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  1. pills -> grapefruit There is some food which can negate or multiply the effect of pills. For example grapefruits negate some of the hormone based antibaby pills.
  2. App Store -> John's Phone No Apps, not smart, ... Oldest has one and she says she saves hours a day. Time she could use for her kids.
  3. Work-hands... Germany has still some apprentices in carpentry who do journeyman years. We call it being auf der Walz. I don't know if Americans know where Australia is. It is the very small stripe which marks the border between Austria and Italia The australian song 'Waltzing Matilda' is related to Walz, traveling workers who move from town to town in hope for work or to learn. The historical person the song is based on has roots in Germany. I think the song is more liked than the national anthem. Watching the video and everyone sings it... We normally have 2-5 traveling workers dressed as in old times in a year for some weeks - learning how wooden patchwork was done in our region and which tools were used. The tree is old tradition when the wooden parts of the roof are done. We call it Richtfest (topping out) Maskerade as one of them and you are welcome As a student and university cafeteria closed at weekends we did it the quick way at our student home which had one kitchen for 8 people on a floor: Bag of instant base bolognese, adding the roasted meat, heating some spaghetti... Some weeks later we agreed to fresh extra tomato Some weeks more: putting Grünkorn in the sauce for more fibres and minerals (fear sharing a floor with a student in Ecotrophology) Final step was to only use fresh stuff, even the full grain(!) noodles were hand made - the student in ecotrophology was real hot and the boys on the floor couldn't say no. Working hand in hand with 8 people from 4 countries , was quick with a lot of joking and exchanging recipes from different places. After 4 years everyone of us would have been able to earn his/her money with cooking. Well the ecotrophology-ess actually actually works in a laboratory, testing food from restaurants for bacteria and such. No longer these bags...
  4. muppets -> Moped Moped in german law meant that you should be able to drive it like a bicycle if the engine failed. Car license only when 18, so a Moped with 16 was the first thing for mobility for kids in countryside here. The low speed of 48km/h resulted in nearly everyone having one had it tuned. Mine was running 90+ and I never had a police control Sadly a cousin crashed with it when I was at army... But it looked like this: quite big tank to reach my then GF and a two seater of cause.
  5. Phil Collins -> Ron Bushy It is somehow strange: I know the most drummers from bands. But if someone would ask me what is the best drum solo - I had to look up the name of the drummer.
  6. Spaghetti Bolognese is a thing which can be easily done in large amounts in a field kitchen. We sometimes mix Grünkern into the sauce. So it is more sauce than tagliatelle noodles (we use them at family dinner, field kitchen it are the cheaper spaghetti) on the table. Grünkern can replace rice if having problems with sugar. German chefkoch.de has a lot of german recipes and pictures. I normally take the recipes just as an inspiration and use stuff we have in garden (bear garlic instead garlic for example) or can make ourself. See the 'corn' in the sauce? Grünkern is full of minerals and proteins and healthier than rice. This way the sauce satiates more and less noodles are needed to fight the hunger. We did 20 pounds of Grünkern last year. Using the remaining heat of the baking house for drying. The spelt was harvested the old way with sickles to show schoolclasses how it was done in earlier times. Old people had a lot of fun doing it so it was a win-win.
  7. We had massive wet snowfall snowfall. Was a chainsaw day for us firefighters to free the secondary roads from fallen trees.
  8. Star Trek elite force 2... BEST GAME EVER -> The Patrician Ascaron video game from 1992 Build ships, trade, fortify your hometown,... Forget all I said, I played a pirate and robbed all I needed
  9. treacle -> three-axle Rarely in towns, but heavy terrain countryside: three-axle Unimog's at firefighters.
  10. One of our hens got a broken leg. Slaughtered to end the pain and put it in the fridge last week. Today Pearl barley, near raw Sauerkraut, sour cream (Schmand), leek, carrots, onions, garlic, chicken stripes, cheese... all put into the field kitchen at firefighters and everyone from village came for his share ... Don't ask me what exactly I was mixing together, I added stuff till all tasted good and then 1st march 2023 nearly all covid restriction removed today (at least in our state) and time for a village party Was anounced as spaghetti bolognese party, but a hot 'chicken and barley soup' was way better at this cold.
  11. Star clear and therefor ice cold nights. And: polar lights. This is the advantage of living on a forest hill away from towns. No light polution as in towns. We were probably the most southern area in Germany with the luck to see the polar lights.
  12. You can learn from boars. They dig a potatoe field, but for worms not potatoes too close to the surface. New potatoe variants contain far less solanine than the ones from 50 years ago. In war time at a diet mainly from potatoe solanine poisoning was quite common, even if they were not green. We store our potatoes in a clay cellar 4 metres below surface at constant temperature at around 9C and no light. Even when older than a year: (in old times only at misharvests) the potatoe variants specially chosen for long time storage don't produce much extra solanine in storage. Fast growing variants which are harvested 3 times a year produce solanine even if not in the sun or damaged. We don't throw green potatoes away, we store them and use them as seed potato.
  13. Uriah Heep -> cover I like the gregorian chant version of the song. And it is even way better if you have the luck to listen to Gergorians live.
  14. You don't buy a house for yourself. We didn't buy one till our second was on her way. At our oldest we were still at university. You buy a house for the kids, a garden, nature and fresh air, dogs, ... Later -when the kids are out of house- it will be a place where all meet from time to time - hopefully. But with an own house on countryside you can do alot of jokes town life: small dogs and big rats hunting them, omg missed the bus and it will take 10 minutes till the next bus village life: big dogs and small cute rodents, you never miss a bus because you can hear the only bus from 3 villages away.
  15. An own house is actually a big real life project. If you think you did the most - laws will change and better isolation, more modern heating and whatever are demanded. And with an house under cultural heritage this will result in lots and lots of paperwork with different authorities. Germany is a third world country in this, they all rely on paper which has to be done by the owner instead going digital and exchange the data from authority to authority. No, they are old school and send a paper demand to the owner as it was done 250 years ago when our house got its nowadays shape. The CPM robot was more a whole family project, my own contribution was a single saturday morning at work for the cutting and adapting old stepping engines to a Raspberry Pi interface.The Raspberry was used in science classes at the schools of my kids. So our oldest and her husband did the user interface. The movement limits data was calculated by our second who is in orthopedics, my brother as an engineer did the savety certification, ... The project was cut in pieces and each piece done by another person.
  16. I had a dislocated shoulder several time 12-20 years ago. A surgery solved this. For the several rehabs I got my own shoulder-chair, a CPM machine, continous passive motion robot. Mom fell short before x-mas as I posted somewhere else. Needed an implant for her upper leg and the humerus is now a big mess of plates and screws. The rehab has one CPM but several people needing it. So she can use it only 2 times a day each 15 minutes. The docs, med students, nurses in my family said that she need way more time with the CPM. We looked after my CPM stored in the barn: still working but a way too big. I shortened the metal arm with a laser cutter at work, calibrated the engines and re-wrote the software together with our second who studies orthepedics and arteficial limbs. My wife did a plastic model of the arm of my mom and a 3D printer did a soft perfect fitting cover of the metal arm. Our oldest and her husband worked on a programmable control for the shoulder-chair: now including controlling of TV, radio, sun covers of windows, ... All in all took 4 days and she needs it for at least two more month.
  17. Think I may have tried Buttermilch. Short roasting the stripes and then herbs and buttermilk added and short boiled. The milk bacteria may have softened it. Another way would be marinading first
  18. Nope, bees are peaceful. I have some hives The novel 'The swarm' was number one for best selling books in germany for 8 month and in top 10 for several years. It is about a very intelligent neural network of swarm building deep sea amoebia. They see their life in danger and plan to remove the humans from the earth. They mind control maritime worms to dig holes in methan stone creating mega tsunamis, mind controlled orcas attack fisher boats , land crabs attack humans spreading diseases, billions of shells attaching to the bottoms of tankers and containerships, their weight make them sink, ... Short a multilevel attack on menkind
  19. Living mid in a forest... What is Netflix? Most time we watch TV is at heavy rain storms and then the radio antenna for internet is shaking. But not the half ton satellite receiver. Next I want to watch on Free-tv: Der Schwarm / The Swarm was a fantastic book and now it is as a 4 episode mini series,
  20. Courage -> play School theatre did it when we were 16. I was one of the freaks managing the light and sound.
  21. 80's -> Ramstein air show disaster Three weeks ago it was as a learning scenario at regional disaster control meeting. Many could have survived if the medics would have been civil and not military. Military medics were trained to first bring wounded away and in savety and treat later. German firefighters tried to build a local collection place for treatment but weren't allowed because Ramstein is US garnison. The good thing at Ramstein was that it showed that international disaster standards were needed. From Wiki Doctor on emergency call over the radio: "We are searching for burnt patients that are pulled and transported unaided away from us by the Americans. They told us nobody from them are here no more. Not all the injured people are transported away by helicopter or ambulance. There is total chaos around us and some of the injured are even transported on pickup trucks that are not leaving on emergency exit, they are driving beside the drifting visitors. It was a terrible sight to see people with burnt clothes and sagging burnt skin, squirming with pain of transfixed and shocked with pain[clarification needed] on these vehicles."
  22. gold -> Spandau Ballet The Spandau was a machine gun in WW1. Sometimes dead soldiers trapped in barbed wire were hit again and again by machine gun salvos. The corpses jumped up and down from the impacts but still being trapped in the wire. This movement was called Spandau ballet. The band probably didn't knew this macabre meaning whwn they visited Berlin and read the name on a wall. They did good songs however. My grandgrandpa worked at August Euler, building and later flytesting planes before they were send to the front. Euler patented a plane with a spandau machine gun as early as 1910. Grandgrandpa founded the local glider club. This is why our family gets lcenses real cheap.
  23. Me too I have 3 tuba and 4 horns brass -> silver wedding Will have it this year. In Germany 45 years married is called Messinghochzeit (brass wedding). In english speaking countries it is sapphire wedding. But brass is so much more robust than sapphire and cheaper. Money can be saved for the golden one
  24. horns -> Halali Greeting between two hunters, also the horn signal at the end of a hunt. To get a hunting license in germany you have to know all huntings signals played with the hunting horns.
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