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  1. like em! -> Leonberger After finishng university we moved to our nowadays house, mid in a forest, lot of ponds, ... We wanted a family dog, companion and guard for our then near 3 year old. Water rescue training. Pictures like these made us decide to choose a Leo. Just as with most breeds, don't choose price winners. Some breeding goals are just unhealthy. Very protective and smart with good health is the way to go. Our first was Tarzan. Holding a towel above the pubs he was first to catch it, bite into it and never let it go. Swinging in the air like Tarzan on a liana. We have 7 dogs now. 5 Leos. my hunting dog and a cow dog from a farmer who couldn't take it into his senior home.
  2. Sloeford Specials Somehow there are no recipes with sloes in Sacred2 Sloe crustata Mother in law recipe: Pancake like cookies with mashed sloes, sea buckthorn berries, quinces... Vitamin bomb for this autumn weather Sloe Olives Recipe from grandma, Since olives are not natural here: making a mix of very salty water with spices, boil it, pour it on sloes, remove bigger spice parts, led sloes ripe in glasses for some month. The main difference is that James Bond never used Sloes in his Martinis. https://en.garden-landscape.com/eifel-olive-sloes-from-mediterranean-8659
  3. gone with the wind -> Wind of Change The wind of change has gone with the wind, hope for living in peace vanished and the old fears are back.
  4. dune -> nethack ->dune -> Falcon's Eye to stop the ring closure, Falcon's Eye is an isometric 3D variant of NetHack
  5. dune -> NetHack An enchanted worm tooth, the crysknife, is the mostpowerful weapon in the game. Probably the game I played most on a former number cruncher computer with the DEC Alpha processor.
  6. decaffeinated -> Sting I don't drink coffee, I take tea, my dear Doesn't matter if it is coffee or tea, caffeine is bad when working with explosives.
  7. coffee -> Sorry the name is changed by autocensoring. Coffee replacement without caffeine when coffee was very expensive or not available in Germany. Grandma mader her own in afterwar year to sell it on the blackmarket.
  8. Nightfrost, fog, wet and icy leaves- and an idiot who drove too fast ending in a trench. Only slightly injured, car beyond repair - and the call was 3:30am GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  9. rousse -> Licher Being 8 years old we lived between Giessen and Lich. The brewery had a contract with the US army. My sisters liked the brewery because you could visit their horses
  10. taps -> beer In German it is Zapfenstreich and reaches back to the 16th century. Zapfenstreich is the stroke to drive the tap into the cask to close it. End of drinking and time to visit the bed in the camp. The Grosser Zapfenstreich is highest honour grated by the armed forces to retiring chancellors, ministers of defense or generals. Normally a parade in the evening, lit by torches. The retired person can wish three songs. Some are a challenge gor a military band.
  11. bean stalk -> tipi Living on a hill with lot of storms - placing the bean stalks like a tipi is better.
  12. peas in a pod -> bean sack My wife is an identical twin and they used to make jokes out of it. I got used to throw a bean sack - if catched with the left it was my nowadays wife, if with the right it was her sister. The main use of bean sacks is now for making animal photos.
  13. wife: Cover the plants, nightfrost predicted. me: Already done. wife: but it was just in the weather tv. me: cranes in vanishing cloud covering You know that your family lives too long at the same place when you are quicker than weather tv with all its computers. To be fair, my family lives here for nearly 200 years. My wife is from another mountain range where she knows the weather better.
  14. appointment -> appeasement (politics) At least in mathematical game theory a tit for tat strategy is better. In kid education I prefer a tit for two tats. The first tat results in a warning and not action.
  15. Shakespearean English -> Minnesang Lovesongs performed by knights who travelled from castle to castle. Because they needed the people to understand their songs they started the first attempt for a unified German language. I had to write a semester work about Vogelweide. Most of his songs remained only in fragments. Only his song about the fourth crusade remained with melody and text.
  16. Ate some tunesian ghoulash/tagine from quinces and lamb for lunch while at Frankfurt. Wonder if I can use up the quinces and boar I have at home, The Ras el Hanout spice the restaurant used, will it work with boar?
  17. Old Montreal -> Old Town of Wetzlar The first picture ever taken with a Leica, build just a few metres away. The house is the centre was newly build 1599.
  18. Cranes normally don't cross the Alpes. And Austria cranes were extincted and now it has very few, if any, breeding cranes. The cranes which we can watch from our place mainly fly towards Spain and a smaller amount to the Camargue in France, as it was yesterday. We live in a mid mountain range and a river to the north. So there is a lot of thermic if it is sunny late in afternoon. Hessen is the state painted green in the mid of the Germany map. You see the red dots for sightings which form a band through mid/northern Hesse. Below this band are very few sightings. Cranes avoid the Alpes.
  19. Cranes, thousands of them. For people not from my place: cranes flying south means mid Octobre, sun, hot (27C!!!), clear skies ... You can see and hear the chains for miles.
  20. Robin Hood -> Schinderhannes Around the Lahn River where I grew up you often find metal plates attached on trees which mark the walking route through the area the german Robin Hood, the Schinderhannes, did his crimes.
  21. tray bake -> field kitchen Today we have state elections. Our firefighting building is a voting location. We make a Steckrübeneintopf (rutabaga one pot) with the field kitchen to attract more voters and to feed the people who control the voting. typical autumn recipe potato diced, yellow/orange rutabaga diced, really fine cut autumn fruits, rubbed horse radish, cured pork, vegs, spices before serving the cured pork is cut in dices and placed on the plates curing pork was a way to make it last in a time before cooling. Often people had still some reserves of pured pork when next slaughtering was done With this recipe it was used up
  22. No, forget the eyes - The way through a man's heart goes through his stomach. Girls invest thousands of Euros a year in beauty. A cooking class would be so much cheaper and lasts a lifetime (*) (*) sponsored by a former classmate who offers such classes in his restaurant beholder -> gourmet
  23. honey -> door With global exchange of goods there are now a lot of parasites from all over the world in beehives. As a plan B I have some humblebees for the early in year blossoms of fruit trees. Humblebees are quite strong and so you can attach a light plastic door atthe entrance of their nest. Humblebees can open it, wax-moths not. Wish there would be such a simple solution for bees too.
  24. Fog in the woods till afternoon, leaves turning yellow and red falling down, ... My guess is that this weekend the first cars drive to fast on wet leaves and I would have to pull them out of a trench with the Unimog. 3rd of octobre was workfree re-union day. I took the time to pickup my father in law as a motorbike expert to checkout an offer of a 2017 Yamaha Viking in a c+ condition for 5000€. He said he could easily repair it when having the parts, So we are now the owners of a new light workhorse for use in forests. The twins help their grandpa with the repair and learn driving while doing the tests.
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