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  1. Hurray for this, much better than adverts. Community powah! EDIT: I just noticed, is the post/sig separator ever going to get reuploaded?
  2. fRACTAL

    Level 10

    I really can't decide if I love or hate that case... The idea of separate cooling for each compartment is brilliant though
  3. I think PC gaming is more likely to die out than console gaming, if you look at things like Modern Warfare 2 you can see the way the wind is blowing at the moment. I hope it doesn't, keyboard and mouse are both more precise and offer a more sociable environment than console.
  4. Mr Scruff - Nice Up The Function Feat. Roots Manuva Experimental turntablism/trip hop/jazz/electronica stuff. Signed to the Ninja Tune label, which I'm in love with, possibly the worlds best label.
  5. I attached everything except cables before screwing the motherboard in, it's much easier. All I had to do after mounting it was connect wires. Do this, it helps.
  6. Good point, I grabbed my application data but where would my various config files probably live, not game ones but stuff like Azureus? Unfortunately I have some of these, but that gets revoked by default if you uninstall the game right?
  7. Well people I need to reinstall windows XP (again, if you can remember my past with reinstalling XP you may have some clue how irksome I find it) Anyway to get to the point, I'm backing up everything I can think on my external hard drive and making lists detailing what I'll need to reinstall. So far I've: Backed up saved games Pictures Music My documents game mods. Program skins for rocketdock and CD art Display Fonts Can you think of anything I've missed and suggest anything else I should consider copying? Thanks
  8. I use Avira. I'm -mostly- a safe surfer. All I've ever encountered are false positives (normal considering what the files were) and one actual threat, which it neutralised without breaking into a sweat.
  9. 1280x1024 because I can't afford a bigger monitor
  10. Right if money isn't an issue, or at least not until 5-7k I'd advise: (Oh and I warn you in advance, this is going to be an Nvidia based system) CPU: Go with an i7, I'll agree with Yarasa as well, go for the 8xx, although if you have the money left and want to spend it when you've thought of everything else, you could get a 9xx, your choice Heatsink: this perhaps. Look around at reviews and find out what brands perform well. Thermal Compound:.........http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835100007 < Arctic silver, no argument there Motherboard: If you truly want all the bells and whistles and don't mind the price get something like this otherwise go with Timo's advice and get ASrock Harddrive(s): I recommend Seagate. And you might wish to invest in 10,000 a 10,000 RPM drive or Solid State Drive (which appear to be the future) CD/DVD w/r: Not much variation with disk drives, Plextor are reported to be very good. You might want to consider a Bluray drive as well. Case................................http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811129021, not sure what this was. I personally like my case (Akasa Mirage) it has plenty of room and space for fans, Antec 900 is a cool looking case too, meant to be good Power Supply: Corsair PSUs are good, (though actually made by a company called seasonic for corsair, so Seasonic's are good too.) RAM: I recommend like timo DDR3, assuming you're going 64bit, so get plenty I like Corsair but there are other good makes Video Card(s): I think for this much money you might as well get Nvidia 295 GTX(s) Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty perhaps? Keyboard: Whatever you like the feel of I use a Microsoft basic one from a previous computer Mouse: As above Monitor: Get a nice 22" or above. Speaker System: ... Fans: Akasa make good fans PhysX Card?: Unnecessary if you have Nvidia cards, they've integrated PhysX Hope I've been of some help EDIT: A selection I chose, brands seem to differ over there which surprised me. Anyway, it's just over $5000 - $1500 of which is the 3 GTX 295s, I'm not sure the PSU is the right power as I didn't check and I didn't look into custom graphics card cooling Oh you got some gifts, I didn't look at those EDIT 2: Compatibility wise I'm fairly certain this lot fits together, I can check to be sure if you prefer though.
  11. Thanks for choosing me guys Uh, heh, I'm no good at speeches about winning stuff, so yeah Better get to work on my avatar
  12. They're fine. Doesn't really bother me, unless perhaps there's any chance you could change the set here on Darkmatters? it's just that some of them are rather tasteless (evony and imvu) Actually, I'll echo the others, I'd rather donate.
  13. As my old thread feels a bit redundant now, I'm making this one Sometimes I pretend I can draw... And others I try to make somewhat decent wallpapers EDIT: Wait wait, Photobucket has murdered the original resolutions of those They're 1920x1200 1280x1024 and 1920x1200 in that order
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