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  1. Hey gang, 6th grandchild (5th granddaughter) made her appearance this morning at 2:01 am central time. 6lbs 2oz of bouncing baby girl. Her name is Abigail Snow. She is my sons 4th daughter (boy is he in for it when they all get older)lol. I hope the Army has some training for him to help him thru the teenage years as they will all be in them together his other daughters are Diedra Skye 5 in June, Alexis Raine 4 in October, Ravenn Storme just turned 2 the 7th of this month and now the new girl. This is the only grandchild that I have missed watching come into the world. He is stationed in UpSt
  2. Congrats to you and your wife on the beautiful new member to your family.
  3. Ok I fell for the posts ..... WOW I didn't sign into the website for the first post either but I did watch the other 2 The one about the siamese twins was strange and then the one about the cat was just gruesome....... sheesh...... twisted... Stargazer
  4. Darkish Blonde here with "white" highlights....lol. Starting to go grey hence the "white" highlights. Merry Christmas to all! Stargazer
  5. Sounds Yummy.....please share the recipe Borg. Hubby aka Moonwatcher always smokes atleast 1 turkey breast and 1 full turkey for our family Thanksgiving dinner. I also cook 1 full Turkey in the ole oven for the dinner to get all the lovely juices for giblet gravy and the stuffing. I don't have the patience that hubby has to keep up with the smoker....lol. He will get up and going about 2 in the morning and get the coals hot we have a double smoker/grill he builds the fire in the smaller "firebox" area and adds water soaked hickory or mesquite wood chips to the coals while cooking. Can bearl
  6. So sorry for your loss. Hope it wasn't do to vet error. The young one might have had something unknown wrong with it. Stargazer
  7. Just got done with supper, we had Pancakes, Sausage patties and Scrambled eggs. LOL I know sometimes we are strange and have breakfast food for supper. Tomorrow we are going to have Chili. Stargazer
  8. Hey you 3 congrats and welcome to the FUN. Moonwatcher and I don't have sacred 2 yet but hoping to get it soon so we can join in the fun too stargazer
  9. Hi All. This new contest sounds fun, atleast I am in here daily now just to see if I am the lucky "1" for the day....lol stargazer
  10. Hey all. Just stopped in to see what's new and to say hi and WOW ....love the new skin. Grats BHJ stargazer
  11. Sorry to hear of your loss Obsession, but as others have said.... things will get better, just take your time. Stargazer
  12. ok you are all making me hungrier..... Sitting here waiting on the Pizza delivery boy. Deep dish crust supreme for me and a Thin crust Canadian Bacon, Mushroom, Jalepeno for moonwatcher
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