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Attempting a new build: "Hellmouth rush"

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I currently have a 'Dark' elf on the side (kuddos to the creator of the mod btw :D ), and, while playing her, I had ... a possibly bad idea for a build.

I am about start now ... let me just say that, while it won't be THE core skill of the build, it's quite possible that bargaining might nonetheless be instrumental.

Now, I'll go start that game and try to open the hellmouth 'Buffy' style ... guess on which side :P



this is probably NOT gonna work but who knows? :P

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Okay, I have a first report on my new shadow warrior messer and messertes ... and after having played, extensively, with my beloved Seraphim I thought it was high time I made a small  trip to the dark side ... of sacred 2 Enhanced Edition :)

Now, I do remember seeing flix mentioning the he wanted to make the divine spells worthy for those who invested in it. And since I am the kind of guy who forgot almost all the time to use the Inspiration/Reflect Divine spell. I decided to make a very, very devout SHADOW WARRIOR!!

The idea first came to me while playing another build, my "Dark elf" (kuddos to the brave seraphim who posted the mod btw :) ). And since she was on the "dark path", I decided to pick up the Sakkara demon to see what's what. And yeah ... while sure you can summon it all the time, he's pretty damn effective .... when handled properly.

However, I really, really wanted to push the limit on this and, after exploring the different classes and their CA, I opted for the shadow warrior.
Basically, the idea is simple:

Have you sakkara demon there as often as possible and boost it to the 9 hells with all available CA. 

Also, since my "drow" was made with the explicit intent of testing the "minion auras" (permanent buffs), this shadow warrior built seemed like a natural continuation of the idea.

So, for skills:

- Divine devotion is obviously a priority here ... and my shadow warrior is not just devout ... HE'S A FANATIC!! ie: I will always max that skill pure and simple, and of course, I will socket the crap out my equipment to push it as far as possible :P

- Bargaining: I currently use this option to have easier access to jewelry that might give some more additional points :)

- The rest will be mostly focused on Combat arts, specifically the kind that not only boost my demons but also give access to more minions to support the Demon.

- And of course, the usual defense skills: At least armor, perhaps more to survive more easily during Demonic Cooldown.

And while I am still in bronze and only relatively low level, I have a hunch this might work. Granted, it will need confirmation but it is surprisingly effective.

I am also genuilely impress with the Minotaur in this build: During cooldown, he helps a ton especially with his stun stomp ... however when the Demon is there, said stomp become even more dangerous. I can see especially in the few bosses fight that I had so far. It had always went like this:

I maneuver both my Minotaur and Demon on the Boss. They all start whacking on each other and ... soon after ... the minotaur manages to stun the boss. They double team on them and soon after .... the Boss melt down quite literally and very quickly AHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!! 

For CA, the first one I am currently modding is the augmenting guidon ... confirmed that it works on my giant pal ahahahah! Then, there is the rousing command which also allows to boost minion. And of course, ditto for the rousing command. I intend to add things like either killing blow or shivering aura with mods to reduce the armor rating of the opposition, and make my demon whack on them even harder!!

I have yet to reach that point. But, so far, when the Demon is here, it's ... wow! AAHAHAAHHHAH!!!

Friendly tip: SHIFT+Click on a monster to direct your minions :D 

More to come later :)


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Thank you very much! :)

I should also probably add two things about  the build:

First, I intend to add good strong defense to my toon to help between sakarra demon cooldown and second, the biggest problem I have at the moment is with the artificial intelligence, or lack thereof, of the minions, not just the sakarra demon but all minions in general. Though, in that front, there are exceptions, especially the Sublime Guardian for Seraphim.

Also, perhaps mentioned before, I did and will go back at some point to my "Drow" High elf build. And I am doing this build mainly to test the minions of various char in EE. 

And I am also noticing another trend, higher levels combined with faster movement and attack speed results in a much more agressive, less stupid looking minion. I am hoping the augmentin guidon, rousing command +to speed will help there. :)

Another thing of note, with the minotaur as an example, is that some minions CA seems to mess up their behavior. The minotaur often wander around like a bloody idiot, sometimes AWAY from monster ... then manage a stomp and then ... BOOM !!!! You have a very ,VERY ANGRY minotaur on steroid, hell bent on whacking every monster he can find :P

Proper casting of augmenting guidon seems to help too.

Even stranger, I never, ever had any problem with reanimated corpse who, on the other hand, are so visibly angry at being dead that they do their best to whack as many monster as they can :P

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Are you fricking kidding me? It looks like this build is gonna work after all ... WHAT?!! AHAHAHAHHAAH !!! :P

Anyways, time to turn up the trash-o-meter and go down to thrown down city ... the force is strong in this one. And by this one, I mean this build (especially the "hellmouth" part of the build ... the demon !! pay attention !!  :P)  ... And by force, I mean brute, physical force, the kind that project metric tons of newton and dish out ... well ..; metrics ton of damage too. When it works at least .... AND IT IS STARTING TOO AHAHAHHAHAH!!

Oups ... sorry, forgetting one thing: Welcome to a new episode of my new build messers and messertes ... "THE HELLMOUTH RUSH" BUILD!!

Now, I haven't played as much as I wanted lately ... but ... I am past level 18 now. So far my skills consists of:

Divine Devotion of course :bow::bow:( pay attention! :lol:)

Malevolant Champion Focus


Astrad Lord focus

Death Warrior Focus (well all the focus in fact ... it's my turn to have to pay attention !! :B6nFRAh: :P)

And finally Blacksmith!!

Of course, we're dealing with the basic (anti) catholic kind of build here, meaning max devotion ... possibly for the rest of all time. And when I mean max devotion, I just don't mean in skill points spent, I mean ... MAX DEVOTION, as in proper relics, items and socketable jewelry. Which is where bargaining and blacksmith comes into play: Bargaining to find the right kind of jewelry and blacksmith to be able to socket it. Though I am starting to realize there's a way to exploit the game to go past that ... but I don't like cheating the game :) (just breaking it with original ways to deal metrics ton of damage :P). By that, I mean by using only blacksmith and not bargaining.

All the focus are necessary for a simple reason : To boost the HELL (duh!) of Hellish demon!!!

Augmenting guidon is of course my primary focus at the moment, tough I am not sure if I am going to pick the lore skill yet. Death Warrior has got not only the minotaur but rousing command as well and finally astral lord has the shivering aura.


Augmenting guidon: basically boosting attack speed and health regen. I am still unsure about further boosting Attack/Defense values or extra aura size. I am at the Atck/Def option to test it at the moment. Strangely enough, it seems the sakkara demon ,due to being so huge, is in fact more often in the aura of the guidon than not. Unexpected but good news ! :)

Rousing command, ditto, there is a choice I am not sure about ... tough I did of course picked the option to boost everyone in my party (and yes! It seems to work on the demon just fine! Same as the guidon)

And for Astral lord shivering aura, I only got the mod to reduce the armor of opposing forces so far. And even at low levels, its influence is already being felt. I am going to throw more runes into it soon.

I am still lacking monies to buy and socket stuff atm tough ... but with the relics alone and two worn necklace-> My divine devotion is still at a respectable 38 ... at level 18.  Or it was at level 18, I am playing at taking small breaks to write this.

However, so far, this build is brilliant!! Not easy, especially early game, but brilliant and really fun! I am laughing a lot while playing to be honest. And seeing my sakkara demon whack the opposition into oblivion while being booster by my CA's ... what a sight to behold. 

Also, the minotaur is starting to "increase its intelligence" it seems ... or rather movement speed ( again, it's my turn to pay attention!). And with the rousing command + to movement speed, both it and the demon are getting much faster to whacking distance of the monsters. Add to this that, for some unknown reason, when I start to have raised minions from the dead ... well ... it seems to really enrage them and make them even more agressive!

And when you're fighting in tight corridors or rooms ... AHAHAHAHAHH!! ... "They never stood a chance!" said my shadow warrior with a grinning and sadistic smile. The force is indeed strong in this one ... as in the wacking everything into a million pieces ... and it's not even at its full potential yet. AHAHAHHA!

Of course, this will need to be confirmed by reaching niobum, but it's looking very good so far. MOAR TO COME !!! :) :bow:

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dang !!! 

That big oaf of a demon started wandering around whille a big massive group of Orc champions was pawning-> End result, a dead dead shadow lord! (yes I said dead twice, well done for paying attention! :D )

And panicking and losing your cool when it happens, and forgetting the basic of handling and possible shift+clicking on the opposition ... that's a poor life choice, just saying. 

You know what else is a poor life choice?: Being so engrossed in your new build that you forget to build barebones defence ... is it any wonder those blasted orc champions pawned me to dead dead? (and again, well done on paying attention to double use of the 'dead' word! :P )

Anyways ... LESSON LEARNED!!

Which meant of course that instead of picking armor as my next skill, I picked blacksmith and concentration soon after .... "WAIT WHAT?!!" ... yep! you heard correctly (it feels really good when people are paying attention just saying ... I just wished I had done the same with those orc champions ... oh well ,that's life for you and dead dead for my shadow lord :P )

So ... why those two skills next might you wonder? Well ... first of all, while I might have learned my lesson, I am still ... somewhat ... well completely hell bent on that super-devout-fanatic-to-dead Shadow warrior (and yes!  I only say dead once ... it's really impressive attention, bravo! ... okay, I suppose I should stop with that joke :P )

So for blacksmith: After a few confused moments oh how and when you can socket stuff, It allowed me to put EVEN MORE devotion into my gear. 
As for concentration, having a second aura gives me access to a whole bunch of new options ... like say grim resilience or MOAR minions! Which is what I am using as a second 'aura' ... yes I know, I am irrecuperable :P Anyways, the skellies gives me a lot of breathing room during Demons cooldown. Also, in combo with the minotaur sidekick, it allows me to pawn the opposition faster and ... guess what ... CREATE EVEN MOAR MINIONS!!

By the way, compared to a classical shadow warrrior summoner build, I have read somewhere in a old post here (I believe from flix) that one of the major weakness was when facing loads of champions or tons of strong ranged opposition ... or anything that does not normally allows you to build up the body count (both in dead and revived opposition). And the Sakkara Demon ... it litteraly obliterate this weakness to the nine hells!

And generally, it ends with my Demon pal whacking his fair share of corpse, which I raise, and then ... BAM! ... everyone one steamroll the opposition. And at the moment, I keep my raised souls to the minimum level of 1. You can spam them faster this way. And on top of the demon, I have a few things which helps a lot ... which leads me to .... 

Brrrrrr!!! ... is it me or is cold in here? I guess winter is reallly coming this year (thank you george for that!, fighting against global warming in a very original way! ;) ) ... where was I? Ahhh yes ...

... The SHIVERING MIASMA buff!!! ... And more specifically, the corrosion mod. And the monsters, champions and bosses REALLLLY hate that mod. It may not look like much on paper (15%+1% malus to all resistances), but, on that front and with all the sidekicks minions .... wow! ... it really helps!! It also means that raised minions can deal enough damage against their former brothers and sisters. (it can often happen taht the type of damage a monster deal is also the type of damage they're really resistan against!). 

Stack the augmenting guidon, the stun stomping minotaur sidekick, and the big brother demon from the 9 hells ... and well .... having corpses to raise, generally not a problem. Heck, some of the time, it's not even necessary, though certainly useful, lifesaving even in places with tons of monsters and champions.

oh and coming back on the subject of defence ... here's what I am building to help for this .... Scything sweep and/or weapons slots with tons of knockback. It is surprising how much relief a simple successful knockback can give you. And a lot of the time, with all the minions and the big demon brother running around, after being knocked back, they can be confused or, even better, start to look for a sidekick to whack, giving you breathing room.

In any case, I am having a surprising amount of fun with this build .... andby that I mean ... A METRIC TON OF FUN !! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

PS: I forgot about the undead dragon in shadow warrior quest .... and of course my Demon was almost going away in a goring blast ... "OH NOES !! WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!!" :zipit: ... well ... nothing!! I did not have the time and dead banged at the door ... the minotaur sidekick managed a stun stomp on the undead dragon, who was in range of my shivering aura, and the big horned oaf obliterated said dragons in a very, very short amount of time!

Bonus points for skellies and a couple of raised minions who helped.

So let me correct, dead banged at the UNDEAD NOW DEAD DRAGON!!  MWAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!

(did I mention this build is a metric ton of fun for me, did you pay attention :P )


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Hmm so it even works against bosses, interesting... oh and RIP - rest in pieces lol:Just_Cuz_21:. Happens to all of us from time to time:lol: Just get up up and start being alive alive again xD

Can't wait for your niob stories:sun:

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Not yet, though remember it's EE, it works differently and the big boss auto explode at the end.

I will make a video one of these days tough to show how it works :)

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Posted (edited)

I have reached my most challenging area so far, not just since playing this build ... but playing this game in general. A pace that I did not know existed in Sacred 2, a place that makes me even colder than the shivering miasma. The pace that (should) make every player of this game quake with absolute dread and total terror.

Ladies and gentlemen ('twilight zone' music playing) I give you ... THE BOG OF STUPIDITY !!!

"Wait what?" "What is this all about?" "And what does this guy put into his drinking potions? LSD?" ... and yet, ladies and gentlemen, this place, the nightmarish BOG OF STUPIDITY does exists in this game !! (true story messers and messerettes true story ... or should I say 'true story bro, true story). 

Now where is this bog of stupidity and what is it exactly about? 

Well, it's the swamp on the eastern part of the map complete with the (now voltage adjusted) lightning lord, mist boss and all that jazz ... and this swamp seems to possess the dreaded power of ... MAKING MY MINIONS REALLY STUPID!!! :zipit::P  .... walking around chasing monsters that aren't there while the real monsters are ganging and whacking on me ... EN MASSE!!

And considering that some of the mobs have taken quite a sudden jump in power ... or rather that those 'bog demons' and 'fen fires' are quite strong, especially since there seems to be so many champions among them. It ended up more than a few times with my shadow lord falling into depression and trying to drown his despair ... not with alcohol but with health potions (PAY ATTENTION!! :P).

And despite more than a few scares, almost dying a few times (and my shadow lord temporarily becoming some kind of health potion alcoholic addict :P:almirena_01:) ... so far ... only one dead death for my shadow warrior (the one I mentioned in a post before) ... mystifying. 

On top of being an alcoholic, my shadow warrior also became some kind of brute with hyper violent tendencies ... the kind that goes on killing spree, the kind of killing spree that triggers many explosions ... and tend to increase the body count around him ... all of that to say that the bog of stupidity forced me to add another string to my bow:

Namely, adding killing spree among my combat arts slots and creating a two way combo with both scything sweep and demonic blow in it. It seems to ... well ... combo pretty well together. Also, during those times, I became more parcimonius with my use of the sakkara demon ,using it only when I have the (granted slightest) hint that thing could be trouble.

All of that ot say I am still in the adjustement phase for this build tough I think my CA slots looks fine for the moment. I am, however, starting to create weapon slots 1) Weapon + shields for extra divine devotion 2) shield + stone to range attack in combination with killing spree and 3) a two handed axe of death for max damage. So far, it is working ok, good even.

I am curious whether or not % to knock back work with scything sweep but I know it does with demonic blow (+ area of effect mod), I am starting to look for jewelry to socket for that.
All in all, despite the curse of the BOG OF STUPIDITY !!! It's still working well tough I am starting to see what kind of adjustements I need to do next to keep the build working properly.

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And on with the adventures of my "hellmouth rush" build :)

I had to do some adjustements, just saying ... and I realize I have access to add something to my army of minions, which I've completely forgotten.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you the new member of this army, I give to you ... the shadow WARRIOR !! (emphasis on warrior, PAY ATTENTION!!! :P ).

A combination of Killing spree + combo of Demonic Blow and scythe sweep + the biggest badass two handed weapon I could find ... quite deadly in this build, just saying. 
Of course, this hurt a bit on the recovery of his health potion addiction just saying ... but still, he's doing MUCH better, thanks for asking! Who knew the best way to start the cure would be to start taking the habit of whacking on the monsters himself ? :P

That being said, I realize I should have taken those defensive skills thingy MUCH SOONER!! But what can I say, as mentioned in a post before, I just could not resist the temptation. Besides it still works PRETTY WELL héhéhé :diablo::eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L:

I should also point out I am SLIGHTLY more conservative on the use of my Demonic pal ... but just SLIGHTLY. Basically, at the moment, I have "alert levels" in my head. Basic alert level is use augmenting guidon, if it's a bit more serious go Killing spree. Still not enough? Add rouse command+Shivering Miasma combo ... That still didn't do it? Oh well, my Demonic pal on top of that is MORE THAN ENOUGH to simply quell any kind of revolt on that front, be it from a swarm of champions or a big bad wolf!! ( the one from the game lasted less than 10 seconds, ditto for the mist in the bog of STUPIDITY and the scorpion in the desert .... mwahahahahahhahaha!!! :eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L:).

Hitting level 35, I finally decided to be a bit more reasonable and start working on my first defensive skill (not reasonable I know :P ) -> armor lore. It will be followed by constitution and Tactic lore.

Speaking of which, at the current stage of my game, even without Tactic lore it's still enough to whack monsters rapidly. I still have issues adapting the killing spree to blow up when I want it to but it's pretty damn effective in this build :)

Also, I have finally reached the point where I can't have enough devotion to have the full progression on my godskill ... but it's only a matter of time before I catch up -> The bronze level is starting to reach its limit on relic bonuses, but I know they go WAAYYYY beyond that. Also, I am not lucky finding the right jewelry in shops at the moment. 

However, all in all, and with the latest adjustements, while I did have a scarce now and then in the swamp, I am back to having this build work in a very surprisingly good way!!! More to come :bow:

PS: I did not have time to record videos, but, like winter, they are coming, don't worry !! ( I AM NOT GEORGE !! :P )

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A quick update:

I made a few breakthrough discoveries:

First: the mod that give "+damage to enraged player" on killing spree ... quite effective on that build, keep it for time when you're on demon cooldown. It helps a ton since it is also the time where generally you risk getting low on (reanimated) minions.

Second, I found two ways to make better use of the big thick headed demon when he becomes confused and run around like an idiot doing nothing:

1) Socket a weapon/shield slots with tons of +% to movement speed: Generally it is dangerous when you're surrounded by a lot of baddies-> Run away until the demon automatically teleports besides you (or simply follow the demon but that has limited uses)

2) Use your shadow warrior to be close to melee range to the mob of monsters and pant an augmenting guidon. With enough runes consumed, the extra attack speed seems to 'unstuck' him quite efficiently :)

I am currently about to finish bronze. Also, I have (temporarly) replaced my minotaur with grim resiliance -> extra hitpoints are very useful with the mod enraged of killing spree! :eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L:

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Oups ... forgot to update!

The rest of bronze was not too difficult, just the fight at the end where I did blunder some with my demon but, most of all, with him running silly because of all the champions there.

So, I ran away when demon came out of cooldown, gathered most of the champions, whacked them, and then came back to the boss fight, except, this time, my shadow warrior and minor minions focused on the champions, while the Demon baddy was trashing the machines.

They did last substantially longer than other bosses on account of having a massive amount of hitpoints ... still not enough to survive one summoning ... ALL of them combined !! :eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L:

Now running through silver and ... WAABAM!!  ... Instant upgrades of my general skills thanks to updated relics. Now, we're getting in the zones with less than 300 seconds cooldown on demon, though, of course, I am earning very little with each additional point .... No matter, almost level 50 (I intend to pick up tactic lore this time followed by constitution last), and this is the stage where levels are still earned relatively quickly. 

I do have a metric ton of updating my gear though. It is far, far from being optimum, and I need to socket more defense and armor which would simplify a lot of things, but I still lack some armor with sockets, and green, unique items in general, though with time, they will come.

I will focus the most on the garment of mutation on account of having MANY sockets and, combined with bargaining + blacksmith ... yeah ... having an optimum equipement, very possible, just saying. Also, easier to get focused equipment's for specific zones. :) 

Will update later.

PS: I haven't forgotten the idea of making videos. I just want to be a bit more advanced in difficulty levels to see if it still works then (at least gold or platinum ... though it should apparently not take that much time :) )

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dang!! Second death yesterday arrrgghhh!!! :B6nFRAh:

As for the reason, it seems I started working too late on my defenses. Also, I am seeing some mistakes that I've made there. I should have worked on modding grim resilience way sooner. I started upgrading it and .... WABAM! ... just with the regen mod, it works wonders :) It's not perfect in any sense, but it reduces potion consumption just saying :P

Also, I started working too late on adding armor to my sockets and armor, defense and protection in general. Also should have worked on that blacksmith equipment sooner, it seems it upgrades the blacksmiths runes quite nicely :) 

I might also add that I waited too long to upgrade ... well ... ALL my CAS!! I was distracted. And many runes eaten later ... Kablam! ... everything's back to normal monsters/champions/bosses whacking :P 

Anyways, while I am still looking for stuff with more sockets options to further improve my defense because orcs were quite violent there for a moment.

As for my divine devotion ... well ... it's starting to get hardcore there just saying. I am now under something like 270 seconds cooldown for a duration of around 118-119 seconds, not bad :) And the relic are starting to get more and more upgraded at vendors so that's cool. 

Still learning how to handle that big doofus of a demon but it seems that treating shift+click monster to direct minions attacks as a CA with a couple seconds cooldown is the way to go. Also, that 2H swords socketed with +movement speed helps a ton in redirecting the shadow warrior and his troops. 

That death is really frustrating since, so far, it feel like I could have avoided it. Well ... lesson learned. Back to slaughtering waves and waves of monsters!! (using my own monsters of course!! :eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L:

PS: I am working on another build at the same time. I am still testing the concetpt. And the concept itself is ... weird, just saying. So far, I am dubbing it the "Echo Strike" Build. Coming from an inquisitor near your home. It seems to be working so far :P 


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On 10/12/2020 at 5:55 PM, Daedalus said:


As for the videos, I am waiting for another computer. That being said, I might try to use a laptop to act as the one that captures the screen while playing on my main computer. But I want something proper, otherwise the videos will look like crap.


Screenies always are awesome!

Its the sheer pluck of this build that the interest for me

... building in a invoking of such a huge creature that's mad and powerful... who cant get excited

(and whom could possibly eat you ? :lol: )



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I wish I could tell there is pluck into using such a build ... but remember this is Enhanced Edition, where the demon explodes at the end instead of turning against you :D 

And speaking of screenshots and video .... lemme try a recording ... NOW!! I'll tell you how it goes :) 


EDIT: that being said, you're tempting me of trying such a build with the normal 'I am gonna turn against you and kick your ass' version of the demon, when I am finished with my two current builds, my 'twin echo strike' ( a weird name for a weird build), is still in the testing stage, like when I started this one, I am still not sure of its viability.

But to come back on the sakkara 'vanilla' 'turning against you' version, it will another inquisitor .... with a mortifying pillory slapped on the demon for kicks :D (and an abnormal amount of reflect damage of course AHAHAHHAH!!) :) 

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I am an idiot and forgot to record teh video, and, once I recorded it, I then forgot to post it oups! ... let me solve this problem ... now! :D 

This is what I would call a classical "Grunwald rush to Dragon mob Fight" ... basically taking hte portal there and getting to teh red dragon as fast as possible. Ditto for trashing him. 

Enjoy!! I'll add comment on this in another post later :) 


PS: sorry for video quallity, hoping to solve this soon :)



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Seeing someone's own pet daemon go up against a dragon... dang, that is pluck! :viking: 

I was thinking...is this kind of a like a summons build? If you brought a Shadow Warrior this way with his Daemon puppy-dog at this side... could you also add Skeletons to the mix?



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He's running with the skellies, you can see them in green. Then he raises corpses and invokes Sakkara for hirelings. I'm wondering if this build is possible with Original Spells though as I don't run with Alternate Spells.

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19 hours ago, gogoblender said:

Seeing someone's own pet daemon go up against a dragon... dang, that is pluck! :viking: 

I was thinking...is this kind of a like a summons build? If you brought a Shadow Warrior this way with his Daemon puppy-dog at this side... could you also add Skeletons to the mix?




12 hours ago, Androdion said:

He's running with the skellies, you can see them in green. Then he raises corpses and invokes Sakkara for hirelings. I'm wondering if this build is possible with Original Spells though as I don't run with Alternate Spells.

What Androdion said gogoblender, I am running with the skellies on this grunwald's run :) 

That being said, and depending on the region I am in, I tend to switch skellies with the minotaur. For example, in the underground of seraphim isle, I was using the minotaur ... much easier and effective in narrow places!! :) 

The skellies on the other hand, are very useful in open space ... I realized that when going up against the lightning lord. Man, those fen fires are dangerous, same for the swamp demons. But once I brought the skeleton into the mix ... much, much easier :D 

In seraphim island, the exact opposite story was true -> Minotaur wacked a lot of dragonling there :D 

As for your comment gogoblender, yes, it is kind of a summoning build, and I am using what I learned from the few 'classical' summoning build I did in the past to apply it there. 

There is also a kind of having different 'super mode' in this build which increase in order of magnitude:

1) Augmenting guidon

2) Shivering aura

3) Killing spree-Rousing Command

4) last but not least ... SAKKARA DAEMON!!! :eqs5V2L:

Also, the cooldown on divine gift is currently standing at something like 256 seconds for a duration of 118 seconds ... And I am not yet at mastery!!! And those relics (among other things), will start giving more and more divine devotion just saying :eqs5V2L:

Going back to this particular run, part of the pluck if you noticed, is that I activated my sakkara daemon a bit too early at the end. I was getting impatient of whacking the dragon that I summoned the pet to massacre those mobs quicker ... but as you saw, it was still enough to almost entirely melt down his life bar :D 

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12 hours ago, Androdion said:

He's running with the skellies, you can see them in green. Then he raises corpses and invokes Sakkara for hirelings. I'm wondering if this build is possible with Original Spells though as I don't run with Alternate Spells.

It would be different in original as the daemon would turn against you at the end instead of exploding in a mass of bloody gore and goo.

That being said, I am thinking of doing the 'vanilla' equivalent but this time using inquisitor: By using mortifying pillory and something else ... let me just say that I have another build in the testing labs, an inquisitor in Alternate spells, and that it is giving me an idea on how to use the sakkara daemon in vanilla :) 

Of course, the lab rat (me :P ) still need to confirm whether that original inquisitor build can work or not (so far the answer seems to be YES! :D :eqs5V2L:)

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You've got me curious there. I don't think you can Pillory the Sakkara but @Flix could confirm that. What are you thinking, Inexorable Subjugation the rogue Sakkara to death and grab him as a minion again?

I think I've never played a full caster with a Shadow Warrior, so a pure Necromancer build actually seems nice for me to try for a change. I'll have to look into it when I find some spare time, I've still got my HE up and running at the moment so that's where I end up playing whenever I do start the game. :D

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No, more like using mortifying pillori to have the OTHER monsters gang up on him and draw him away from you ... or use mortifying pillori on mobs so that sakkara demon attack THEM instead of you. 

Also, this build would use an inquisitor CA in a way that's probably not standard. (still in the testing phase, haven't played yet today but will definitely have an answer one of these days :D ).

A way that would definitely help in a build using the vanilla version of the sakkara demon, though this one would be insanely risky ... but potentially fun :D :eqs5V2L:

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