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Sacred 2 Portrait Overhaul 1.1

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About This File

Sacred 2 Portrait Overhaul by Flix

This mod is now included in the Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition. If you use that mod, you don't need to download the Portrait Pack from here.


  • Every creature in Sacred 2, whether friendly NPC or enemy, has an icon created for it,  This icon is displayed in various places, such as dialogues, merchant interfaces, the quest log, and the "Last Opponent" window, which serves as a kind of recent Bestiary.
  • In vanilla, these icons are made from 3D renders of the creature in question.  This is a great idea in theory, however these renders are squashed down into tiny 96x96 icons, which means in many cases you can hardly tell what you are looking at.  Even when you can, the models are usually very unappealing to look at in this format.  Most either show the creature very far away or comically close up.  
  • This project aims to revamp all the icons with new artistic ones that are true to the look of the actual models but which also provide the creatures with more character and personality.  This mod includes all NPC's and enemies, as well as the playable characters.
  • What's NOT included: Items and quest-related objects such as monster heads & corpses. Destructible environmental "enemies" such as traps, catapults, barriers, etc. are also not included.  Finally, I decided not include new portraits for Mounts, including Horses and all Special Mounts, as I deemed these portraits quite good already.


  •  Download the Generic Mod Enabler (GME) and install it to your Sacred 2 root folder.
  •  After running the GME once, it will make a folder called "MODS" there.
  •  Extract/copy/move the contents of the zip file into the "MODS" folder. There should be a folder called "Sacred 2 Portrait Overhaul".
  •  Run the GME and enable the mod.  The GME will back up your clean files and will allow to you to easily enable/disable the mod as you wish.


  • This mod should work with any version of Sacred 2, including Fallen Angel, Ice & Blood, or Community Patch 1.60.
  • This mod should be compatible with any other mod, just install Portrait Overhaul last.
  • Any mod that adds new/custom creatures not found in CM 1.60 would still use their old portraits.
  • The Portrait Overhaul contains an xml fix for merchant and runemaster portraits being slightly off-center. This fix is already included in my mods Enhanced Edition and Diablo 2 Fallen, so it is safe to overwrite those mods' files with the Portrait Overhaul.  I don't know of any other mods that use these files.
  • Portrait Overhaul has no effect on save games and can be enabled/disabled at any point.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • Snow Hares have new (white) portrait. Other rabbit portraits rearranged.
  • Snow Leopard portrait whitened.
  • Kobold Wolf Riders were inadvertently omitted in the initial release. They now have portraits.
  • Rearranged a few human portraits and improved contrast. 
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Thank you so much, Ben! I know that you invested countless hours on making this mod just right by including appropriate images which are so well suited for each individual. I am pleased to be one of the first to download this file and see the changes in the game. I have a level 88 High Elf I am playing at Niob right now. I have dozens of other games but I keep coming back home to Sacred 2. It is due to enhancements and improvements just like this one that have been keeping me so enthralled. If you are ever in east Texas let me know. Dinner will be my treat. :hooyaah:

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On 9/8/2020 at 3:52 PM, Daedalus said:

Well done! 

I didn't have much time to play or update my guide recently ... but now I want to play again :lol:

Yes play! And talk to everyone lol.

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On 9/4/2020 at 11:07 PM, Hooyaah said:

I have dozens of other games but I keep coming back home to Sacred 2

It's a mystery for me : many people are talking about how Diablo 2 needs only a cosmetic remastering, for me this game is long outdated(in many aspects) and will never return at my  desktop! Sacred 2 still remains best ARPG all-around, even though I don't like so many things in it, and yet...all new ARPGS have the same fate : installed-some time has passed - uninstalled. So many times I have tried to return into Diablo3, even more times I have tried to like Grim Dawn, I like so much destruction and gore in games and yet it did not "save" martyr in my eyes - what's wrong with modern games, where is a bomb like Diablo 2 was at it's moment of glory...it seems so easy : just invest some money and find talented artists/animators/designers for a project like Chronicon... but, nah, no luck:dntknw:

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2 hours ago, lacr said:

I am just shocked as how can a person be so devoted that he can  spent so many time on such a menial task - to put it briefly, I have simply no words at all! I have run around several merchants, and...guess what, all images are looking like they were originally created by the developers! Amazingly stunning work!:twitch:

You're too kind. And it doesn't feel like work when it's fun!  It's fun to search through all the fantastical artwork that's out there.  And it's fun to create.

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