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  1. Key Largo Beach Resort and General Discussion

    This is for public and clan to enjoy. Hidden on a small inlet on a planet far, far away where the waves are perfect for surfing and the sun shines daily, is our small beach house resort. For special guests we have a premium vintage green liqueur, and...maybe...Saurian brandy? Kick back and relax. Bbq's every saturday and beach volley ball just around the corner. Please Keep general discussion here.

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  2. Media Matters

    Your Darkest source of the latest rumors about Shakespeare, Chuck Norris, Blind Guardian and other media hypes!

    7,552 posts
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  3. Tech Talk

    Warning: An error occured while displaying the previous error window. What to do now? Ask for help here.

    6,700 posts
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  4. 28,035 posts
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  5. The Dark Kitchen

    Orc chef say " Catch lizard, whomp on head, throw in pot on fire, take nap, food done. If no lizard be found, chicken good too." Want to find a new recipe? Need help with what to have for dinner? You might find help here.

    6,182 posts
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  6. The Creatrix

    Avatars, images, sigs...all here! Want something made? Just ask! Got something to show? This is the place!

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  7. The Daily Grind: Real life right here!

    Escape the hard world of fantasy, and enter the world of actual life. Tell us more about your day here, and forget about the hard labour of console gaming.

    9,907 posts
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