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  1. A bit late to the party, but maybe it helps. Can your Toon jump? Maybe Strg+Left Mouse gets you past the obstacle.
  2. Hey guys! I scratched some names together, that might fit your taste. Also added some \cff´s that make it easier to track your Toon. Copy & paste them for a quick check. Dark Gold \cffFFB44E Graveyard Soil \cff7B4848 Dust \cffADA47F Short list of names: Battle Mage ----------- Amantos Infernus Lantazzar Ocheron Ormazd Dark Elf -------- Dir-Noul Dzoun Narktal Sendriss Zakarisz Demon ----- Dael Narcassan Nubassa Paizu Sasana Dwarf ----- Bandis Crowal Drark Gravus Lorval Gladiator --------- Antilles Caedus Marellis Pentriss Verinos Seraphim -------- Lyanara Nelani Sisseri Tanneris Zababa Vampiress --------- Aralezza Bel Drakein Melissan Sabal Wood Elf -------- Azraj Maota Xuki Vay-Ya Zulak Feel free to add your own selection! (:
  3. Hey guys! I´d like to share some nice tricks I stumbled across after quite a while of gaming: 1. How to get a horse of your current Level with best possible speed: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Start a new game, don´t save! - Head to the place where your favorite horse hangs around usually - Buy the horse, mount, move a few meters away, until it respawns - Dismount - Buy the same horse again, mount & get real close to the Horse-Salesman - Dismount - Leave the Screen, return. - Win! - Your last bought horse is now on your current Level with best possible speed. 2. How to activate the Night Bonus for the Vampiress: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Get a single Piece of Annouk (I prefer legs, armor is non-functional) Silver Difficulty - Equip it - Win! - The night lasts now for 1 Hour and 15 Minutes real time. PS: - Equipping more than 1 piece of Annouk renders the Night-Bonus useless - Equipping an additional item with NB, renders the Night-Bonus useless - Higher difficulties than Silver are non-functional - Runes, blue, yellow and unique items with NB are non-functional.
  4. Hello MetaL I greatly enjoyed your modification! Very appreciated! Are you guys still open for feedback?
  5. Mmh. Turok from the italian Forum could help possibly maybe. We wrote a Tutorial, in italian unfortunately, but Google Translate gets the job done, more or less. Here´s the link: https://sacredonlinecommunity.forumfree.it/?t=76628671
  6. You did a splendid job, Ysendra! The skins look very cool. Some remind me of Bhodi from Baldurs Gate 2. +1
  7. Hey guys! I´d like to introduce myself quickly. Call me Dax, I´m from Germany. Stumbled across Sacred by accident, gave it a try and was surprised how good it is, despite its age. Since the remaining fansites, concerning Sacred, are more or lees walking dead, I came here in search for survivors. And I guess I´ve found them. Well, let´s get it on, shall we?
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