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  1. You simply select the it on the skills tab? If you can get to inventory you should be able to get to skills. On the 360 you use the triggers to get to it, dunno about ps3 http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacred_2:Skills
  2. By this he means you need to put 5 points into one of them to unlock bargaining.
  3. Rune Master on Console: You trade 1-4 runes you don't want for 1 rune you do want 4 -> 1 : 125,000g 3 -> 1 : 25,000g 2 -> 1 : 5,000g 1 -> 1 : 500g Haven't played in a week or two but I'm pretty sure those are correct
  4. You can see some examples of %s if you look on the wiki. No one knows how item stacking works however AFAIK
  5. Fail news, would rather they release news for fixing broken things than releasing dlc. Can't expect to much from companies in today though.
  6. Hopefully they don't make an MMORPG, it will just kill the game really. If they just improved on their current aspects and pic a new setting/time it would go well. Instead of making light/dark your actions should determine your standing such as what quests you do and who you kill.
  7. I've only made it to 35 so far and its going at a decent pace still. I imagine post 65-100 it will slow significantly as I won't really get to make character choices then.
  8. Welcome! everyone seems pretty nice. so far...
  9. On that same note, I believe this 'change' to be only affecting the PC version. I was able to fight the Griffon without doing any sort of quest over in Copper Peaks. I did Griffin on 360 last night without picking up a quest for him
  10. More like: x points armor = x dmg mitigation x points defense value = x% chance for them to miss Edit: Guide(Copy/paste w/ some editing) Defense/Attack Value: First, you have your weapon selection, and 4 types of damage you can inflict. Obviously, the higher damage you have, the more your opponent will be hurt. Your opponents have the same thing, weapons and 4 damage types. The higher damage they have, the more you will be hurt. Defense affects how much you get hit. You have an attack rating and a defense rating, as do all enemies as well. The formula is: ToHit = Attack / (Attack + Opponents Defense) Say my attack is 500 and a goblin has 250 defense, then the formula is 500/750, or 66% chance I will hit. If his attack is 250 and my defense is 500, then his to hit is 250 / 750, or 33% chance. You can look in your overview, on the last page to see stats of recent enemies. Agility and Dexterity both affect defense rating, as does Parry. The defense values on equipment do this as well. Armor/Resistance: You have 2 ways to reduce the damage that your enemies will do to you. One is to increase your resistances, which reduces the damage when you get hit but does not affect how often an opponent's blow lands. The skill Armor increases resistances, as do the built in resistance values in equipment, and all the % resist modifiers The formula is: damage taken = damage dealt * (damage dealt / (damage dealt + resistance)) As resistance goes up, the fraction decreases in value, so the damage inflicted goes down. The order of chances: Evade -> Defense -> Armor With skills: Evade -> Skills -> Defense -> Armor
  11. I will certainly end up using it. Been running the RC for a while now and it works great.
  12. If I recall correct(90% sure), certain difficulties present different level caps. So for bronze, white griffin and wild boar are capped at level 17? so they will drop level 20 sets(may have the 17 and 20 mixed up, still learning the game). Silver has its caps and so on.
  13. Just show is who currently/recently online, maybe a link or something to show everyone for last 24 hours.
  14. Great guide, I'm just starting and because you were so through I was able to learn some more about how the game works.
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