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Wardust's Serious Textures and Spells Update+Repack


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Wardust's Serious Textures and Spells Update + Repack
>>Download on Sacred 2 Nexus<<  --updated for CM 1.60 July 2018




  • Wardust made a great mod in 2011-2012 for CM Patch 1.30. You can find his old Serious Textures thread HERE and the blog he made for the mod HERE (these are outdated/abandoned).
  • This new release allows Wardust's mod to be used with the latest CM Patch 1.60 and the Generic Mod Enabler.
  • It is not my intention to take over and continue development of this mod; this is a faithful update of Wardust's great work, to ensure new players can use it.
  • My intention was to fix the bugs and glitches, make an English translation, get the mod updated for CM 1.50, improve mod compatibility, and streamline the installation process.
  • The only content removed was buggy or glitched textures/models/scripting that couldn't be repaired, as well as a huge amount of redundant (unused/unchanged) textures. This significantly cuts down on the mod's file size, from a 1.5GB download down to only about 250MB!
  • New content was added such as missing icons, Inquisitor textures, support for custom skin colors, and an English translation/bugfix of the spells mod component.
  • The changes to spells, balance, creatures, and spawns was turned into a separate module (Wardust's Spells Mod) that can be activated independently of the Serious Textures pack.

Install Instructions:

  • Install Community Patch 1.50
  • Install Wardusts mods using the Generic Mod Enabler (available at http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Miscellaneous/Generic-Mod-Enabler.shtml )
    • The Generic Mod Enabler should be installed in the base installation folder for Sacred 2.
    • Run it once and it will make a folder called "MODS" there.
    • Place the "Wardust's Serious Textures CM 1.60" and/or "Wardust's Spells Mod CM 1.60" folders into the MODS folder.
    • Run the GME and enable the mod(s). The order doesn't matter.
  • Uninstall by disabling with the GME.


  • Serious Textures module should be compatible with any other mod except Diablo 2 Fallen, in which it is already included. Do not install them simultaneously.
  • The Spells module is not compatible with any other spells mods or any mod that changes spells.txt or creatures.txt. The module's files "spawn.txt" and "balance.txt" can be deleted or overwritten without affecting any functionality. They are included to preserve Wardust's changes to balance, challenge, and enemy density.

Thanks to:

  • Wardust for making and sharing his mods with the Sacred 2 community.
  • Silver Fox for helping me work through all of the textures and spot errors and bugs to squash.

--Flix, Feb. 2016

What follows are the features of the spells mod by Wardust, presented for the first time with an English translation.
Wardust's Spells Mod

X62SmGYt.jpg KTvF5tFt.jpg qB8ivXKt.jpg iO229s7t.jpg fURGhnYt.jpg

07EsbC0.png Hallowed Restoration becomes Righteous Condemnation (Mortifying Pillory)
hiembcI.png Divine Protection becomes Crushing Vortex (Clustering Maelstrom)
mwYGl5m.pngVovlAPM.png BeeEffGee becomes Dracolin Familiar (summons a Dracolin companion that buffs the Seraphim)

High Elf
P9YnWxp.png Fire Demon becomes Dragon Fire (Dragon Strike)
JRmBknZ.pngIBrRO0z.png Incandescent Skin becomes Flame Skin (combines properties of Incandescent Skin and Fire Demon, and now summons a small dragon pet instead of an imp). NO conflict with Crystal Skin (can be active simultaneously).
NZZoEkn.png Frost Flare becomes a copy of Glacial Thorns (you will have two copies of this spell now)
CKoUyH4.png Expulse Magic becomes Arcane Nova (Flaring Nova)
LSo0Q1M.png Magic Coup becomes Pillar of Light (Radiant Pillar)

Shadow Warrior
S9SNosb.png Ruinous Onslaught becomes a copy of Scything Sweep (you will have two copies of this spell now)
SaiOXen.png Augmenting Guidon becomes a copy of Frenzied Rampage (you will have two copies of this spell now)

Astral Lord aspect becomes Elemental Lord
wNJeLlB.png Spectral Hand becomes Lightning Strike (Cobalt Strike)
Jz2OJ7f.png Skeletal Fortification also becomes Lightning Strike (you will have two copies of this spell now)
WAqnMT7.png Shadow Veil becomes Purgatory (Fiery Ember)
I6TWhEt.png Rallied Souls becomes Ring of Ice (Icy Evanescence)
laTvvd3.pngH24qNhz.png Nether Allegiance becomes Call of the Ancestors (now summons knights instead of skeletons)

QuRG7I4.png Dust Devil is replaced with a copy of Darting Assault (you will have two copies of this spell now)
49Jq7pR.pngZECkjsj.png Moribund Animus becomes Jungle Companion (now summons White Leopards that buff the Dryad instead of a ghost)
omihz0O.png Goldenglade Touch becomes Cyclone (Tornado)
lubI1vf.png Edaphic Lances becomes Wind Flurry (Gust of Wind)

Temple Guardian
48sAcIG.pngsl2Oof5.png Combat Alert becomes Battle Shroud (combines with T-Energy Shroud to become a single permanent buff)
GtwgzYD.png T-Energy Shroud becomes Gravity Well (Clustering Maelstrom)
vugkpV3.png6n0xQ0Y.png Untouchable Force is now Bionic Auxiliary (summons Temple Guardian soldiers instead)

Dryad's Cabalistic Voodoo aspect also gets a new background image:

My overall impression of Wardust's mods is that he wanted to downplay anything Satanic (pentagrams, demons, etc.), and remove any imagery/powers that referenced demonology, necromancy, and the occult.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I do not like the new seraphim. Is there a way to restore her to previous one ?

Yeah, look in the mod folders in pak\mq\maps\heroes\seraphim

There are 3 dds files with the name "seraskin" that can be deleted.


You'd also want to go into pak\mq\maps\heroes\seraphim\sets\mystique and delete any dds files that have "seraphim-mystique-helmet" in the file name,


Most of the mod works this way. Changes not to your taste can be deleted.

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I do not like the new seraphim. Is there a way to restore her to previous one ?

Yeah, look in the mod folders in pak\mq\maps\heroes\seraphim

There are 3 dds files with the name "seraskin" that can be deleted.


You'd also want to go into pak\mq\maps\heroes\seraphim\sets\mystique and delete any dds files that have "seraphim-mystique-helmet" in the file name,


Most of the mod works this way. Changes not to your taste can be deleted.

Thanks for info.



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So I got a problem...

Install order:

CM 150

Item Mod

Elite Mounts

Wardust Textures

Enhaced Spells

ESM Challenge

makes imp invisible. If I remove Wardust Textures it is visible. I am kinda lost here ._.

Any thoughts Flix?

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Wardust made it invisible. It's a feature, not a bug. I don't think Wardust liked demons and devils. I would have changed it but it's part of the mod.


If you want the imp back, go into the mod folder: pak\mq\maps\npc\monsters\chestcreature and delete the textures there (they make him invisible).

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Yeah Wardust didn't mind people customizing his mod to their own taste. I just didn't want to customize the mod's content before uploading it for everyone. I wanted to make sure all his changes were present, if possible. I personally like having the imp too, and I also like to keep most of the player characters' base skins unchanged. You can explore the files a little and see what suits you. :)

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Quick question though. Is there a way to only keep changes to the seraphim head without changing the rest of the body textures?

Yeah, kind of. Look in the mod folders in pak\mq\maps\heroes\seraphim

Delete everything in there except for 3 dds files with the name "seraskin".

You'd also want to go into pak\mq\maps\heroes\seraphim\sets\mystique and preserve any dds files that have "seraphim-mystique-helmet" in the file name.

By doing this, she'd have her new face but original armor textures. However, there would probably be some glitches if you used anything other than the default skin color, because surface.txt is changed to ignore the skin shader on a lot of Seraphim armors in the mod.

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Thanks for reviving the mod! and for the translation! makes me very happy!

When I did the mod, I have in mind make the game more visually serious and less sexual. And yes, I don't like see everywhere satanism, I think it's not necessary play with this things (for some people this simbology it's very real and use it for evil purposes, I don't know what, but I don't wont expose myself to it)


Thanks for continuing the work! a lot!



This is an awesome post Wardust... I'm delighted that Flix has kept your mod legacy alive for the fans.

Thanks for coming back and posting!





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  • 1 year later...

Please help!

I have tried this mod. Some texture works (Dragon mage, furry bears and boars...) , some does not (Dryad, shadow warrior, temple guardian, seraphim, high elf, grass, kobold...) .

Edited by Teoteo
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After I installed the Wardusts serious textures, I have experienced a lot of crash and freeze. I have tried many solution (4gb patch, reduce the resolution, customize option.txt, use nvidia AA) but it didn't help.

I think this might due to the environmental texture. I will try to delete all the environment-related files and keep the creatures, items and heroes textures.

Does anyone have a better idea? 

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  • 2 months later...
12 hours ago, SiegfriedCalibur said:

Any hope of updating this to 1.60? Elite textures, even trimmed, are a huge mess.

I doubt I'll ever have time.  We'll see.

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Wardust's Serious Textures and Spells mods have been updated for full compatibility with Community Patch 1.60.  Link to the NexusMods download in first post.

FYI the mod is made to work with the default texture setting.  if you use Elite Textures, you must go into the mod's "pak" folder and rename "mq" to "hq".  If you use the low quality texture setting, you need to rename it to "lq".

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