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  1. She said she was considering to change from orthopedics to pediatrics because of the strong emotions... For about a day. But she decided for artificial limbs when she was 16. A classmate lost both his arms when both hands had contact to high voltage. All nerves up to the shoulderblades burned away. Before she was robotics, then she decided to go medical robotics. I was planing computer sciences, then my older sis got brain cancer in her last year at university. I decided to extend my army time from the drafted 18 month to 12 years, 3 years at army university. Then re-union, unit disbanded and no free places at computer sciences so I did mathematics...
  2. Phone rings: 'Congrats for becoming grandpa again.' 'Huh?' Explanation was 5 minutes later by my wife: Our second studies medicine and robotics because she wants to research in artificial limbs. She had to do 6 weeks in an ambulance car. Called to a heart attack they did first aid and called a spedalist. The specialist moved to the ambulance car and they drove to the hospital. Our daughter was ordered to drive the car of the specialist back. Half way to hospital she was ordered drive to a house with a lonely wife very short before birth. She was told to prepare all for a house birth, a baby doc would be on the way. But she did it before the baby doc was there. So she posted a picture: 'Even if not planed , My first.' With the baby in her arms... And my cousine in France read it.
  3. Multiple is possible and so useful: attack speed, hit chance, physical armour,... and then just take a weapon with x%life leech
  4. Babel -> Yahoo babel fish was a yahoo translator. But it was only for easy languages like English. In German it did funny results. Newspaper was printing the translations and it was more funny than the original about Mister Clinton and Miss Monica. „Im Verlauf des Flirtings mit ihm, hob sie ihre Jacke in der Rückseite an und zeigte ihm die Brücken ihrer Zapfenunterwäsche, die über ihr Hosen ausdehnten.“ translation of the translation While she was flirting with him she lifted her jacket in the backside and showed him the bridges of her cone-like underwear which was expanding trousers over them.
  5. bumble -> Bembel We Hessians are Barbarians. We torture tourists with Handkäs mit Musik = soft cheese slices with a mix of vinegar, raw onion pieces and caraway. Add a slice of farmers bread. The drink is apple wine in a clay pot (the Bembel) for refilling. The glas is ribbed because our apple wine is unfiltered and not clear. With a ribbed glas you do not see the swimming particles. The ancestors of my wife from motherside (fatherside were bike racers and mechanics) were doing clay items for centuries. My wife learned to do the paintings when she was 13. She still paints and restaurants old farmer furniture with similiar paintings.
  6. Just one of these few days as in my favourite pre-xmas song. The field I flooded is frozen, 5 centimetres snow, star shining nights, -9C at 10pm when I commanded the kids back from skating on the ice into the house. The english version made it to 'the christchild is coming today', in german it is 'bald = soon' and is the whole days of Advent.
  7. flight -> Bumble-bee Millions of years in evolution finally resulting in these perfect aerodynamics for flying no scientist can understand... Even Rimsky Korsakov honored the flight of the bumble-bee in a musical masterpiece. But as a tuba player I have to say: WITHOUT A TUBA IT SOUNDS LIKE AN ANNOYING MOSQUITO!!! Video is funny, Many choose tuba because in an orchestra everyone gets more or less the same money. But at classics like the Slavian Dances, the tuba plays a handful tunes and the violins ten-thousands... So no wonder that this tuba player is not used to play so many tunes ;) If I wouldn't be the only tuba player in our family orchestra I would choose the french horn part ...
  8. Read the post about Grünkern as possible rice replacement when having diabetis? --- For this type of noodle pan I prefer selfmade Spätzle, better control of amount of eggs , flour, salt and perhaps added vegs and cheese. Granny got it from her granny who came from Alsace region. Wood selling ancestors found there wives from german speaking places spread over whole europe it seems. Pot with boiling water , the Spätzle dough as a thin layer on a wooden Spätle board, and then the dough is scraped as thin stripes into the water. english recipe: caramelized-onion-bacon-spaetzle
  9. canadian -> crazy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crazy_Canucks
  10. and beyond.., > beer The favourite drinking song of mathematicians: Aleph null bottles of beer on the wall / aleph null bottles of beer take one down pass it around / aleph null bottles of beer on the wall Aleph Nulll is the size of the set of all natural numbers, and is the smallest infinity and the only countable one; therefore, even if an infinite aleph-null of bottles fall, the same amount remains https://www.I-programmer.info/programming/theory/4315-the-programmers-guide-to-the-transfinite.html
  11. billiard -> Carrom Called finger billard here and it can be played in the living room with kids. Personally I am a fan of Karambolage (carom billard). We have a Karambolage table at firefighters. Always liked the trick shots, more mathematics than pool and snooker. Billard with holes is for pubs to earn money by inserting a coin to get the balls back from the holes.
  12. Rudolph -> swimming In Germany the Rudolph formula is used to compare swimming results for different ages and sexes. Even I now get slower and slower each year I get more points because in my age group I am approaching the top now. Points are needed for the German Sports badge for families. I fear you forgot to put out your shoes at 6th of decembre, the Saint Nicholas Day. So no nuts, oranges or sweets in them in morning? Sankt Nikolaus Christkindl Kris Kringl
  13. coastal ->hypoxia When drafted I was at an naval airwing at the baltic sea. The last years hypoxia creates many dead zones in the baltic sea.
  14. I grew up with Quarkbällchen (recipe) from my grandma instead donuts. My grandma fried them in pork lard so they had a taste spices like cinnamon would ruin. Just a bit sugar on them. Again: quark cheese and pork lard were selfmade and way cheaper than sunflower oil before mass production industry started.
  15. Scholes, Dippelappes, Dulges, ... Poor men food, at countryside nearly every non farmer (taylors, teachers, ...) had a small field with potatoe, onions, leek, ... and a pig got all the rests from making lunch and got fat this way. In the garden was normally an appletree. So people had all what was needed for these meals at home. Speaking about rice, I often replace it with Grünkern. It has a glycemic index of around 55 compared to rice with 70++. Also better on fibres and minerals. A recipe in english: https://ellerepublic.de/en/gruenkern-pilaf-with-spinach-chickpeas/ Don't know how expensive it is on the other side of the atlantic, here it is 4-7€ per kilogramm. 4€ at farm supply, 7€ delicatesse part of supermarket. Grünkern with chickpeas look like rice with them or?
  16. The funny thing is: our house is under cultural heritage. And it is mid in a forest with above ground powerlines. At storms we often had blackouts when a tree was falling on the lines. So I wanted a non electric backup heating, A wooden staircase was there and I was allowed to made it from stone without touching walls. But to get all the papers because of cultural heritage, took years. So meanwhile I had a backup for the backup... Wood gas made from wood pellets drive a Blockheizkraftwerk in the attached barn. It is a combined heat and power plant, the burning gas produces heat and drives a generator. In summer the excess heat is pumped into an underground heat storage. I got some 50% of the money from state because I allow 2 weekends a year students in environment technology to look at my crazy ideas. Solar cells are not possible because the house is half build into the hill and only the veranda in the sun. And the food for tomorrow when the baking house is heated: Scholes Potato cut in fine stripes, same with leek and onions. Add some eggs and spices. All put on a plate, cover it with slices from blood sausage, salami or do dices and put them in the dough,,,, serve with mashed apples Can do it I nan oven too with special pans.
  17. legend -> Nova Scotia It has a unicorn in coat of arms I think.
  18. Grimdawn, I think the first 20 levels are best done with skills socketed into weapon, shield or caster offhands. Add GDautocaster and you can put points into a long regen attack skill and while it regens fire the socketed skill(s).
  19. Speaking about chips: Fatfree apple chips, quince chips, pear chips,... salted, salt and pepper, chilli, african spices,... Lot of variants and the whole house smells for fruits and spices Some years back I build a Grundkachelofen into our staircase, The warm air is lead through a labyrinth of heat storing stones. In our case the stones are the stairway steps. We can open some small doors to dry fruits or make chips or whatever. Was mainly planed as a backup in case of a blackout but the burning flames look nice at cold winter days and we can make chips while the oven runs.
  20. I throw a 'Comandante C40 MK4 Nitro Blade Red Sonja Handmühle' (*). My wife has an older model. Don't tell her that I got it for just (?) 149€ visiting a kitchen tool exhibition in summer after an invitation of a manufacturer who buys special metals from our company. Hand or electric at work Expresso machine if you mainly do hectic telephon calls in an office and just have no time Hand grinder is if you want to get some distance to reconsider something, for me mathematical approaches. In case of my wife showing a patient that she will spend some time in getting all the facts in an medical interview. (*) in a hidden box for x-mas. The red model, well the porcelan filter is blue, the coffee box yellow and the can green... So it had to be red again
  21. rock band ZZ Top-> Scorpions Scorps more than 50 years hard rock... Since Mr Putin proved that The WInd of Change was just a storm in a teacup in the long sight... The Zoo was and is probably the most underrated of their songs, but watched it live several times...
  22. Wired -> Elo Was a German magazine for teenagers about electronics. It had special pages to bring the paintings for printed circuit boards on the copper board. Than an acid was used to remove all copper which wasn't covered by the black from the special page. Did bat detectors, pre warmer for heating system, controller for electric railway, .... And then I got a second hand Rockwell AIM 65, and most of the stuff I did with electronics now could be done with a microprocessor. And with the AIM 65 the hope from my dad that I would become an electronic engineer left. To use the school computer (Apple II) you had to be in the math club. Suddenly my marks in maths up to the top in just 3 month.
  23. There is a big contra: You need to be 18 for a full car license in Germany. Bus is 8 times a day. So meeting classmates is complicated. Dating: Daughters are real tall and all nearby boys as tall or taller are relatives. Thats why we had au pair girls all the years. We didn't need them for baby sitting, we needed them mainly for transport. 5 kids at high time each another sport, 3 different schools...
  24. movie Star Wars -> Welt am Draht / World on a wire 1973 -long before Matrix and Star Wars- simulated people living in a virtual reality. Good copies were lost but a few years back there is a digital remastered version The Matrix before the Matrix
  25. A very nice game, great love to detail: a rogue who is too shy to mention that he found a trap a naiv sexy elf an ogre who speaks I na way that only the witch can understand him ,,, But it looses some of its charm if you replay it and know all the funny dialogues and eastereggs. Luckily I am german, spending 6 years in schools close to french border and 4 years near to an US garnison. So I played it 3 times, in 3 different languages, each time choosing another of the 3 possible companions.
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