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How can I play online with a Friend? I suppose I have to configure the Gameserver and then we both have to try multiplayer and search for the server I've created? I tried multiplayer once but it asks for a Sacred CD key which I don't have, how do you guys do it?



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Thank You very much for this awesome mod! After more than 10 years I am hooked again to Sacred Underworld and have alot of fun.

But one question: I have started new with Gladiator and could not find any shoulder pieces for Gladiator until now at level 25. Only for other classes.

Is it missing luck, is it an new rule or is it a bug?

Thanks for Your help!

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Just installed and I cannot get it to launch at all. I play on windows 10 and have the game on steam. Any ideas on how to get this to work? It's been a few years since I last played sacred 1 and 2 but the last time I did I modded 2 just fine and for s1 I was playing vanilla and sometimes veteran as I switched between the two.

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