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  1. Hello modding community, Primarily to help in fixing bugs, I would like to edit the DLL files. From several mods I can see that this is already being done several times. However, while browsing the forum, I can't find a single discussion / explanation on how you guys do this. Because I doubt that you just look at the DLLs with a HEX editor and play around as per try & error. So how have you decompiled the DLL files? I assume for legal reasons the knowledge about this has only been shared via PM. Consequently I understand of course if my post will be deleted right away. @dimitrius154 @Flix and @Lindor , based on your mods and posts, you may be able to help me in this. Thank you in advance. And thank you for your awesome patches and mods!
  2. This video will show you how to use Cheat Engine and my Sacred cheat table to modify the Steam version of Sacred Gold. After watching the video, you'll be able to: Change your character's skills at any time in-game, including to those normally unavailable to your character class. Equip any item regardless of its requirements, including items normally unavailable to your character class. Learn, level and use combat arts of other characters. Summon any creature/character in the game the same way the Wood Elf summons her unicorn. Play as normally unplayable creatures/characters (you can play as a dragon, Sakkara demon, Baron DeMordrey, rabbit, etc.). What you'll need for this: The English Steam version of Sacred Gold (unfortunately, the cheat table will likely not work with any other version of the game). Cheat Engine. My Sacred cheat table. My Sacred modding spreadsheet. If you want to convert the cheat table to another version of the game but don't have any experience working with Cheat Engine, I'd recommend to start by watching these tutorials by Stephen Chapman. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, I'll try to help. I'll probably do a couple more Cheat Engine tutorials later down the line (on how to use NPC combat arts and how to give armor to your companion) so stay tuned for those.
  3. How to add extra equipment slots to a character's inventory page. Note, that: a) This doesn't create new slots but adds existing slots from other classes to a class which doesn't have them. Namely 2 more ring slots, an extra amulet slot, the shrunken head from the Dryad, and the battery from the temple guardian. b) There's no model for the battery. I had thought that it appeared on the Temple guardian, but after checking an actual temple guardian, it doesn't get displayed. c) You don't get the ability to shoot with it. Probably a specific skill that only the temple guardian gets that requires a battery to be equipped. d) I didn't implement the shrunken head as well, but unless that does something different, I don't see how that wouldn't work. e) Combat art bonuses that spawn on the battery will probably be only for the temple guardian. I didn't look at the specific bonuses that the bonus lists choose from. f) When you select an equipped weapon, it's damages appears to change based on the damage of the battery, but I don't think it actually applies(My limited testing didn't show any difference in damage actually dealt). If you select an empty weapon slot your damage doesn't appear to change. But you do get the additional bonuses. Well they appear on the stats tool tip anyway. g) This isn't an actual mod, but more an example of research showing that equipment slots can be added. That's how it started out anyway. Now onto the method. First open scripts/shared/creatureinfo.txt. The first entry is the Seraphim. Change line 20, validEquipSlots = "", to include the 2 additional rings, 1 additional amulet, the battery, and shrunken head, as shown in the picture. Save and close the file. Second, open scripts/server/blueprint.txt. Search for: hero_battery_normal It'll probably be around line 3249. Change the wearergroups so that it is WEARGROUP_DEFAULT, just like in the picture. Save and close the file. Notice the 2 itemtypes: 8635, 8636. Third open scripts/server/itemtype.txt Search for 8635. About line 212196. You should see: mgr.typeCreate(8635, newItemType); On line 212187, change user = so that is WEARGROUP_DEFAULT. Do the same for the next itemtype which will be 8636. Refer to the picture. Save and close the file. These changes allow the seraphim to equip the batteries. Now, we'll cover adding the equipment slots to the user interface(UI). In your Sacred 2/pak folder, create 2 new folders, one named Windows and another named orig_skin-xml, and extract the contents of skin-xml.zip into it. From orig_skin-xml/Windows copy Inventory.xml, and Inventory_Seraphim.xml, then paste them into your Sacred 2/pak/Windows folder. I do plan on providing an overview for the xml files at a later time. Open Inventory.xml. Search for: handicap. if you're using CM 1.60 it should be around line 156. On the next line, change the value for x to 328. Save and close the file. Open Inventory_Seraphim.xml. Make the necessary changes as can be seen in the picture. Pretty vague, yes, but there are a large number of changes. Save and close the file. Run the game and start a new seraphim. You could use an existing seraphim, in which case I recommend backing it up just in case. Any batteries, well as long as they're of the first 2 types, will go into the equipment slot, the same with the extra rings and amulet.
  4. Here's a video tutorial that will show you how to change your starting companion to any character in the game, as well as how to get a starting companion for characters that do not normally have one (Seraphim, Dwarf, Daemon). Let me know if you have any questions and if you want to see more Sacred Underworld modding tutorials here Here's the Sacred modding spreadsheet that's used in the video.
  5. Mod is complete and released! Community Items Mod v1.2 Download Thread. After releasing my Dragon Mage Sets Mod, I started thinkng about what direction I would take the mod next. At first this thread was only about modding in new uniques and legendary items (weapons or armor). However, now after receiving so many great suggestions, ideas, and contributions from talented modders, the mod has now become the "Community Items Mod". Suggestions and new ideas are always welcome. Because this thread has become very long and the number of items very large, this post will serve as an overview and a Table of Contents for all the new content added in the CM Items Mod. The links below will take you the spots in this thread and other threads where I posted pics and described in detail the stats and lore of the items. New Weapons in Version 1.2 Update#1: 2 new axes from Torchlight 2! Update #2: New Fire Weapons, including an unlocked Carnach staff, an NPC torch, and an imported torch design from Torchlight 2! Update #3: New sword weapons, including a T-Energy sword, a Conan the Barbarian sword, and a mini-set with a demon sword, amulet and unique smoke shield! Swordstaff lightsabers also updated with new colors and Maul's Swordstaff gets a unique model! Update #4: 4 new polearms, including spears and tridents inspired by Titan Quest and Dark Souls! Updates 5 & 6: 2 new magic staves, 3 new fist weapons, Dryad boots, and unlocked NPC weapons and shields! ----------------------------------------------------------- New Weapons in Version 1.1 Update#1: 6 brand new Swords, 4 of which are inspired by Sacred 1 designs. Two new shields and a new Luger pistol! Update#2: Two new weapon/shield sets, plus unlocked Undead and Orc weapons! Update #3: A trio of items designed from the Devil May Cry games! --------------------------------------------------------- Weapons in v. 1.0 Sacred 1 Items Weapons and shields imported or recreated from Sacred 1 to Sacred 2! Shields 9 new unique and legendary shields, and also 11 new random shields, almost all unlocked and brand-new designs, and many including a new feature - damage bonuses! Swords 14 new unique swords, including fist weapons, unlocked Ogre swords, new lightsabers, and a whole new weapon class: the Lightsaber Swordstaff! More info about new 1h lightsabers More info about new 2h lightsabers Hafted Weapons 9 new axes, clubs, and hammers, including 2 new dual wield sets, 2 unlocked Orc weapons, and more! Polearms 6 new unique Polearms of all types, including a unique scythe! Magic Staves 9 new 1h and 2h magic staves, including a brand new staff model that appears as both rare and Legendary variants, plus the game's first dual wielding magic staff set! New Dual Wielding Staff Set info Ranged Weapons + New Dryad Set Unique Ranged Weapons of all varieties, shapes and sizes: 3 Bows, 3 Blowpipes, 2 Throwing Stars, a Throwing Dagger and new Throw Potion, not to mention two new big Energy Weapons and an Energy Pistol. Also look for a new jewelry set featuring the game's first unique Shrunken Head! New Armor Sets By Dimitrius154: Doom Guard Armor - Shadow Warrior Set + Golden variant that appears as random armor. Kha-Beleth's Sovereignty - Dragon Mage Set Children of Asha - High Elf Set + 3 Variants that Appear as Random Armor The Judicator - Inquisitor Set By Pesmontis: Range Array - High Elf Set Lara's Glad Rags - High Elf Set Genesis Siderea - Seraphim Set By tom.morrow: Impressions of Sophia - Seraphim Set By Flix: Disgraced Gods - Inquisitor Set Also appearing in the mod are of course my 3 previously released Dragon Mage Sets: Chaoskampf Auspicious Powers Draco's Garments of Mutation Armor Designs By LazyTomcat: The Wildcat - Dryad Set Frozen Gems - High Elf Set Mage of the Spectrum - High Elf Set + White variant that appears as random armor Misc Armor Pieces New High Elf armor pieces (by Pesmontis): New Inquisitor Bone Helm and Shoulder Variants (Green, Orange, & Red) (By Dimitrius154) New helmets for the other 5 characters! (By Silver Fox & Pesmontis) New Feathered Seraphim Wings (by Pesmontis) Misc Features of the Mod Grunwald's Protection shield is now tier 13 (proper unique item) and has been added to the appropriate drop lists. Kroll's Law (2h Unlock Sword) added to the appropriate drop lists. Tinwora's Curse no longer requires Armor Lore skill to unlock Casting Speed bonus. All Mutation sets have been added to the appropriate drop lists, so should be found more frequently (chance reduced slightly from 1.0->1.1). Seraphim-specific random shields now have a chance to have sockets. The Fallen Angel mini-set "Ashes of Perdition" for the High Elf will now drop more often (it was previously missing from some of the proper drop lists). Random 1H Lightsabers and 2H Lightsabers can now be found as drops from enemies, in addition to being bought. The High Elf's ponytail hairstyle is now animated. Her hair bounces when she walks and runs (courtesy Pesmontis). Fixes for armor appearance issues with custom skin colors (courtesy Silver Fox). Fix for missing quiver texture for human archers (courtesy Silver Fox). Fixed some minor clipping issues with Dragon Mage and Seraphim gloves. Corrected various minor typos and irregularities with item names. Future Plans and Wishlist Elite Mounts Project Titan Quest Weapons and Shields Force Field Shields Xrystal's Gossamer Wings Set (by Silver Fox) Transparent/Ethereal/Stealth Armor Unused and NPC Items - This is another thread that may be of interest. It details my exploration through the game files to find new items to unlock for the player. Most of them have been added to the mod in some fashion.
  6. Hello, as some of you are probably aware since quite some time nvidia refuses to let us use Fog Table Emulation anymore and since Rivatuner supports only up to 9xxx models we had to believe in the developers of D3D apps (games) to allow us disabling fog via configs/options. Here's a solution to this problem for Sacred 2 if using high quality graphic settings (If your system is bound to use any lower this might not be in your interest anyway): In ...\Sacred 2 (Gold/Fallen Angel....)\pak\graphics01.zip\hq\fx\ is a fog.dds (volume map, no mipmaps), either edit it for a pure transparent texture or simply reduce the intensity if you want a moderate fog instead of none at all. Same again for ...\Sacred 2 Gold\pak\graphics01.zip\hq\env\lighting\ fogDensity01.dds ... fogDensity26.dds and there you go, ingame you'll have either no fog until renderdistance or moderate depending on how you edited the files. Doing so is easy enough with either Photoshop or GIMP using a dds plugin, all your choice! Thanks goes to my buddy "Neovita" that lead me to the idea for this, for the story about it go to post #6 Best wishes, Meensai P.S. Call me an asshat but no, I won't answer "How to.." or anything of this sort, it's easy enough
  7. So yeah, ever noticed that its pointless to skill shadow veil past level 50/25(with skill modification)? Once you have 100% chance to not be detected while casting spells there is no reason to invest any more runes into shadow veil. So I was thinking the skill should have an innate bonus Something along the lines of +crit chance while stealthed, +melee damage, -opponent's chance to dodge/evade. Something that supports stealthy melee play. So im open for good suggestions. they will be incorporated into the new Update of my challenge Mod. Since the old thread is gone im not sure which changes were included in my last version. I remember I made ALL items 1x1 in the inventory and all two handed weapons were one handed except bows and other two handed range weapons
  8. I have a specific thing in mind and need some basic guidelines. Does anyone have 3D modeling experience? cheers One spatula to flip them all...
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