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Download Community Items Mod v1.2a Hotfix

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Community Items Mod v1.2a Hotfix

The Community Items Mod 1.2 is now integrated into the Community Patch 1.50.  This download is a small mod that is designed to be installed on top of Sacred 2 Gold + CM Patch 1.50.
1)  The mod restores some item designs that were present in the CM Items Mod 1.2 but were removed for copyright reasons when the mod was integrated into the CM Patch.  This mod restores their unique designs.  Without this mod the items will use generic item models from Sacred 2 (but will still function).  The items with changed appearances are:
  a) Torch of Light
  b) Axe-Bot 2525
  c) Forgotten Technology
  d) Spear of the Dryads
  e) The Catalyst
  f) The Iron Knight
  g) Earthshaker
  h) Soulflay Fork
2)  The mod also contains a hotfix for an issue with the leg armor of the new Frozen Gems set, which flash and glow due to a script error.  The error is corrected with this mod.


1)  It's always best to install Sacred 2 mods with the Generic Mod Enabler (GME).  It can save a lot of headaches and frustration.  Get it free at http://www.softpedia...d-Enabler.shtml
2)  Install the GME into your Sacred 2 root folder and run it once.
3)  Place the "Item Mod 1.2a Hotfix" folder into the MODS folder created by the GME. 
4)  Use the GME to activate this mod.

This mod REQUIRES Sacred 2 Ice and Blood with the latest official patch ( or plus the latest Community Patch (1.50).

Development threads and more info:
New Dragon Mage Sets in Development
New Uniques and Legendaries Brainstorming

Thanks to my CM Items Mod team:
  • Silver Fox for overseeing and handling the development of v1.2. Also for his scripting, mastery of the game files, insight into item balancing and planning, attention to detail, encouragement, and his work on textures and reviewing bonuses. His modding expertise and dedication helped to make every little piece of this mod as good as it could possibly be.
  • Pesmontis for his crucial knowledge and tireless efforts in helping to get this project off the ground and completed, and for all his hard work editing textures and models, his kindness and endless patience, and wonderful item contributions. It would not have been possible without him.
Special thanks to:
  • Dimitrius154 and LazyTomcat for contributing their amazing work to the mod.
  • Other volunteer testers (Gilberticus, Dragon Brother, SX255).
  • People who offered up suggestions and requests, and contributed ideas and work to the mod: (Dragon Brother, Thorin Oakenshield, Chattius, Giberticus, SX255, Dave-O, Moonpaw).
  • Czevak and Dragon Brother for getting me going with starter tips on what files to edit.
  • LazyTomcat, Wardust, and others who made mods before me so I could follow their example.
  • Gogoblender and Schot for hosting this mod on Darkmatters.org
  • Everyone at Darkmatters who has followed the development of this mod and offered support and encouragement (especially Yoshio).
  • Marcus and Czevak for adding the mod to the Community Patch.

What's New in Version v1.2a Hotfix (See full changelog)

  • Restored designs for items that were changed during integration into CM Patch 1.50.
  • Fixed a script issue that was making the Blue Carbuncle High Elf leg armor glow and flash.


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

Dear Flix, a huge thx for the mod. This is awesome. Now if there were just a fully compatible patch for Wardust's Serious Textures mod... ^^

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ahm flix, I dont know if this is the right place to post this, just redirect this if nesesary, but is this no compatible to your spell enhanced mod? coz I'm using both but the global.res I,m using now is the spell mod one, if not compatible is there a way that I can merge them both in one global.res?

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Thank you!

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