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  1. Don't worry about it mate. I simply offered the codes in my first post...I didn't put any links up,,,mainly because I don't have any links lol. But any ways....I will pm you all the codes I have. You may do what you like with them. You will be doing me a big favour just accepting them
  2. Well so much for that idea Spock. ☹️ They must have thought I was some sort of con artist. They banned me. ? Guess they dont have too many people genuinely offering free premium games. I am kind of over it all now anyway. Seems no one in any forum I post in wants a free game. Oh well...I tried. ?
  3. Hey Spock, good to see you again matey The game will work on any iPad...you sure you don't want it? As I said it is not a FPS,,,it is a Turn Based Tactical game as shown in my YouTube link above. As it seems no one is interested here I will go over to the forum you mentioned. Thanks for the suggestion. It would be a shame to not use the code.....and funny enough the dev just sent me another three codes Unfortunately just after I posted this thread my hard drive died on me I lost everything!.....if anyone has had that happen to them then they know what I am currently going through to tr
  4. Hey there Gogo Good to see you matey! No my friend, that is not the game. That is a first person shooter game for the pc and xbox 360 I believe. This is the game that I have on offer......it is a slow paced turn based tactical game only available for tablets. The video below is of the Android version but the iOS version is basically the same.
  5. Hi all, it's been a long time between posts. I have been given a spare iOS code from the developers for the game Metro 2033: Wars as I helped them fix and test the issues the game had with the iPad Pro. It is a turn-based strategy game for tablets. It is a premium game currently priced at 7.99USD in the App Store. There are no IAP's. The code I have needs to be redeemed via iTunes so you need that to be installed on your pc. Then you sync your iPad to iTunes and download and install the game. If you are interested in receiving the code please post here and in a couple of days I will give
  6. Sydney had the hottest April day on record on Wednesday, which spread over to the Blue Mountains where I live. It was 34.2 degrees C whereas the average is around 19 C for Autumn. I even had the wood fire all loaded up in anticipation for the cooler weather and instead I had to put on shorts and a Tee shirt and put the air con on to try and keep cool. Thankfully it was just a one day wonder and I'm back in my tracksuit pants and jumper with a match in my hand ready to lite the fire as soon as necessary.
  7. Just found another gem, Lords of Xulima http://www.lordsofxulima.com/ Great old school rpg and developed by a small indie company. For what they have produced with this game, they deserve a whole lot of respect from the rpg community. And if you want story and fantastic turn based combat how about Valkyria Chronicles http://store.steampowered.com/app/294860/ Yeah it's from Sega but it's one hell of a great rpg. Unlike Munk I think the pc rpg market today is actually full of incredibly deep and involving games. I have fond memories of classics from the late 80's/early 90's but there is stil
  8. 1. My profile says Jan 2008..so that must be it. 2. Been a member all that time..even had a period where I left my old clan for this place. But decided to go back home because I missed my old mates. 3. I found Dark Matters due to Sacred...the original one that is. My clan, Clan DA, and Dark Matters were two of the most respected clans back then when Sacred was in it's early times. Both clans also both enjoyed a love of playing hardcore and the camaraderie that it encouraged. It was a natural that our two clans joined an unofficial alliance whereas if any of our members would come online it w
  9. There are still many games out there that can give you a good rpg fix. Occasionally one gets released that just grabs you and doesn't let go. For me that's Might&Magic X: Legacy. Great old school rpg fun. But canned by most critics and so probably wont sell well. This is the problem. A lot of people that review games these days are used to the current rpg's. They simply have no idea how earlier rpg's focused more on story and character development rather than graphics. And poor reviews mean less games sold so less developers are willing to chance making a rpg game that takes a few ye
  10. Gosh I am so late to this party that I reckon the cake will be rancid. But still.... never too late to say Happy birthday to a good mate
  11. I am an old Divine Divinity fan. Larian Studios is one of the many independent game developers that I have the utmost respect for. These people really listen to their players. Divinity Original Sin is the sequel that fans of Divine Divinity have been waiting for, and the wait has been well worth it. They have captured the feel of the original game and have gone one heck of a step further.....the combat is now turn based and it is just about the most satisfying and enjoyable combat system I have played. The UI is a workable, though clunky beast. Old rpg veterans will feel right at home though
  12. Gilberticus, I suffer from your affliction also...playing and concentrating on more than one game gets me bored with all of them. Best to play one main and stick with it. Now that the Auction House has finally been removed I returned to D3 recently. The game has improved greatly with the Loot 2.0 patch. I am really enjoying the game, enough that I went out and purchased the expansion. I can see I will be playing this game for a long time again. And as a topping on the Diablo III ice cream...Aussies now have their own servers! No more 300+mbps any more. Today I was enjoying 40mbps....usually
  13. and here I was thinking the jokes would be better by now
  14. One of these babies should do the job schot. Its not too big as it only takes up one room. Just not too sure about the gamepad/steering wheel.
  15. Good to see you guys up and running again. That 404 error was very depressing.

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