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Diablo 2 Fallen v15

Post-Release Hotfix Patch for some post-release issues rel. 6/29/22


Diablo 2 Fallen is a semi-conversion mod for Sacred 2 that transforms the game world, character classes, items, enemies, and many more aspects into those of Diablo 2.

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Please read the following!

  • This mod requires the latest version of the Community Patch (1.60) to be installed beforehand.
  • Do not to have any other mods installed if you're going to play D2F. None. This is a huge mod and compatibility is very limited.  Custom versions of many popular mods are already integrated.
  • The Music Pack is a separate download available HERE.  The music pack is required, otherwise you will experience some regions with no music at all.
  • Leave "commentary" to NEVER in the options menu.  If you don't turn commentary off you will hear a weird mix of vanilla and D2F character voices.
  • Leave "Number of Speakers" to STEREO in the options menu. If you try to use 5.1 audio then the music and many sound effects will not play.
  • The fonts needed for the interface are located in the "pak/fonts" directory of the mod. They are three .ttf files. Right-click each one and select "Install" to install them on your system.

Detailed Install Instructions (New Users):

  • Download the Generic Mod Enabler (GME) and install it to your Sacred 2 root folder.
  • After running the GME once, it will make a folder called "MODS" there.
  • Extract the contents of the D2F .zip file into the "MODS" folder.  There should be four folders: "Diablo 2 Fallen v15", "D2F Inferno Patch", "D2F SuperSpawn, and "D2F Docs." The Docs folder is just for information and is not necessary to play.
  • Extract the D2F music pack contents ("music" folder) into the "pak" folder of the mod.  So the structure will look like: [Diablo 2 Fallen v15/pak/music].
  • Run the GME and enable Diablo 2 Fallen v15. It may take a long time to install. The GME will back up your clean files and will allow to you to easily enable/disable the mod as you wish.
  • -Optional- "Inferno Edition" and/or "SuperSpawn" should be enabled after enabling the main mod. Overwrite warnings are to be expected.  Disable before disabling the main mod.
  • The fonts needed for the interface are located in the "pak/fonts" directory of the mod. They are three .ttf files. Right-click each one and select "Install" to install them on your system.
  • Play with NEW characters only.

Previous Users:

  • Disable the old version of D2F with the GME (important!)
  • Remove the old D2F folder from your "MODS" folder.
  • Place the new "Diablo 2 Fallen v15" folder into the "MODS" folder. Enable as usual.
  • -Optional- "Inferno Edition" and/or "SuperSpawn" should be enabled after enabling the main mod.  Disable before disabling the main mod.
  • Use old characters at your own risk. Legacy characters may have re-rolled bonuses on random items or odd/broken behavior for in-progress quests.

Thanks to:

  • Pesmontis for all his ideas and insight, and helping me import countless new monster and item designs.
  • dimitrius154 for invaluable advice, contributing new models and textures, and coding.
  • Silver Fox for scripting advice, and his work on textures, making new items, god statues, and the Druid's quest.
  • Vampire and desm for making the French version.
  • Wardust for hundreds of ideas on changing textures of the landscape, enemies, and the characters.
  • steinerrr for ideas on how to increase the power and challenge of monsters.
  • Caledor for ideas on adjusting balance, skill effects and the inventory interface.
  • Ysendra for some Daemon textures.
  • Jordan0422 and Tharkun who did testing and provided lots of valuable feedback.
  • Charon117 who made tools for cleaning & optimizing scripts.
  • Lindor for some script-sorting tools and Lua advice.
  • The CM Patch team and all the modders who came before me, made modding tools, and showed me the way.
  • Everyone who played the mod, posted feedback, and gave support. This mod is very much a product of the entire Sacred 2 community at DarkMatters. Thank you!

What's New in Version v15   See changelog



  • All Multiplayer buttons and menus removed in CM Patch have been restored. Please only connect to servers that you trust.
  • All PhysX particles removed in CM Patch 1.60 have been restored and optimized to prevent crashing.
  • AI upscaling has been applied to several low resolution textures, in order to create Elite textures for Ice & Blood, CM Patch, and D2F content.
  • Grass and landscape textures updated for several regions.
  • Replaced 3 of the loading screen artworks. Adjusted all to look better in modern widescreen resolutions.
  • Inferno Edition: Enemy damage and armor scales even higher per difficulty.

[Music & Sound]

  • The music mod is now packaged together with the main D2F mod as it is now required to avoid audio bugs.
  • Combat music is now disabled by default to prevent issues with the new tracks.
  • Combat commentary is now disabled by default to prevent the mixing of D2F and non-D2F player voices.
  • New fan adaptations of Tristram theme added to Main Menu, Ending Credits, Desert Cantina, and Studio 2 Dungeon.
  • Swapped one of the main menu songs (Leoric) with a track from the Wastelands (title theme from vanilla D2).
  • Outer area surrounding the Scorpion Temple now has unique music.
  • Marigold Fields now have unique music.
  • Grunwald Forest has ominous music like the Whisperwood.
  • Nagash's Nest now has Swamp music and background ambiance.
  • DragonSea Islands now use music from Seraphim Isle instead of Orc music.
  • Undead Harbor in Thylysium now has unique music.
  • T-Energy Bog now has menacing music.
  • Crystal Plane dungeons no longer play Xmas music.
  • Island of Many Roads has unique music instead of Crystal Plane music.
  • Urthak's Moxie has new music.

[Quests General]

  • New quest: "Black Mushroom" available from Adria the Witch after completing "Tainted Water Supply."
  • New quest: "Anvil of Fury" available from Griswold in Za'Zuruik.
  • New quest: "Halls of the Blind" available from reading the Book of the Blind in the abandoned house in Urthak's Moxie.
  • Restored vanilla quest: "Attack of the Undead" available by the lake near Clearview.
  • Restored vanilla quest: "Plowshares to Swords" available for Shadow path characters in Orcish Byway.
  • The catalog of books is reorganized. Some texts and formatting are corrected. Two missing books have been restored, one extra book has been added. More books will drop during quests in appropriate places.
  • Standardized some capitalization, spelling, and naming conventions in the game texts.
  • Quests that granted attribute/skill points were unintentionally restricted from Hardcore mode in v14; they are once again available in Hardcore.
  • Several quest items that had been changed into generic books by the CM Patch are now changed back to their original intended items. Some missing icons were also created.
  • Various corrections to quest script formatting & typos.
  • Some quest Orcs and Ogres got Grurag or Ore-Thag designs, where appropriate.

[Quests Specific]

  • Coldcrow and Battlemaid Sarina have swapped places in "Against the Blood Valkyries" and "Lam Essen's Tome."
  • Fixed swapped spiders between "The Metamorphosis" and "The Perfect Green."
  • "Among Orcs" (Light path): Friendly Grurag Orcs are no longer attackable in the battle outside Sloptok.
  • "Among Orcs" (Shadow path): Orc guards should no longer attack friendly Ore-Thag Orcs.
  • "A New Hope": Silmia is now a human instead of elf. Fixed some ill-fitting equipment on militia members. After defeating Beastmaster Trohwall, the player must then fight The Ancients in Crag Rock Valley to complete the quest. The Ancients will no longer spawn until this quest phase. The final reward now includes a 2h Lightsaber.
  • "Attack is the Best Defense": The town battle between Du'Rach and El-Darrag Soldiers now starts correctly.
  • "Bad Sheep": The "Badly Mutated Sheep" are now actually T-Mutants instead of regular sheep. Shepherd Jacob is now a human instead of an elf noble.
  • "Convert Followers": Each nephalem quest now grants a deity-specific book as a reward.
  • Esu's Band quest reward moved from "Convert Followers: Esu" to "Parched Gods: Esu" instead.
  • "Days Gone By": Ambul now properly transforms into a ghost at the appropriate quest stage.
  • "Easter Has Come": Speaking to the Easter Bunny is now required to start the quest to prevent accidental failure.
  • "Food for All": Master Chef has a new unused design. Gives a book on Dryad cooking upon completion.
  • "Help With the Hunt": Will now drop a book on Hunting upon completion.
  • "Hired Assassins": Rewrote and expanded the dialogue and journal entries.
  • "Hunting Fever": The third phase now triggers properly and the player is able to report in to Seraphim Diana in the Crystal Plane.
  • "Illegal Gambling": Book "The Winning Gambler" will now drop during this quest.
  • "Dirty Deal"/"The New Shipment": Prospective Gladiators now stay in Badawi upon the quest's completion.
  • "Manners Maketh Kobold": Fixed only the Barbarian's version of the Harlequin Crest dropping. Removed the duplicate village fool bard. The quest Fool becomes the local bard after quest completion.
  • "Slimy Gobs with Goo": Now gives a book on Orcish cooking on completion.
  • "Smuggler's Courier": Smugglers no longer keep respawning after the appropriate quest stage completion.
  • "Strange Rituals": Quest is overhauled, can now also be played on Shadow Path. Summoners are now a group of cultists instead of common brigands. The summoned demon is now a boss "Lister the Tormentor" instead of a fire elemental.
  • "The Cursed Forest": Magisil reward is now dropped by Khormynth at the very end of the questline, instead of the Abishai.
  • "The Dragon Cult": Ophtanar's guards no longer keep respawning after the appropriate quest completion.
  • "The Dragon Cult": Waton now transforms into a Dragon Berserk boss at the final stage. This battle now takes place on Shadow path as well as Light path.
  • "The Imposter": Failitia now starts out as a normal Paladin before her transformation reveal. Her final form design and abilities are overhauled.
  • "The Legendary Pirate Treasure": Completion now drops better gold and loot rewards, including 3 guaranteed rares.
  • "The Lightning Lord": Player must now talk to the Lightning Lord before combat begins. This should prevent the battle from clashing with the "Quick Help" quest in the nearby village.
  • "The Lost Letter": Emald and Bertha are now humans instead of elves.
  • "The Northland Expedition": Battle Master Gambolt now gives you "A Northland Tale" to read upon your arrival to the island. Reward for completion changed from Braggi's Law to Kal'Dur's Legacy.
  • "The Oldest of the Immortal": Carnach's Scorching Stake now drops correctly on the Light path.
  • "The Thunder Gurgler": Apprentice Abdullah now properly mutates before attacking.
  • "The Unholy Crusade": Quest now has distinct Light and Shadow path versions. Final enemy Udchathak the Beast is now a unique boss-level opponent (uses Duriel's old design).
  • "The Usurer": Hartruin gets a new design.
  • "The Wolf Problem": Herder Gildor now properly transforms before attacking.
  • "Wolves' Furs for Angar": Angar will give you a book on Trapping upon completion.
  • "VIP's of Ancaria" (CM Patch tutorial quest group) now appears in the logbook for Shadow-path characters.


  • Special Mounts selection (non-elite) trimmed from 7 to 4 mounts per character: 3 I&B mounts and 1 non-aspect mount. Names are also all standardized to Fallen Angel names (e.g., Wind Serpent instead of Fay Drake).
  • More opponents and friendly NPC's now use special mounts.
  • Non-elite Special Mounts have their movement speed slowed slightly (still higher than vanilla).
  • Neutral atmospheric animals are now enabled and present for all regions.
  • Enabled various combat yells and grunts for NPCs during combat.
  • Enabled several NPC's to engage in ambient dialogue and gossip. This includes ambient wildlife sounds.
  • Most non-quest D2 NPC's will now have small dialogues and/or vendor functions.
  • Added missing equipment to various Human and Elf NPC's.
  • Corrected and improved various NPC animations and timings. Some NPC's will have all new animations.
  • Fixed various elf, orc, and human models that had flipped polygons.
  • There is now a lizardman horse trader in Neithu'thaz, who sells Unicorns and Flaming Horses.
  • Horse saddle variety has been improved (1 variation increased to 12).
  • Swapped the designs between Tyrael (now in white & gold) and the other male angels (now in purple & gold).
  • Friendly werewolves in Lizurath now use a different design from the generic werewolves.
  • Fixed Blackhammer's hair also being applied to royal archers.


  • Mounted opponents are now able to use special moves (NPC mounts now treated like special mounts instead of horses).
  • All creatures with fur now use the fur shader in appropriate places.
  • Fixed a vanilla script bug that may have been preventing enemy focus & lore skills from functioning.
  • Fixed non-hostile Goblin Boar Riders in the cave east of Ruka.
  • Fixed non-hostile ghosts spawning from graves.
  • Several wild animals (mostly wolves) are no longer incorrectly immune to fear.
  • Several vanilla elites have received new buff spells based on their specialties (tank, archer, mage).
  • The special moves and animations of all bosses and superuniques have been reviewed and improved.
  • Most lone superunique enemies are now accompanied by a pack of minions.
  • New enemy types: "Wild Mounts" based on the Fay Drake, Monitor Lizard, and Sabertooth Tiger.
  • New enemy type: The Doom Caster (floating mage-type enemy that can disrupt CA regeneration).
  • The Countess gets a new design. Her lair is now full of vampire bats instead of rats. She has new "Bloodmaiden" minions.
  • D2F monsters are mostly split off into their own packs instead of being mixed in with vanilla monster packs.
  • All D2F superuniques now have unique designs: The Bloodlord, The Butcher, The Smith, Hephasto, Bonesaw Breaker, Bone Ash, Colenzo, Snapchip Shatter, Icehawk Riftwing, Creeping Feature, Dac Farren, Witchdoctor Endugu, Sszark the Burning, Stormtree.
  • Achmel the Cursed gets a new design and is promoted to boss status, along with new abilities.
  • Asmarael's healing spells are nerfed to a reasonable level, to avoid her insta-healing her entire hitpoint pool.
  • Balrogs (including Ventar and Infector of Souls) got new designs and minions.
  • Banshee ("Monster in a Cave") got a new design. The old design is now used as an elite ghost spawn.
  • Baron DeMordrey ("The Unholy Crusade") is now an elite-rank opponent.
  • Brurag El-Leigh ("Find El Leigh") gets a new design and is promoted to boss status.
  • Cursed Skulls have new designs.
  • Dark Elves: Fixed an issue with the arms where the wrong texture was being applied.
  • Death Maulers (including Eyeback the Unleashed) get new designs.
  • Devilkin and all variants (including Rakanishu and Bishibosh) have new designs.
  • Diaanja's Hellhound has a new design.
  • Diablo is no longer missing animations for Cold Touch and Firestorm. Root spell is now replaced with Bone Prison.
  • Dragons no longer use an attack that pushes back the player, which sometimes caused permanent stun until reload.
  • Dragon "frost" and "magic" fireballs now have separate FX.
  • Dungeon Master Mazzagon has been demoted from boss to elite status, and his bodyguard restored to boss status again. He only has one bodyguard however.
  • Duriel gets a new design. The old model is now used for the demon in "The Unholy Crusade."
  • Elite Maw Fiends got a new design. They can summon a new minion: "Vile Spawn."
  • The Evocator ("Forgotten Valleys") now has a unique design.
  • Facetelleon and Lithos enemies have new hit and death FX.
  • Flying Eyes (except the suicide bombers) now leave behind corpses instead of exploding on death.
  • Forest Guardian: Changed the way he spawns so he should no longer mysteriously go missing.
  • Gar'Colossus and Mist of Miasma: Added some missing special move animations.
  • Ghost Conjurer Equantius ("The Ancestors' Chambers") gets a new design and is promoted to boss status.
  • Hunting Spiders (mutated and elite) can now use their jump attack.
  • Ice Hydra: Somewhat weakened its stats and increased its vulnerability to fire.
  • Inquisition Officers, Blood Dryads, and Envoys of Death: All dual-wield attacks should now cause 2 hits (some animations were missing the attack parameter).
  • Leaping Plants' jump attack once again causes area damage.
  • Lichs: Fixed passive A.I.
  • Lightning Lord: Charged Bolt is replaced with a Lightning Skin buff. All spells now inflict 50% of their former damage values.
  • Lord de Seis ("The Lich") get a new design. His old model goes to Achmel the Cursed.
  • Lord Tanenbaum (Christmas quest) is now boss-class.
  • Moldered Skeleton Archers will now use and prefer their bows instead of 2h swords.
  • Moldered Zombies renamed to "Drowned Carcass" and now have an elite variant.
  • Monkey Demons on Dyr-Lain are now just regular atmospheric monkeys and will not attack.
  • Mutated Skeletons now explode into bones instead of gore on death.
  • Enemy "Blind" spell does not penalize player attack speed as much.
  • Orc Shamans no longer spawn with the equipment of Ogre Champions.
  • Succubi (including Red Vex and Witchmoon) got new designs and more variations.
  • Sabrecats (including elites and Bloodwitch the Wild) received new designs.
  • Small "eastern" dragons are now just atmospheric animals and will not attack.
  • Sorceror Mankaul ("The Ancestor's Chambers") is now boss-class. He has a new design and new Sakkara/Siren minions.
  • Succubus boss ("Dark Rituals") is now "Black Jade" and has a unique design.
  • Swampbelly Toads are no longer missing icons in the Last Opponent window.
  • The Guardian ("Prison of Ice") is now replaced entirely with Frozenstein. The Guardian's old design is now used for Elite Yeti.
  • Vampires all have new weapon sets.
  • Warlord of Blood's lime green glow FX is now blood red. He has a new weapon & shield and armored mount.


  • Player characters' armor models no longer include/override parts of the characters' skin, making D2F compatible with custom skin mods.
  • All drop lists have been reviewed to ensure that all items are dropping properly. Hundreds of items that were mostly/entirely missing will now drop.
  • There are 6 new weapon mini-sets comprising the existing Legendary "unofficial set" items (Charo's, Silithar's, Khral's, Gruma's, Soorn's, Assassin's).
  • Base damage of all weapon classes has been recalibrated so that slow, 2h weapons are able to compete with their faster 1h & dual wield counterparts.
  • Normalized item tiers for all random items, e.g., all magic-tier items of a type will have the same amount of modifiers.
  • Added new models for hundreds of unique & legendary weapons which were formerly clones of magic/rare items.
  • The Redeemer (Legendary 2h Sword) is no longer a Barbarian-exclusive weapon.
  • All instances of player or NPC equipment appearing transparent from one side should now be fixed.
  • All Energy Pistols and 2h Energy Staves now have T-Energy FX, where appropriate.
  • Single Skill item bonuses are reduced to 3x the All Skills value (was over 5x in D2F 14).
  • Damage Conversion to the 4 elements may now spawn on magic-tier gloves, in addition to rares. It may also spawn on Amazon Trophies.
  • Gold-text Life Leeched per Hit (flat values) is restored and now has greater base values than the yellow-text variant. It now exclusively appears on unique/set/legendary tier items.
  • All Mutation sets now grant 4 set bonuses, awarded at 2/4/6/8 pieces equipped, except for the Seraphim who gets the bonuses at 3/5/7/9 pieces. They now begin dropping at level 70, in Gold difficulty or higher.
  • Fixed missing icon for a random magic 1h sword.

[Spells General]

  • All combat art debuffs to opponent armor, attack, and defense should now work properly and no longer apply themselves to the caster instead.
  • Divine Gift: Cleansing now provides instant heal of 100% HP, and the hitpoint regeneration is increased. Initial duration increased from 12s to 15s.
  • Divine Gift: Salvation reflect chance starts much higher and scales better. Initial damage mitigation increased but scales slightly slower.
  • Enemy CA's: Replaced the non-functional "Energy Leech" property with "Energy Annihilation" property, which causes all the player's CA's to go on regeneration when struck. This change only affects the blue lightning strike that several energy-type enemies use, and the Nameless Guardians' nova.
  • Some missing on-hit projectile FX now displays.
  • Cleaned up some unused script parameters and entries in spells.txt.


  • Base skin got some texture tweaks and the default armor was altered slightly.
  • Zeal: bronze mod "Succession" chance for melee double hits now scales with level, and also adds extra projectiles when used with ranged weapons.
  • Blessed Hammer: Bronze mod "Swiftness" changed to "Pummel" (Chance for Double Hits).
  • Holy Freeze has brand new VFX.
  • Niokaste's and Megalcarwen's sets (and their random variants) adjusted to have a more heavily armored symmetrical look.
  • Endijian's Relics armor set has new FX.
  • New weapon/shield set: Endijian's Heirlooms. Design matches Endijian's Relics armor.


  • Dim Vision: has new casting VFX.
  • Lower Resist: has additional VFX on the opponent's body.
  • Bone Spirits have new designs and FX.
  • Raise Skeleton: Initial sword/shield are now ethereal to match the base armor VFX. The sword & shield will become substantial on taking the appropriate modification upgrades.
  • Skeletal Mages no longer use wands. Their basic attacks are now random elemental projectiles fired from both hands. A.I. is enhanced to be more aggressive.
  • Iron and Fire Golems now use their Thorns and Holy Fire auras, respectively.
  • Revive: Yellow pentagram persistent FX is removed.
  • Necromancer class quest now includes a fight with a Paladin in Clearview and concludes with a boss fight against Sophia after recruiting Shirka. Adjusted the desert phase ("Shirka and Keytan") so that duplicates of Shirka and Semil no longer appear. Shirka's Necromancer form ("Shirka in the Wastelands") has new powers/animations and is now immortal.


  • Inferno: Animation timing improved. Range and hits per second are increaseddamage per hit reduced to compensate.
  • Enchant: Gold mod "Wither" was broken therefore it is replaced with "Expansion" (chance to hit multiple opponents).
  • Frost Bolt and Frost Nova have adjusted casting VFX.
  • Shiver Armor, Teleport, and Energy Shield casting VFX adjusted to be blue instead of pink.
  • Glimborin's Hoop is now Sorceress-exclusive and is part of Glimborin's Garments of Mutation set.
  • Sorceress classquest shadow phases "Debt Collector" and "Collecting Desert Weed" will now appear correctly in the logbook.
  • Sorceress classquest now features a new boss (Arachnus Mechanica) in the final phase (Jungle region).


  • Frenzy: "Double Attack" mod now scales with level.
  • Whirlwind: Has improved animations on foot and while mounted on the Hellhound.
  • Leap Attack: Grunting vocal removed because this SFX is also hardcoded for other player and enemy spells.
  • Stun: FX changed from green to yellow to indicate physical damage.
  • Howl: Has new FX similar to earlier versions of the mod.
  • Rare 2-handed Hafted Weapons will no longer spawn with bonuses for other classes. They are now guaranteed to have an extra silver socket on Silver difficulty or higher.
  • Metal shader on Dendaren's Tactical Genius and random variants toned down.
  • Adanis (Barbarian classquest final opponent) is now a boss-level undead named Hadriel and received a complete overhaul.


  • M'avina's Battle Hymn set now drops as intended (armor pieces had been omitted from drop lists).
  • Mormorin's Band is now Amazon-exclusive and is part of Mormorin's Garments of Mutation set.
  • Fixed intense shine on Mormorin's chest armor (and random variants).
  • Delia (Amazon classquest opponent) received a complete visual overhaul and is now a boss-level opponent. Light path is rearranged so that Delia instead of San Holo is the final opponent.


  • Cloak of Shadows: Chance to stay cloaked when using magic or ranged attacks starts lower and scales more slowly. Chance to avoid detection by enemies with Enhanced Perception scales better.
  • Claws of Thunder: "Double Attack" mod now adds extra projectiles when used with ranged weapons.
  • Assassin CA tooltips no longer mention the passive "chance opponents cannot evade" because this modifier was non-functioning.
  • Helmets no longer include the Assassin's head as part of the model.
  • Assassin classquest final phase is now a battle with a T-Energy-powered Assassin boss rather than a message from a hologram.


  • Firestorm: Fixed a transparency issue with the flame VFX.
  • Twister/Tornado: Improved A.I.
  • Hurricane: Disarm chance decreased from 50% to 25%.
  • Cyclone Armor: FX is now bluish white instead of orange.
  • Heart of Wolverine: Summoned spirit has new FX.
  • Aldur's Watchtower set now drops as intended (armor pieces had been omitted from drop lists).
  • New dragonbone armor set: "Mark of the Dragon" themed after the Druid's class quest and focused on dual wielding.
  • Torik's Oath and Draagen's Legacy sets (and their random variants) have new FX.
  • Halgrim's Law has new black dragonscale design.
  • Druid's classquest is restructured and extended with several new phases and battles, including a new mid-quest reward (Aldur's boots).
  • Varmin (Druid classquest boss) received a new design and a dragon mount.
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On 5/18/2018 at 8:04 PM, mystical_fan said:

So, I've downloaded everything needed but I can't find the pak/fonts directory in the mod.  Any suggestions or help?

First--thank you for this mod. It's working great, except....I cannot for the love of darkness or chaos find the font files. The pak folder contains all the other stuff, but not fonts. 
Best regards,


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...and, of course, after hours of bumbling around, I post my question and then figure it out 5 minutes later. For those who might come along later: The font files are in graphics 26--I made a copy, unzipped and transferred the font files and activated them inside the mod. All work like a charm.


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2 hours ago, laird said:

...and, of course, after hours of bumbling around, I post my question and then figure it out 5 minutes later. For those who might come along later: The font files are in graphics 26--I made a copy, unzipped and transferred the font files and activated them inside the mod. All work like a charm.


Sorry, in this latest release I moved everything into zip files in the pak folder. I forgot to update the instructions.

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