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  13. Hi, I'm Home :)

    There was a lot more that went on over the last year or so, may list more later.
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  15. Hi, I'm Home :)

    We are all playing Guild Wars 2 , I am also playing Skyrim. And we also go over to a friends house every Friday for some old-school RPG's. We are currently playing Pathfinder with a game that has been going on since August 22, 2014. If your interested in a read the GM has a blog on the adventure, here is the first entry. https://emerald-spire-superdungeon.blogspot.com/2014/08/a-new-campaign-begins.html . we have also been playing these rpg's The Call of C'thulu, Paranoia, Space 1889 on days he needs a break. We also will pull out board games every once in a while.