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  1. The best birthday gift I got year back at my birthday just before x-mas. The twins should have been born 24/25 dec, My birthday is just a few days earlier and we had whole family around and planed to visit the hospital the next day because of countryside is a bit away from hospital and snow predicted. At 10pm she said oh, oh and we drove to hospital. Arriving at 11pm, son 23:54 daughter 00:13. So we got used to do no last minute x-mas shopping. All gifts are bought weeks before our trible birthday. We enjoy the x-mas markets but avoid overfull shopping malls. 5000 people town Braunfels (my older sister was born not far from this place) with the marketplace before the castle. Glühwein (mulled wine), Bratwurst, ... Next weekend we will visit the market at Wetzlar and visit my brother. I spend my first 5 years at Wetzlar as a kid. Just follow the road right from the x-mas tree and 5 houses away. My mom's house and now my brother lives there. So much patchwork houses in my childhood. No wonder I live in one now.
  2. family games -> dining room table Biggest table in house. Made by grandgrandpa from massive oak. 90 years old. 240cm*120cm. A friend offered 4000€ for it for a furniture museum. But too much family memories to even consider it. Grandgrandpa died when I was 2, my older sister remembers him. He was a Meistertischler (trained carpenter, furniture maker who is allowed to teach apprentices) He did his first apprentice year at an airplane company. He got a flying license when he was 16 in WW1. He had to final test fly before a plane left factory to be send to frontier. All his requests to become a fighter pilot were luckily denied- age and test flying to detect assembling failures more important. Average survival time were 11 hours combat flying then. What a luck he was too young. I would have missed me when not born.
  3. weed -> Teekesselchen A game where you have to guess the word with a double meaning, like Tor: 1. door, 2. goal at sport, 3. a fool = me I was not considering about weed has more than one meaning. The one I meant two posts ago "A weed is a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation, growing where it conflicts with human preferences, needs, or goals" And this weed burner removes it from the garden by using a hot gas flame "weed is slang for cannabis" This weed burner uses cannabis based liquid in an e-cigarette
  4. too hot -> weed burner It will either kill the whole life in gras, or destroy surroundings, or kill you because adding to global warming. I prefer a weed spade. At this time of the year it can be used to harvest wild horseradish. Just don't dig the whole root. The remains will build a new plant.
  5. if you play ice and blood without second party patch: a magic staff dryad with darting assault hit EVERYTHING in shooting range with a weapon attack. See:
  6. My daughter (studying at a special highschool for music and instrument design) visits me for a week at work. I prepared, explaining the explosive welding, savety rules and all this. But then she saw the apprentices at the training room and away she was. She did a lot of asking (and flirting) and then she asked if she would be allowed to use the laser cutter, hydraulic hammer, presses, ... Her first 'product' was a steel tongue drum in one afternoon. Now she asked if she could use two apprentices for another project. Instead doing training exercises they could do something useful. I have to say her motivating skills seem to be better than mine. They help her without being forced to training work on her handpan project. Somehow they didn't listen to me when I taught them calculating normal modes for our wing parts. But they read books to help my daughter with her instrument.
  7. Decembre 5th evening_ Depending on place kids place their boots in front of the house door or use plates on the desk if they live in a place without them. Morning decembre the 6th there will ne small presents. The kids song for decembre 5th while waiting for Nikolaus: Lasst uns froh und munter sein We replace plates by boots when singing.
  8. Read the book before being drafted. Took me 20 years to see the movie. Grenouille -> eel The european eel has the best smelling sense of all animals. Grandpa showed me as a kid how to prepare it. Never have its blood on your skin, paralyzing poison. Now it is endangered but it was quite common in the rivelet when I was young. Still has some.
  9. allergy -> perfume Biology class: sitting next to a beautiful girl and loosing breath. Turned out that it wasn't her beauty but a part of her perfume- Perfume allergy is a nice argument to don't go to operas, shopping tours, ... When our oldest was 7 she got a perfume laboratory for birthday - without the weird and luckily rare orchidee oil I am allergic to.
  10. word -> LaTeX For mathematical formulas. From writing my diploma till now, I really got used to LaTeX if writing music or maths. Maths with Word was like playing with LEGO parts, LaTeX is more like coding.
  11. I wanted to refresh my sacred2 knowledge and decided to play a Druid. Most of what you want to know about playing a shapeshifting druid is covered in the wiki. But there is one skill not mentioned: alchemy. Its main use will be to unlock Divine Devotion. But it is nice to know that alchemy unlocks charms and once unlocked you can use them even shapeshifted. With this, I prefer Philos as a god because regeneration per hit charm helps at melee combat bosses. Redemption at high levels works wonder against spells.
  12. pain -> last will I update it every half year. The pain is more the digital and not the physical part of the heritage mass. What to do with internet and email accounts. At german law internet posts are same as handwritten letters and belong to the hereditary mass. I have 36 social media accounts :company, village mayor, family, sport clubs, firefighters, .... And I have to write down for each who will be allowed to have access in case of death.
  13. hard work -> tax declaration Income tax, ground tax, tax on house, farm lands, animals, ...
  14. Yes, I had to do money calculations too. But I had luck that in a tiny village people help each other. Having a big family is nice. Two of my cousin(e)s are carpenters. Instead of doing family meetings at restaurants we meet at a relative who has heavy work to do. And -luckily- neither my wife nor me are total amateurs in house maintainance. But honestly without kids, we would probably life in an appartment in a town. We wanted to grew them up in nature with animals. Both, my wife and me; liked it ourselfs.
  15. What is x-mas time without the smell of baked apples. We have lot of quinces so we do a variant: baked quinces with own honey.
  16. Strudel is an all year food. For x-mas time we do Stollen. At my birthtown Wetzlar a special Stollen is done. Stollen has a dual meaning in german: either the cake bread or an (iron) mine. The special stollen (bread) is placed 100m below surface 4 weeks for riping in a Stollen (mine). Constant temperature and moisture without energy costs.
  17. schooling -> field kitchen We will decorate the x-mas tree at our fortified church located on a hill top of the village. The tree can be seen for 20km at good weather. As a warm up food I filled my field kitchen. Yesterday evening me and the twins started to fill it with potatoe, onions, kale. Slow boiled over night. In morning all mashed and bacon added. Served today evening after decorating it will look like below. It is a recipe which tastes the better the more is boiled the same moment.
  18. As a kid we moved a lot and rented appartments, They had most often a cleaning service. But when we paid my relatives for the house of grandpa all of a sudden we had to do repairs, snow blowing, road maintainance... all ourself. And it isn't just the house - add 4 barns, horse stall, 3 kilometres private roads, ... But I can use a shovel In winter I have a shovel in my car and I had to use it a dozens times when wind blew snow to form road blocks.
  19. Grizzly: The side by side variant seemed to have same attachment points than the single-seater. Ordered broad double-wheels and a small snow-plow for the Yamaha Grizzly. So the twins can clean the barns and the house while the Unimog is doing the roads. The double wheels arrived first and are mounted. First test will be moving neighbour kids with sleges and skis uphill in hopefully sunny afternoon. We are 200m higher than the villages so we have enough snow.
  20. Consistency, hard to tell a chewing feeling. Quince cheese is more like Haribo Tropifrutti, Quittenbrot more like Haribo Liquorice.
  21. Schmuddelwetter From nether german 'smuddeln', doing something dirty. The ground is no yet really frozen, but muddy. It is doing a mix of rain and snow. Wet leavey are blown by heavy wind. You won't even send the dog out. The wind and sun protected northside of our hill: snow covered. Our Leonberger dogs don't need a raincoat like this poor dog. They have a double-coated fur and play outside, enjoying the weather when there is a pause in the storm.
  22. Quince cheese is a paste made from quinces boiled with a lot of sugar. Quittenbrot is similiar. Quinces are boiled and pressed through linnen, the juice is used to make fine jelly. The remains in the linnen are mixed with sugar and dried (in our staircase oven) on plates and then cut into cookies. Harder and less sweet than quince cheese.
  23. fireplace -> smell Our oven is integrated into the staircases. The hot air wents through a labyrinth. Small doors allow to dry fruits or quince bread. So we have a smell of fruits in wintertime. There is a company building them for stone houses, see below. Ours is special, 250 years old old wood patchwork house under cultural heritage. The chimney is central in the builing and the entrance hall was used as stall and hay store in old times. I made the calculations, fire savety and pencil drawings, but it took half a year before it was finally allowed.
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