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What's the weather like over there?

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8 hours ago, Hooyaah said:

Here in East Texas where I live the ice and snow storm was so severe that it knocked out the power and water for tens of thousands for nearly a week now. My home is still without electricity and has been since last Tuesday morning. I’m only able to post here with my cell phone, it having been charged by my car’s battery. I’m fine, but it was a bit rough when the temperature at night was only 8 degrees Fahrenheit and there was no way to heat my home, as it has no fireplace. I just wanted to check in, y’all.





5 hours ago, Hooyaah said:

Update: Power restored! Finally, I was able to take a shower and get warm. I had a powerful generator, but there was no gasoline available at retailers because of people buying what they could. The grocery stores had empty shelves to boot. Overall, it wasn't as bad as a bivouac during a Saskatoon winter. :JC-tumbleweed:

wow, Steve... Just seeing this now and the realization of you living there has just hit me! I cant believe the kind of work you had to do to keep yourself alive.  I'm actually now looking at the news for Texas... so many impacted and died from the cold... Its not often that members here are in such a state of geographic hit but so happy you have come , shared and posted... and now I read that your power is back on :hugs:  This kind of reminds me of that famous Quebec Ice Storm...I was out of country during that month...but power was knocked out here for weeks during the deadliest ice storm on record and loads of residents had to be moved to emergency shelters.

Thank god for you car battery and resourcefulness!


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Some people are creative.Too bad that you can't search for it without power :(



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We have a wonderful HOT summer. I am very happy, but my Fiance is hating every second of it, and he makes sure everyone knows how unhappy he is. 

Glad you have power again Steve!

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4 hours ago, Delta! said:

We have a wonderful HOT summer. I am very happy, but my Fiance is hating every second of it, and he makes sure everyone knows how unhappy he is. 

Glad you have power again Steve!

Yah Steve... I been reading about the power outages...  dont let them charge you villinaously for the power ! :viking:


alas your SO... awwww  ... time to bake sugar pies! :superman: 



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