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  1. Yea, it really has been far too long gogo. I keep wishing and hoping for the day the servers come back online, but I think that's just a dream destined for ruin. Hopefully there'll be yet another game coming which will support the weekly kami, and all the shenanigans surrounding it :-) Whilst still being confusing enough to make me go bald once more. Oh, and merry christmas to you too
  2. This is a great initiative gogo. Love it I came here and lurked for approximately 4-5 months before I actually made an account. As for when I joined the FDM experience, it was 21st of December 2007. So, we've just passed my 6th anniversary as a member here. As for how and why I found this forum is probably the thing I remember the most. Because I was looking for a way to avoid those pesky Skeleton Mages 1hit kill resurrection bugs. So after a few hours of googling, I bought the underworld expansion and never had that problem again.
  3. I'm not really sure, but I think a lot of it may have to do with the rather steep learning curve when it comes to CA's. And how you always ruin your first character Heh! I found the wolves with torches rather hilarious. However, when it comes to bugs... My money goes to the Skeleton Mage resurrection insta-KO as the worst one of them all
  4. Well, I was completely exhausted after playing non-stop for a couple of years. So had to take a break. Only, the break was a bit prolonged when I learned they had shut down the servers (And I never really exported any of my characters)
  5. They are a real treat to play, once you've played them long enough. I remember when I was going to make my very first dedicated shopper for my Dryad.. That TG could survive just about anything, and kill just about anything with relative ease. He didn't live very long though, because I figured I'd pit him up against Niob Dryads before he hit level 90.
  6. Weather's horrible... Changes between +5*C and +25*C :-( happens within a few hours, so those 25*C I might have in the morning, are always surely gone and down to almost freezing by the time I've reached the beach. Also, It's been raining a lot lately
  7. No problem D-mol, And I have to openhearted agree, this game is actually pretty fun. And now that I have time to do more than check my e-mail before I have to run off to work again, thanks to my doctor. I'll most likely be living in those servers for a few days
  8. I need to find a new job (With a fully established buisness contract) and such... By friday Ideas? Please
  9. EUROPE! Postgirobygget Misfits Daft Punk The Beatles
  10. LOVED IT! However... Where'd you get enough sockets for the fire/poison defense that is needed for the last two guardians on a HE? O.o
  11. the conclusion is basically whether you want to use 1 or 2 sockets for RSM. and the ammount of sockets you want to use for "hard damage" I have to admit tho, the guide ain't been updated since around 2 weeks after the release. So it's not up to date when it comes to Ice and Blood. However, it is "Imho" up to date in all the aspects except these point's I'm going to list here: Max rune cap is 200. so read 200 in both AB and SP since we have RpH. we can read more than 1 rune per attack CA. (This comes down to your personally optimal gear setup, so you still have to be carefull when reading) The effin' %ll mobs... gee I hate those. on the bright side, we have the defense to survive. So there's no immediate worries here. can't think of anything more atm. But I'm getting more and more active by the minute now that my internet finally has stabilized (****** Skagerak!) anyways, just reply if there's more you need an answer to
  12. Gratulerer med dagen!

  13. Hello there Trevor, and welcome to the forums. As Ryan said, you might be missing the concentration skill, however... The thing that bugs me is that from interpreting your complaint, you couldn't use either of them. So really what I'm asking is. Could you use neither at that time? Could you use one of them at that time? Can you use one of them now? Can you use both of them now?
  14. This is a no brainer "Denver, the Last Dinosaur" Was talking to my parents about this same thing a few weeks ago, and apparently I watched it soo much they started counting. Between the ages of 3 to 6... I watched it 374 times >.<
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