi

    Paying with a credit card

    Only thing left is to get that credit card! wooot! Thank you!
  5. tomi

    Paying with a credit card

    hmm I see! Although, I don't really know the Hungarian word for debit and/or credit card. Dont really know which one can I get under the age of 18. Well I guess/hope its credit card what ive seen. Although I've no idea whats the diff between them. I'll have to read some about it. Thanks again! P.S. I guess nobody learned hungarian since I last checked the forum, but maybe the pic can tell something? Or anything which can tell if its debit/credit. Clicky!
  6. tomi

    Paying with a credit card

    Yay thanks for the answers! Phehh 50-50%! Okey well I dont really know what type of card will/can I have, but ill ask around. Although im sure it can be used for online paying. Checked that. Well looking forward to further replies This is instructive!
  7. tomi

    Paying with a credit card

    Hey guys! I'm back from a nice, long break thanks to my crappy pc. Anyway I need your opinions. I'd like to make a credit card. I need my parents permission to do that. Now my problem is that they are conservative and they think that someone steals my money if I pay for something online. What I'd like to do is making a paypal account and pay with it. My question is what do you think of doing this. Is it safe or not? I'd really need a poll to assure then. Please vote!
  8. *I know, bad place to post, but didnt want to make a new topic...* check this out! hehehehehehehehehe
  9. tomi

    Kamikaze Sunday - Bronze restart

    ohh ive installed it, put up the 2.28 patch, and when start the game, after the 2 well..."movies", I get a big white screen. I can hear the main menu's voices and SACRED-RUNS, but all white maybe 64bit xp is why?
  10. tomi

    Kamikaze Sunday - Bronze restart

    sigh installed and patched it, but pc cant run it sob Have fun guys! Sorry I cant jump in.
  11. sick sick and sick So good. In the beginning of the ski-holiday. On the last day. 38C and feelin' crappy. But I still have my friends and family! Soooo lucky me! Dont have to go to school wooohooo...not in the holiday at least!
  12. tomi

    Requiem In-game names

    hmmm I might want to try requiem again...thanks to some guys...who cant fix sacred... I think ill need to reinstall and patch before I could do anything.
  13. omg hehehehehe LOLOLOLOLOL same here hehehehehe! what a luck! Bathory - Nordland