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Diablo 2 Fallen Strategies #4: Druid Shapeshifting Guide


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Thanks for the speedy reply! Now it makes sense, and frees my skill choices up nicely (apart from the mandatory regen skills needed for a pure shapeshifter). I assume any runes I eat will still increase their damage (conversely increase the regen)? I ate one and it seems to have increased their damage somewhat.

I'm actually quite glad I don't need to micro-manage the shapeshifts with all their in-built skills. Just need to focus on getting that lovely regen time down to 10. :cstars:

...off I go to make Druid no. 5. I must just say, this is one of the most unique classes I have ever encountered in an arpg. Pure genius! Thanks again Flix.

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Hi! I am new to the forum so bear with me please :wacko: I am currently playing a shapeshift Druid, and I am slightly confused by the skills Tactics Lore and Speed Lore when it comes to wolf/bear - they do not directly influence damage according to the guide. What are their respective impacts on the 2 forms?

The other thing I would like to ask is this: my special skills' (fury, shockwave etc) regen times seem to increase as I gain levels/ca levels instead of decreasing (e.g. from 4.1 at character level 1 to now 5.1 at character level 17/ca level 8.0, for the fury "spell"). Is this normal? I have only read 1 rune into the respective forms and wondered if I should eat more or just leave them at level 1?

Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you for this superb mod! The animations and playstyles are just wonderful! :)

A wonderful, very supportive first post, Icekat...in fact, you posting to this topic bumped it up and I got to read it in its entirety this morning while soaking in some of the great tips and comparisions Flix put into his guide.

Thank you for joining us, and welcome to DarkMatters!




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Hi Flix, hi Gogoblender, welcome Icekat. I am still there for the French translation Flix. Thank's you very much to continue to write this fantastic adventure.

Friendships to all members of this forum. ;)




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