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  1. Hä? -> Ah Ha laughter is THE best sound in the world @Hooyaah I remember watching a VERY old movie a long time ago... about a boxer who was awesome and hearing deaf, he got hearing back (dont remember how now) and his boxing performance took a dive. In the final few minutes a big hit to the head rendered his hearing once again silent and he could focus and won the fight! wish i remembered its name now @chattius one of my fave groups.Ah Ha
  2. Lol u guys … my fave now is apple music 😂 gogo
  3. heh, waaaaaaay too over me head guys.. just gonna enjoy a very dark 5 49 am in the morning wake up with coffee while reading your math ( ) posts gogo
  4. I had given up the trader slot as a choice I think about a month into the game... Schot had started developing his Trading Builds, a whole bunch of traders set up along different levels that did the shopping for whatever your level at that time needed. I especially loved shopping with shopping outfits gogo
  5. Dynamation -> Sinbad You must have seen Sinbad animations Steve... art, even in this day gogo
  6. Flix , great work!! This is my favorite part of your projects, and alwqys delights me You've always had a path to leverage visual for this game, for your guides, Wiki, and your mod updates You bring great light to focus on the beauty of Sacred's visual assets and they themselves gain recognition, respect and add value to your work thank you gogo
  7. Guys, you overwhelmed me with your answers! Theuns, yes you'e back... the good stuff will do that! Lujate, I know what you mean about the glasses having to be fat...this is for oxidation right? Androdion and Chattius, I cant see myself drinking soooo much that would I be so much fo a stickler for room temp, but i know what you mean, and will let good stuff "breathe" before I get to it? And, I found out some more info about those glasses..I found them! Chef & Sommelier Open Up Tannic Crystal Red Wine https://www.wayfair.ca/dining/pdp/chef-sommelier-open-up-tannic-crystal-
  8. I was telling one of my friends today that Sacred's main Heroine is a top model for advanced borg-tech Victoria's Secret Dominatrix of the Stars gogo
  9. Ayuh! I found that when guide builders put that in its truly helpful when you're at one of the most critical points in the game, having to choose I remember spending hours and hours reading and going through loads of posts on the Sacred International Forum to make sure my timing in my leveling was good for the choice...its one of the most thrilling aspects of this game IMO... Adore this part of a build...when the timing is perhaps aided by a significantly lucky drop that just *CLICKS* a CA's timing into place gogo
  10. Nice work Onion! Sacred Underworld modders are still rare than for Sacred 2 Love seeing your work on our first love and iteration of this game. Thank you for sharing this with our mad, modding, gaming and poutine-eating community! gogo
  11. hahah im just the main mouth Re it aging well, at least on the PC side of it, there's a fair bit of modding happening with the gamethese days.. Underworld has some cool skins just uploaded for the main screen: @Onion and @Vishankais posing about new build through with Seraphim with @Flix and @dimitrius154 always running new expansions on their huge add ons to this game: and @ Lindor with new texture packs, hes doing a lot of work with underworld. We also have two for one wednesdays gogo

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