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Sacred 2 blueprint.txt function overhaul 1.0.9

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About This File

Sacred 2 Blueprint.txt Function Overhaul



  • All items sorted into one separate file for each item 'class' to increase overview
  • Automated bonusgroup generation for items with non-fixed boni
  • Automated bonus color generation from bonus tier
  • No more bonus IDs/bonusgroup IDs. Instead, boni and single-bonus-bonusgroups are called from a unique name: "prefix%type$spez$spez2$basedonskill". You know exactly what bonus/bonusgroup it is with just one look!
  • Does not change the (average) balance of your mod - just transforms it into an more overviewable and easier modifyable state
  • The most powerful file ever created: balance.lua opens up with unique and powerful ways to quickly fit the balance of your mod how you like it in one go!
  • Commentary over all scripts - everything is explained!
  • Comes with an unused/duplicated token finding tool - only works after enabling.
  • Basically never have to edit blueprint.txt again - everything can be done from the modules/modding folder!
  • Automated adjustment of creature.txt's creature bonus intensity balance according to your settings - you can do everything from inside balance.lua / bonusTypeBalance.lua !!
  • Does not adjust spells.txt balance (and won't in the future, because the balance there is somewhat hardcoded and intransparent)



Your mod needs to have included BEFORE enabling:

  •     server/blueprint.txt
  •     server/creatures.txt
  •     shared/itemtypes.txt
  •     shared/spells.txt
  •     shared/typification.txt
  •     JSGME (generic mod enabler)
  • And you must be on windows operating system!
    (For the .exes to not screw up. But after running Disable.exe, your mod is completely Vanilla-style again, ready for upload for all operating systems.)



  • @Flix to answer my one million questions.
  • @dimitrius154 to answer my other million questions.
  • @Schot, @gogoblender and all other supporting members and admins of DarkMatters,org making hosting this file possible!
  • Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, I used his srlua to compile all the standalone .exe files. VERY useful!!!


Discuss here:


Edited by Lindor

What's New in Version 1.0.9   See changelog


fixed an ULTRA WIERD lua issue which came from loading the same module from two different running threads:

Enable.exe loads modules/scripts/Update.lua which loads modules/scripts/gen_IDs_bonus.lua which loads modules/scripts/hardcoded_boni.lua. Then later in the execution, Enable.exe loads hardcoded_boni.lua too.

- at least it should, but not only does Enable.exe not load hardcoded_boni.lua, even worse: it takes the table into which gen_IDs_bonus.lua loaded hardcoded_boni.lua, together with all changes that gen_IDs_bonus.lua does to that table!

The same happened with Update.lua.

This issue has been addressed by creating a temporary copy of hardcoded_boni.lua with a different name for each .exe and loading the module from there (and deleting the copy afterwards).



This is an ultra wierd bug and I think this is a lua compiler bug, not a mistake on my end. Because if that's how it's intended to behave, then well rip because it puts up so many possible undetected bugs when working with modules, I can't underestimate how bad this is.

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