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  1. Cthulhu is suddenly reminded of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Cthulhu doesn't foresee the need to be afraid of this; but it would be both a hindrance and (slight) amusement to see the AI starting fights with things that the player isn't currently interested in fighting (or doesn't want to fight). Cthulhu seems to remember that being a problem in Sacred 2, actually...
  2. You're making me recall the "Star Spawn of Cthulhu" character I threw in the Sacred 2 "Wishing Well" a while ago. Much of the character's CAs were built around making enemies go insane (and exploiting said insanity) or casting weird buffs that made the Star Spawn unleash a huge attack upon dying or playing dead. Oh, and of course... it had some CAs that revolved around eating enemies. For some reason I always found the site of enemies running off and doing stupid crap very amusing. Seems to be a shame there wasn't much utilization of lunacy in Sacred 2 beyond good ol' "fear" and the Inqu
  3. I'd like to see more variety with the quests (in terms of the tasks and rewards). Sacred 2 had some... interesting ideas, but a lot of it came off as "quantity to the EXTREME", and there was not a whole lot of incentive to deal with said quests (for a while anyway; things did get better towards the end, but it still felt poorly executed). One example I can think of right now are the character specific quests. I was disappointed they left them out of Multi-Player and only let you do them in single player. I know that it'd be a "balancing problem" from a rigid standpoint, but it was fun to r
  4. More MMO glut... no thanks. I appreciated Sacred 2 for its simple approach, since it came out in a time when too many MMORPGs began to choke the market. It seems now, many of those said MMORPGs are either kicking the bucket or flailing to keep up with more established games. Still, even now, there's more room for a Sacred 3 that'd cater to the same audience as 1 and 2, without having to try and be a huge "enterprise" of some sort.
  5. Hmm... if the Inquisitor makes a come back, I will definitely give it the play time it deserves. However, I probably will end up getting it, regardless of which characters are available. And another greeting from SOTW.
  6. @Colif I do not have Blood and Ice, alas no comment on Ravok's. I think they're supposed to look like Sauron from LOTR, but there is another Inquisitor helmet that looks even more like Sauron's than the one for that set. But now that you mention it good sir, I think I see the resemblance to the Black Knight from Monty Python. That pathetic fighter had the same ... what would you call it .... a "bucket" shaped helmet. Quite amusing, wouldn't you say? @ -NoMan- In order to make them drop, you will need to find the blueprint IDs for the T-Energy items; I believe there is alre
  7. I don't have the heart to get B&I. After having gone through 2.3x-2.4x and all of Ascaron & Deep Silver's vacillating balance changes, I don't want to put up with the mercurial nature of B&I and its upcoming patch.
  8. Sadly... There are no "secret" set bonuses hidden within the non-set items. You can verify this for yourself if you study the bottom of the blueprints.txt script. The bottom fo the blueprints.txt script has the section for all of the set item bonuses. Within each bonus, the set items are listed by their integer numeric code, separated by comas. You can highlight any one of them and then search for it and typically type find the the item that belongs to the set within the first search (I suggest searching upwards, if you're using Windows notepad). For what it is worth, you can make
  9. Haven't you always wondered if the lesser potion dry spell between level 40 and 60 is really a bug? What makes me say this... because I always found it weird how between 40 and 60, you start getting lots of regular healing potions while all of the lesser potions become extremely scarce. Or maybe it was all just a result of Heiko having a strange rationale after a long night with a hallucinogenic substance....
  10. Boy, am I glad I deleted all of my Closed.Net characters back when I officially got tired of playing Sacred 2. At least I can enjoy a Dragon Mage without having to waste 5+ hours fooling around with my shared stash. But for the rest who don't care for having their jewelery being messed up and feeling like the game's not being made any better in return - I understand where you are coming from.
  11. Awwwww, seeing Frank and Peter (Kullgard) in that video made me giggle. Glad to see Lars Hammer made it into the video as well. Sigh, they looked like such a swell bunch. At least they looked like they were taking it the best that they possibly could. It's a shame, but as the German phrase goes - Nichts dauert ewig.
  12. ::sniffles:: First Carolyne and now everyone else as well as you too Anca. This is a sad day... but hopefully - as you pointed out Anca - it will not be the last time we see each other. Abschied Anica, mit Gottlieben, alles Gute. Viel Erfolg!
  13. Inexorable Subjugation is a tribute to Darth Vader's force choke... and besides that, you can use it on the last bosses and keep any of them frozen as long as you're able to keep laying IS on them without letting your regen-times get in the way. I've noticed however a small bug that you can use to get yourself to move again while I.S. is still in place... but it's only on the PC version (to my knowledge). If you start clicking the mouse really fast right after you apply it, you should be able to start attacking while the spell is still activated. It's a good way to unload Fanaticism on th
  14. I think I should update this. I'm glad it's been getting some use
  15. Wow... I never saw this topic! Lars, if you ever happen to stop by again, I had a few (silly) sound related questions, 1. Is it just me, or does the Inquisitor start making a sound similar to Darth Vader's breathing noises when he wears one of the Blood Poison/Ilgard helmets? I'm pretty sure I am not confusing the sound with Soul Reaver/Seelen Faenger's sound effect. 2. Do you know if the expansion will be making use of the un-used voice recordings that were made for the game? Specifically, I mean there are some recordings called "region_pacified" and also a few story-dialogue s
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