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  1. I'd love to play Diablo 3, but I think it would have to be on my PS3. My craptop can't handle newer games. And thanks for the reply, Gogo. I just had to take the time to write about Eve. It's too much fun to go unadvertised. I only wish I had started playing it in 2003, so I would have a real badass character now. Also, I forgot to mention that the whole market in Eve is player controlled. Everything you see in the market is put there by another player. Corporations mine, refine, manufacture and put items for sale to gain money and control. There is also a uncharted cluster of
  2. My addictions are collecting DVD's, music CD's (mainly heavy metal), playing and collecting videogames (I have about 60 for PS3) and eating good food while watching a good sci-fi/action flick. I recently bought all 5 seasons of Babylon 5. It cost me about 50 punds.
  3. I just started playing EVE: Online a couple of months back, and I love it. The game utilizes only one HUGE server which sometimes holds over 50000 players in one big universe. It's a sci-fi game focusing mainly on the control of spaceships, and learning the skills to further your use of them. When you start, you will be in your capsule. This capsule is your only armor against the cold vacuum of space. Quite soon into the game though, you will be handed several spaceships to put your capsule inside and control. If they are destroyed, you will find yourself again in the capsule, and then
  4. I loved the first Borderlands. I'm waiting for number 2 now. My favourite class in the first game is the soldier. So much fun carrying machineguns that fire extremely fast at your enemies, while your friends desperately try to hit them before they are annihilated by your relentless bullet rain.
  5. Podgie, could you post your favourites from the Quake 1 soundtrack in my video game music thread? I'd love to hear some of them, as I've never played Quake 1.
  6. Beautiful dogs, Chattius. I've always like the German Shepherd. If I ever get a dog, it would be one of those. I've heard that it takes alot of time and discipline to train one, and I don't want to get one before I am prepared to sacrifice alot of my time to it.
  7. Long time no see. Just wanted to post some music from Emperor: Battle for Dune. I've been listening to this a lot lately. Tell me what you think. Of all the 3 houses (teams) you can be in the game, these guys resort to cloning soldiers, and are the most technically advanced, with laser tanks and gas turrets. Their tactics includes infiltraion, sabotage and secrecy instead of massive assaults. They are cold, calculating and merciless. Composed by Jarrid Mendelson.
  8. I haven't seen it yet, but I've read a review. It said that the movie rushed to reveal the full monster where the old one would conceal it almost completely in darkness and smart camera angles. After all, it's an alien monster that have to remain hidden until it has cleared the way of most of it's threats. Also I've heard that it relies on CGI for the most part, which I really don't think is necessary. Movie makers have been using models for as long as there has been filming going on, and CGI should be used only to add atmospheric details such as fog, smoke and ligthing. Way too many m
  9. Feel the synth engulf your mind and your body.. it's time for Laserdance!
  10. Can't stop listening to this Japanese guy. Anyone else liking this kind of music? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGtKxbu7vLI
  11. I think google just killed this whole thread. Just try dragging any of the photos into the google search bar, and 90 % of the time it will come up with the correct answer. Especially if the images are from google. If you take them from your own DVD, it may have some trouble finding the answer, but it makes the process of posting a whole lot harder. Screw you google!
  12. This should be perfect for halloween. It's played on an instrument called a theremin, which takes great skill to master. I found this odd little guy on youtube playing the instrument on several videos. The theremin creates your typical ghost/alien sound effect when played. Don't tell me you haven't heard it before
  13. I really think I have to go for Maleficent, with her slim dark figure and completely crazy eyes. But come on, doesn't she look awesome at the top of the castle casting spells of darkness and destruction while the wind violently blows her cape around? I'll give you a challenge: Find out where the archetypical witch comes from. You know, archetypical as in worty face, bad back, pointy hat, broomstick and the whole shebang.
  14. I always use to just throw a pizza or something else REAL easy into the oven, but sometimes I go all out. Anyone tried pasta? Here we have something called pasta di parma, which I think means something like "pasta and cheese" in Italian. It's basically pasta bits made from the same materials as spaghetti, and added cheese-sauce. You can also add some meat if you like. Bacon tastes especially well mixed in.
  15. Here in Norway, Halloween is just a John Carpenter movie.. oh, and another excuse for the kids to get free sweets. I understand that this holiday is probably biggest in the US, and perhaps Canada. In other countries, it is nearly non-existant. The toy stores around here fills their shops with skeletons, witches, gravestones, goblins and all that is spooky. I can't really imagine they sell much of that stuff here in Scandinavia. Halloween is not a legitimate holiday up here. It has been brought over from the US and copied miserably, with one single house having a single plastic pumpkin in
  16. My mom lives 15 minutes away by foot, my dad is a 1 hour drive away. I have all of my family within the country limits. They all live in western to south western Norway.
  17. Oh, that sucks. I sort of know how you feel. I make close to nothing, lifting my own bodyweight in goods almost every day. Yet, I earn over three times as little as a man working in an office. It's kind of strange to think about it. It should be the other way around, no?
  18. If it ever comes to that, I will surely look it up on the interwebs. It's the same with the fallout games. Don't look there, unless you've already finished the game. Damn those spoilers...
  19. Alright, thanks for the info anyway. Around here, a 160 GB Ipod classic goes for 350-400 US Dollars, depending on the store and your ability to haggle (or threaten). I have 500 + CD's with only metal music, so I'm really looking forward to getting a player that can import all of them. And btw, I always use earplugs. The sound is fantastic in those, and the nosy people around you will never know what you listen to.
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