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  1. I thinking about building some colony ships and used them in my fleet as a disruptor of the rapid fired of the opposing fleet. my concern is their huge deut consumption :/ what do you guys think about it? Ike you are the authority on colony ships. any thoughts?
  2. yeah .. build rips and dessies ... BC won't hurt neither he will probably expect all LF fleet ... you could do a top10 hit on him if ninja turns out well!!
  3. kunstler


    I've also started to play in u40 a month ago. got into top 2200 which is a bit stupid .. have only 2 colonies 8including hw) over 140 so building up also few temporary ones. lack of colonies is killing me and my desire to play in this uni :/ hard to progress w/o being able to build up mines on permanent colonies edit: my nick: "whisper" .. GOW ... atm
  4. it doesn't look too bad but .... I prefer fast download from shiny pictures
  5. Ticket ID: 51307 Status: Answered Date: 18/09/2008 Subject: been probed 3 seconds before attacking fleet hit m Ingame Nick: nighthawk Ingame Permanent Email: damijan.nacevski@agencija-odmev.si IP: Coords: 2:30:8 Issue: Ban Discussion Section: SGO 6-10 Responsable: BlueFusion Category: SGO 6-10 nighthawk - SGO 6-10 (Thursday, September 18 2008 6:32pm) hello! Below I've inserted copies or espionage report and battle report. I've been probed (time: 12:41:35) three (3) seconds before being attacked (time: 12:41:38) by player "The Commander" I believe you can also pull it out of the system. Ike reminder me that being probed within 5 second before the attack is considered as bugusing and perma-ban-able. QUOTE VII. Bugusing Using a bug for anyones profit intentionally or not reporting a bug intentionally is strictly forbidden. Probing a target within 5 seconds of an attack as a Safety Measure will be treated as bugusing. 09-17 12:41:35 Space monitoring Espionage action A foreign fleet from planet G1A Moon (Moon) [1:156:6] was sighted near your planet Moon [1:193:6]. Chance of counter-espionage: 99 %. ****************** 09-17 12:41:38 Space Control Battle Report [1:193:6] (Moon) (V:317.000,A:9.160.000) On 09-17 12:41:38 the following fleets met in battle:: Attacker TheCommander ([1:156:6]) Weapons: 150% Shields: 150% Armour: 160% Type S.Cargo Battlecr. Total 540 100 Weapons 13 1.750 Shields 25 1.000 Armour 1.040 18.200 Defender nighthawk ([1:193:6]) Weapons: 150% Shields: 140% Armour: 160% Type L.Cargo Col. Ship Recy. Esp.Probe Dest. Total 345 1 1 59 1.000 Weapons 13 125 3 0 5.000 Shields 60 240 24 0 1.200 Armour 3.120 7.800 4.160 260 28.600 BlueFusion (Saturday, September 20 2008 12:16am) Hi. I see that you successfully ninja'd TheCommander, inspite of his 3 second safety probe. Given the circumstances, that you still got your ninja - and the outcome of the battle was not affected by the safety probe, I will not be dealing with this via way of a ban. It is bug using, however as stated in the first line of the rule: "Using a bug for anyones profit intentionally". As he made no profit in this case, I will warn him about his actions, and should he do this again then it will be dealt with as outlined in the rules. I hope that you understand why I've chosen to act in this way, and if you'd like to discuss it then I'm happy to do so. BlueFusion. I do belive he does it all the time and that most players (including me - Ike reminded me about the 5s rule) even does not know that this is illegal. and that he did not get a profit out of it was because of my skill/or being lucky/ not because he did not want to break the rules. He WANTED INTENTIONALLY to get a profit out of it and thats it. your argumentation - my opinion - is wrong. its the same as you would let the bank robber walks away if he got caught by the guards .... and your opinion would be "yes, he wanted to get a profit, but guard did not allowed him to rob a bank so he can walk away free" please rethink your decision, perhaps you have not considered all aspects when making a first decision. regards, nighthawk
  6. kunstler


    I'll stick to Uni 9. somehow I've learned to orientate myself by looking to the stars
  7. what could be more interesting than freshly brewed turtle soup. seems no shell is thick enough congratz!
  8. hello! we've exchanged few pm's in ogame. read about you on darkmatters though I'm with dark for few months now, played a bit more than a year on another account, started from scratch and ended among top120 and got offer to take over gintu's old account. so getting myself acquainted with crews of all those heavy ships I've inherited you know where to find me, I'm in the hood in g8
  9. nice turtle soup ... boiling in your pot congratz!
  10. I should be among lucky ones ... returned from a vacation and got sick :/ high fever .. chewing antibiotics again so tired I could not logged on for three days!!
  11. ahhhh ... had to postpone vacation for at least one day .... both my kid and me had high fever (39C) yesterday hope will be better till midnight ... we should start at 3 am :/
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