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Download Community Patch v0150

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The Community Patch for the Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Ice & Blood pc game works with versions 2.65.1 and up:

Current version is: 0150

Currently supported Languages include: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. (More to come.) If you want to help with localization for your language not mentioned above, feel free to contact us via: E-Mail

Info below from DarkMatters.org by czevak

What does the CM-Patch actually do?

Marcuswob is mainly working on the questscripts. Main goal is to have a proper(!) questlog, and tweaking some quest-flow as we find it better/more consistent to play. Also reactivation of unused quests and complemeting some unfinished new ones has been and will be done if possible.

I am pretty much working on all of the other stuff. (Items, Bosses, Monsters, odds and ends...) This includes unlocking Stuff thats already finished, but did for some obscure reason not make it to the game. Thats the easiest part. Completing unfinished items, some legendaries and uniques or the T-energy-sets (= wrappings of mutation. :) ) takes a lot more time. Also balancing of bosses, items and spells is time consuming and we need a big crew of beta testers!

We already fixed and included in the Patch: Unlocking XMAS-Island, Fistweapons, Throwing Potions, New Sets for TG, SW and all other Chars, New Uniques, New Legendaries, New Quests, fixed the "Arkenmarks Refuge" Dungeon, Unlock Items can drop regularly, unavailable Shrinkheads can drop now and various other fixes and additions too numerous to mention all here. Just read a bit in the thread. Posted Image

Before you proceed to Download, there is some legal stuff to mention (you know how it is. Posted Image ):

DISCLAIMER - This is a private, non-profit patch for the amazing Sacred 2 community. Use it at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage to chars, data or hardware, that (may) arise or issue from using this product.

The ZIP includes two files: cm-enable.exe which is used for installing the CM-Patch, and cm-disable.exe which removes it and restores your previous version of Ice & Blood.

What's New in Version v0150 (See full changelog)

  • --General--
  • Added a Merchant to Schlun'Zum.
  • Fixed a bug where a werewolf merchant in Lizurath was an inadverted killquest target.
  • Removed an invisible door on a cave entrance en-route to Twitty Tister.
  • Removed the sometimes nagging "Welcome to Ice & Blood" screen.
  • --Animation--
  • Fixed Inquisitor's Callous Execution on his special mount (now two hits when dual wielding).
  • --Graphics--
  • Fixed the inappropriate green haired seraphim icons sometimes seen.
  • Prepared some savegame thumbnails that were missing.
  • - You should never see the blue Sacred 2 Icons in the savegame list again. Tell us if you do.
  • The Dragon Mage's Commander Set was optically corrected. (Pieces did not fit together.)
  • --Sounds--
  • Corrected an issue where orc female merchants had male voices.
  • --Enemies and Bosses--
  • Buffed Gartor and Failitia, Dreamweaver of the Gods up a notch.
  • Added a new Boss: Shelob. (Ephrahim's Nightmare)
  • --Sets and Items--
  • Added a new weapon set for the Dryad: Memories of the Trees
  • Fixed an error in drop.txt that was preventing the Cloak of Death from dropping.
  • Revised the fistweapon families to make them unlock their fitting type bonuses.
  • Added a new general weapon set with bonuses based on dual wielding: Remnants of Drizzt
  • New Feature - Introducing the sigil system.
  • Made custom Atherton bracers for the Dragon Mage.
  • Added a new Legendary reward for the Ephrahim's Nightmare quest: Spider's Bane
  • --Balancing--
  • Reduced the mitigation bonus of Gruma's Talisman.
  • --Skills--
  • Increased the duration and chance to infect of Viperish Disease and Eternal Fire a bit.
  • Increased movement speed for summoned creatures of the inquisitor and the dryads pets.
  • --Quests--
  • Keep an eye open for the most famous travelling merchant of all time...
  • Added a new Quest: Bugs!
  • Extended Ephrahim's Nightmare with a bossfight and epic reward: The Root of all Evil
  • Correction of many spelling mistakes.
  • Fixed many irregularities with missing NPCs or their illogical behaviour.
  • A quest called A Radical Solution is now properly sorted in the questbook.
  • Lt. Rinah is back where she belongs.

deam god jobb...all honer to you and those who work on this...

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Excellent work. You can be proud of yourself for supporting a game to that extent!

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Thanks!! friend!

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Good job, and thanks !

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Fantastic, it's a must have. One thing though Chrome browser on Win 10 flagged this malicious, might want to check that as I had to re download with safety settings disabled as chrome kept blocking it :D

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Thank you! I can only imagine how much time and care you put into this patch (or Expansion: I only just installed it but it's already as good as an expansion with updated everything).

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nice patches so far, but I cannot seem to download this version using either chrome or IE, it loads into a 404. any clues?

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