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  1. Stormy. Holes in the clouds. In them we can watch shains of cranes in the sun returning from Africa. So my personal weather predict: spring is near.
  2. pigman -> The Swineherd With 5 kids you know most of the fairy tales
  3. pasta -> Schupfnudel noodle mainly from potato. I like them roasted with sauerkraut and bacon, wife was used to eat them with sugar and jelly. Grewing up in different regions
  4. pomelo -> mespilus germanica One of the few fruits you can harvest in german winter and are vitamin bombs.
  5. flush -> Hypothalamus responsible for heat reception and hot flush
  6. Pizza Can't beat a good warm selfmade Zwiebelkuchen (onion cake). Carneval tuesday I do them with yeast dough, sour cream, bacon, sour cream cheese, bear garlic, caraway and of cause onions. Add selfmade wine from sour apples and sorb tree fruits. Picture from a cooking site. I do them on BIG plates.
  7. Marquis de Sade -> madhouse He wrote many of his stories while I jail or in a madhouse.
  8. Robert Galbraith -> Tiger Had to write a semester work in literature about Tucholsky and a play at the school theatre: A party with some friended families - till a kid aks what is the reason for the holes in cheese. Familes starting a more and more overheating discussion close to open war. And it ends with the kid raising its arms to the sky: Lord, do you know why are there holes in the cheese,
  9. xenophobia -> feather duster There was a time when xenos meant not only stranger or enemy but also guest. So Xenophobia could be the fear that guests (parents in law) could consider yout house dirty. So befor they visit you do a total cleaning of the house. Luckily our house has a sign at the entrance: Our home is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy!
  10. Mom has birthday and my older sister is on visit in Germany. She always said that at her first life concert with Foreigner, Saga and Meatloaf Meatloaf did a strange stage show. The zipper of his trousers got damaged and one of the female singer and himself were trying to fix it with silk scarfs. She also said he nearly collapsed and needed oxygen, being drunk or a collapse never was told. The official international TV coverage I knew was censored and showing the band while the scarf affair, the german one had it.
  11. The Black Ghosts - Full Moon Meatloaf -> Hot Summer Night Full moon is when the wolves with the red roses are on the hunt.
  12. Think it were the Muppets Mi mi mi mi mi mi miiiiii... -> noise cancelling headphones Our third visits an art school specialized Zither and instrument building. On the same floor are 4 students in opera...
  13. Price Pfister > Hansgrohe One of their products is Bora. It is a kitchen air filter build into the oven. Advantage is that there is nothing above the pots or your head. Also a german professional cycling team is named after it.
  14. futurist and prolific genius -> Artur Fischer Probably the inventor who had the most impact on my life. Best known the wall plug (near weekly use), metal implants after bone fractures (being a goalie was dangerous), synchronized flash for cameras (all these family photos), and .... most important for me fischertechnik which allowed kids to build nice technical stuff, way better than LEGO. a plotter / scanner I had it on an Applie IIGS to plot math formulas for school pneumatics
  15. superman --> Philipp Reis Sadly died too early 150 years ago aged 40. He invented an early telephon and created its name. Died before he could do refinements Bell knew his work Much like the first motorized flight in 1901 by Weißkopf. If money (Wright company) is involved history is rewritten.
  16. Nice Never had the luck(?) myself to design the interior of a house. Old beast was build before there were any norms and is under cultural heritage. So we normally repair the perfect fitting old furniture. Only the kids rooms are new. Were former cow stalls.
  17. Most snow gone, but ice skating still possible. First green from tulips breaking the ground.
  18. Heard this from friends who have corn snakes too. The eggs are called Wachseier, because they look like way if not fertilized. The local colubrid - the smooth snake - gives birth to small baby snakes not laying eggs. awesome -> judge Had a slave who was forced to do 600 hours community work because of damaging a public building while driving drunk. Main usage was to keep tourists on the walking paths, forcing them to keep dogs on a rope, no bicycles, ... Snakes lay in the sun. But the best sun is on the roads. Bikers are too fastto identify them as snakes and not twigs. The number of ground breeding birds and snakes increased significantly while being guarded. @gogo: no. last time we did thatching was the barn 30 years ago. The roof is still okay.
  19. reed richards -> thatching Covering the roof with water reed.
  20. personifications -> troll People with fantasy can see trolls everywhere. Sadly they turned to stone when the sun came. There are even warning signs
  21. consonant -> Grimm's Law Brothers Grimm not only collected fairytales- they also researched how language changed For example b or poften changed to f or v. German Rabe -> english raven, Weib -> wife, Leben -> life, haben -> to have, .
  22. cosmic -> Planck Cosmic microwave background, radiation from short after the big bang
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