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  1. vastness of space ->Light-pollution Living away from the city there is no light pollution preventing watching the milky-way. We have two spectives and one telescope with adapters for smartphone or camera. Spectives are really nice for digiscoping: adapting a smartphone to it to shoot photos of animals.
  2. knock-out -> corrupt Whenever there is money involved there is corruption. Axel Schulz was way better than Foreman but money interests made Foreman the winner. Foreman refused a refight. Then Schulz was fighting Botha. Botha was winning but he was proved to be doped with high antipain drugs. Again Schulz wasn't declared the winner. Was this time when I decided to never watch a box match again.
  3. Halley's comet -> Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet Hate to be militaristic. But our bunkers at work were planed for Enzian surface-air missiles. The Enzian was based on the Me163 which was world fastest plane in 1944.
  4. Potatoes in the skin with Quark spiced with young herbs... Sunday was a exhibition of vintage cars and tractors at the museum for farm stuff in Wetzlar. They had the big potatoe oven running which was used to boil potatoes for pigs. Sometimes it are the easy things which taste best. Because of my whiplash, none of my tractors there. Planed to appear with my vintage MB-Trac used for forest work.
  5. Monday evening: Black sky, hail as big as golf balls, rivelets flooded in half an hour, ... my cousine had flooded cellars while our family was sitting on the veranda watching the nearby spectacle in bright sunshine. Was a bit frustrating to see the girls putting our water pumps on the Unimog and driving there while I was forced to do dispatcher at firefighter telephon because of my stupid whiplash. Insurances and laws...
  6. brothers grimm > Look Who's Back Lincoln hunting Zombies, Grimm's witches,.. There are many movies about historical persons doing strange things. There is even a parody about Adolf Hitler waking up in 2014 modern germany. He can't agree with what he sees and tries to change it but most people consider him as a standup comedian with a bit of truth in what he says.
  7. Gerund -> Brother Grimm Understanding a gerund is impossible. We had gerundium and gerundivum at latin classes. In German there is no direct equivalent. Jakob Grimm tried to define a gerundium in German. While researching for their dictionary of the german language they collected fairytales
  8. yee haah -> sayings 'Mal Hü und mal hott' has the meaning of 'to blow hot and cold'It means giving confusing commands to an horse. Our horses used to move trunks are trained to; Brrr = stop Hoaa = forward Hü = left Hott = right So the saying is that you shouldn't command a horse moving a trunk with quick following hü and hott confusing the horse. In a not horse related way: don't change your opinion everytime.
  9. Tomorrow -> car The control test after three days wasn't showing anything new. Recovering is fine. Company car is beyond repair. Tomorrow I will spend the time at a car configurator. Electro seems still a bit too early. I need 600+ km range with 500+kg load at a speed of 180+km/h. I have to transport prototype tools to customers and the tools are heavy. The 180+km/h because with this speed I can do test install and with problems I can drive back with the tool same day. The advantage of the diesel beast was that it had customized brakes and strengthened frame for the load.
  10. Milton -> Whiplash Monday at hospital because the car behind me was old and had way weaker brakes than my company car with its ceramic brakes. I was forced into an emergency braking at 120km/h when the car on the right lane before me with a trailer was hit by side winds on a high valley bridge. And all I got at hospital was tea. Milton is a tea brand here. But I think they had Teekanne at hospital. One week not allowed to work but to relax at home. p.s.: Luckily I had a headrest installed fitting for my size. I managed to stop 10 metres before the sliding car with a family. The company car's inner frame is massive damaged. Think company will write it off.
  11. Dr Strange -> Doktor Faustus and Mephistoteles Goethe's masterpiece Faust is based on the historical Doktor Faustus. Born in Wetzlar and Goethe being there as an apprentice at germany's highest court - we had a lot of Goethe at school. Better make this when our family was again in Wetzlar for some weeks I had to read all the stuff the classmates read in a year in 3 weeks...
  12. linus blanket -> Kolter Hessian slang for something like it.
  13. At our glider club we have someone who is responsible for packing the chutes. But we normally do an extra check ourself. Plan_9-> RTLinux There is actually an operating system based on UNIX and also by BellLabs called Plan9. It has many eastereggs from this movie and others. No operating system for me at work. I have to use real time operating systems. If a sensor says it is to hot or too much static, the triggers for the explosives should be powered off. Just imagine windows decides to do updates and other background loading while a sensor needs interaction in microseconds..
  14. oops -> plan B If Plan A goes oops it's always good to have a plan B. OOPS is a company which sells reserve parachutes, you know when plan A, the main chute; isn't opening. 51 times leaving helicopters or planes without landing. 23 with a parachute, 15 of them free fall. Allways planed and never an oops. If you can calculate that makes 28 jumps from helicopters into the north or baltic sea as basic training for rescue diving.
  15. purple -> imposex Purple snails are predators. They use a sedation chemical. This chemical reacts to oxygen and makes the purple stuff. The snails are again endangered because of a ship paint which causes female snails to turn male. females turning male... Jurassic park's biggest mistake I remember
  16. Fancy -> Prince The dad of a prince often owns a fancy castle. But there is another Prince who eats his dinners in fancy restaurants ...
  17. Misty Mountains -> Braunfels Castle Out of fuel, no sight of the airport near the castle, curse the fog, HELP!!! Wait I am flying a glider
  18. Hänsel und Gretel -> Brockengespenst / Brocken spectre In german mythology witches meet at the Brocken at Walburgis-night. The Brocken is the highest mountain in northern Germany. It is a lonely top with high wind speeds and very cold. We had a search and rescue there when I was at army. Tourists visited the top at storm and got lost. The Brockengespenst is nowadays known as being the shadow of the watcher on foggy foreground with the sun in the back.
  19. taught -> Hänschen Was Hänschen nicht lernt, lernt Hans nimmermehr. What little/young Hans isn't learning will Hans never learn. english saying; you can't teach new tricks to old dogs
  20. inchworm -> gymnastics Gymnastics at school was and is feard in our family. Being tall is very contraproductive to fast rotations. Too much body mass is far away from centre of gravity. But swimming, high jump, javelin or discus throwing,... long arms and legs are very welcome. doing an inchworm exercise
  21. chocolade -> caterpillar Our oldest opened a bar of chocolade with fruit pieces when she was 5. Below the package were caterpillars. 3 years of no chocolade eating. But never in danger of overweight because of that too. The chocolade company excused with 5kilo chocolade. But all was eaten by the cousins of my daughter.
  22. egg -> nest-egg Once we had to keep our hens in the barn while quarantine because of bird-flu in the district. They were laying their eggs everywhere so we started to use nest-eggs, And no, in German Nestei/nest-egg hasn't the second meaning in money business. Many uses: making a location the hens should lay their eggs or birth control: exchange some real eggs with nest-eggs to have less chicks or stop egg picking: some hens lay eggs into a nest not their own. they have the bad habit to pick into eggs already in the nest to better spread their own genes. They stop aftersome tries with hard nest-eggs. or ... Living in a town must be so much easier.
  23. bear-garlic: the taste of garlic but with way less bad smell from mouth and hide. With the new bio-hype you can find Bärlauch/beargarlic even in european(?) town markets
  24. I think most people are used to the spicing of their youth. In my case local herbs depending on searson. Currently it is the season for wild bear-garlic. Of cause you can buy potatoe chips with bear-garlic spice: But with our new indoor garden we can try with fresh bear-garlic all the year: Marinade bear-garlic leaves with some oil in the marinade. then dry the leaves in the oven. The trick is to make the leaves dry and cross while the aetheric oils go into the thin layer of oil which covers the leaves. Remember some vitamins need oil. Another way is dusting the leaves and frying them, more tasty but not so healthy, Bärlauch - beargarlic- Leaves covered with mix of spiced flour, eggs and parmesan. Then fried:
  25. 80's -> Neue Deutsche Welle Begin of the 80ties cheap synthesizers allowed bands to experiment with electronic music. Many german bands were going away from singing english but in german to bring emotions better to listeners. NDW would translate as german new wave and had bands like Trio, Nena, DÖF, Peter Schilling, .. For me as someone who had never english at school it was a nice change and just in time when I visited a dancing school for school ball. This was first a NDW song, see second video
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