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  1. nachos -> coffin A single chip sold for 10€ in a coffin like package. Forbidden in my state since the chilli content varied too much and several people served it to friends without the gloves in the package. Stupid One Chip Challenge. Told the twins it is more brave to say no to such stupidity than jumping from the bridge with them.
  2. family -> attic find My sister found two years back letters to my grandma. They were 7 siblings and 5 died during the war. I knew that 5 died. But reading the letters gave them a personality. Hilde (13): too less oxygen at birth and handicapped to mental health of a child aged around 5. Killed at Hadamar killing centre considered worthless life by the nazi's as it turned out after war. Heine (14): march 1945 when nazi's drafted at school , was send to frontier without training and killed by strafing fighters Bernd (19): beginning engineer, drafted to u-boats, MIA, wrack found in 2004 Hugo (23): firefighter, killed at Kassel when fire-fighting bombed city and a time-delay bomb exploded, octobre 1943 Anette (11): fighter strafing the train she was in, march 1945 Grandma was 17 when she was send to eastern frontier as a nurse. She hided at day and walked at night, taking 4 month fleeing and her parents considered her dead too. Bruno was 9 and the only they knew alive for sure at war's end.
  3. I think 'Father Christmas' by The Kinks is a song which combines trick or treating from Halloween with X-Mas. Pour kids want money or work for their parents from a shopping mall santa and beat him up. The punk band from my brother played it alot. Yes I am old, I know it.
  4. theme -> Waldsterben District does a meeting with this theme. Our oldest will be a guest-speaker, doing a report about our forest. Global warming, years of draught, new parasites from southern europe ... causes forest dying-Many forest look like these nowadays. Luckily our forest is at a hill were clouds climb and release water. Also a mixed forest of different sorts and ages- so we have luck so far. Our vintage glider is often used for control flights and we found no big changes so far. Forest ants, 5 different woodpeckers - No mass appearance of bark beetle so far.
  5. Arthur C Clarke -> E.E. "Doc" Smith While Clarke was the Science in Science Fiction, Doc was the one who invented the space opera. Actually the first scify I read was the Lensman series from him. Dad had booklets costing 0,70 german marks.
  6. magic cows -> Möbius Strip Certain magic mushrooms grow on caddle or goat poo. In Sacred2 is electic poo, produced by magic cows? The weird thing about this poo is that it has no beginning and no end. It is a möbius strip. It isn't mentioned in sacredwiki. It could be an EsterEgg.
  7. Feeling like 16 again and learning for school. I got an old paramedic license from my army time. But laws changed and I felt I had to change the license to new standards. In Germany we have Rettungssanitäter (rescue paramedics) and Notfallsanitäter (emergency paramedics). A rescue one is allowed to do all to bring a person into savety if no docs are near. But once the person is away from environment danger he is not really allowed to do invasive treatment like infusions or tracheotomy. An emergency paramedic would be allowed till a doc arrives. Allowed means save from legal stuff. Most will do whatever they think is needed anyway, but there can be cases that you have to proof at court that you couldn't wait. The law is fine for cities, but being countryside there is often a long time till better trained persons arrive. So to be save when doing help I decided to upgrade mine. rescue license is like 500 hours investment emegency is a 3 year job learning I learned at army and volunteer firefighters for decades and my training time and experience was close to emergency one. I just had to do 200 more hours of special training to fully upgrade. Good thing: I was put free and paid by my company for the license. They save money for insurance if having a paramedic in house.
  8. magic -> Psilocybin School did a warning letter to parents that magic mushrooms containing psilocybin were found. I know that liberty caps are growing at the place we keep our 20 goats and our kids know about the danger.
  9. exothermic -> Superconductivity With so much possible money to make, dozens of articles in science papers about superconductivity are without a real proof. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-023-03398-4 I remember doing my doctor - more than half the time I needed was counterchecking.
  10. screen saver -> energy wasting Hibernate mode saves so much in times of SSD's The only reason for a screen saver is the 'chef is coming key'. Press it to hide what ever you did instead of work.
  11. While preparing compost, noticed that some self-spread tomato near rivelet were affected by red Teufelszwirn (devil's yarn?). A totally parasitic plant, no chlorophyl as mistletoes have. Vampiric plants, this would have fit for halloween if noticed some days earlier. Or make a horror movie.
  12. jolly -> Fiat 500 Jolly While drafted and at a naval airbase, there were still some at the beaches.
  13. rave -> Schranz Creator was from my university town while I was student there. So I got my share of it.
  14. performance -> boots Allways trying out different boots for forest walks and work. Have them for nearly a year now. adidas Performance GSG-9.4 Tactical Boot
  15. First lines If it would be me living mid in a forest: a badger dug through the patchwork into the cellar, a racoon or marten climbed the roof and found a way in, a boyfriend of a daughter isn't trained to leave silently, ... The rest: in German I would name it a Poltergeist.
  16. Many Pizza restaurants here sell Federweisser to their Pizzas. At your place too? Or even with a poutine? Next weekend the xmas time starts in city. Typical my favourite foodtruck will sell Zwiebelkuchen (onion yeast cake) with Federweisser (wine still in fermentation). You can buy Federweisser in bottles. But they are not fully closed (gas from fermenmtation has to evade) so you have to transport them standing. At firefighters we do onion cake and Federweisser 4th of advent. Reads: fermentation closure, don't lay
  17. baby duck -> Sekttorte A cake with Sekt (german for certain sparkling wines) in the batter. We do it mainly to welcome the new year with friends. 23.55 and time to lift up from chairs to ready for exchanging handshakes, hugs and kisses with family and friends.
  18. Cardinal Stritch Ubiversity -> Castle/chateau I was at the Justus Liebig university at Giessen/Hessen. Since Giessen was heavenly destroyed in WW2 the new buildings were placed all around the town. But international meetings were placed at Rauischholzhausen giving to the univerty by a rich person. While doing my doctor I had to do city trips with the guests.
  19. In my youth we hadn't Halloween but something similiar: carving terrifying faces from sugar beets. There was no fixed date, just when the farmers harvested them - end of octobre, begin of novembre. Kids put a candle in the skull and placed it on a stick, walking from door to door and collecting stuff. Most often stuff the people had: sausages, eggs, bread, ... Kids weren't wearing costumes, just warm stuff. Then the kids met at a campfire and did the stuff in a big pan. So yes, our glowing devils days was allways on a saturday with no school the next day. Halloween is same day as Reformation Day so here we had no Halloween till Germanies Reunion when some workfree religious day were given up to pay for reunion.
  20. Halloween collides with Reformation Day. We are 5 villages which rotate in doing not Halloween but Reformation day. So people who want to go to remain silent and remember the reformation can visit our church in evening. I have to do a short opening speech and will do a solo not with my tuba but with a banjo. So if you fear for your health, stay away from our church. Then our third will play a Neanderthal song on the organ. The Neanderthal valley was named after the composer Joachim Neander who did the German original of Praise to the Lord, the Almighty. then a pastor, different chorus and at the end 'Die Gedanken sind frei' played by our family orchestra. it will close the ring since I will do Pete Seeger's version of it with the banjo. Picture of the next video is the White Rose. An anti nazi-movement of students in 1942. The members were executed. The song is often played at Reformation Day because Luther's thoughts were put free.
  21. lion -> tamable All members of the cat family are tamable. All? No, my avatar, the European Wildcat is the only exception. That's why ferrets played the role of cats till 17th century at farms away from shipping.
  22. like em! -> Leonberger After finishng university we moved to our nowadays house, mid in a forest, lot of ponds, ... We wanted a family dog, companion and guard for our then near 3 year old. Water rescue training. Pictures like these made us decide to choose a Leo. Just as with most breeds, don't choose price winners. Some breeding goals are just unhealthy. Very protective and smart with good health is the way to go. Our first was Tarzan. Holding a towel above the pubs he was first to catch it, bite into it and never let it go. Swinging in the air like Tarzan on a liana. We have 7 dogs now. 5 Leos. my hunting dog and a cow dog from a farmer who couldn't take it into his senior home.
  23. Sloeford Specials Somehow there are no recipes with sloes in Sacred2 Sloe crustata Mother in law recipe: Pancake like cookies with mashed sloes, sea buckthorn berries, quinces... Vitamin bomb for this autumn weather Sloe Olives Recipe from grandma, Since olives are not natural here: making a mix of very salty water with spices, boil it, pour it on sloes, remove bigger spice parts, led sloes ripe in glasses for some month. The main difference is that James Bond never used Sloes in his Martinis. https://en.garden-landscape.com/eifel-olive-sloes-from-mediterranean-8659
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