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  1. discover -. discovery gogo
  2. gogoblender

    Sacred Reborn: Daemon Chronicles

    My favorite part of this last chronicle of yours is the bonuses coming from that insane sword. I remember a player on line in olden days who had painstakingly collected the parts...he could not stop posting happines about the damage...but I'd forgotten until now about its ability to trap those ranged damagers ...the effect with the green vines is amazing ... great animation... the sounds? gogo
  3. Monitor -> diametrodon 🤠 gogo
  4. gogoblender

    And now for something truly disgusting....

    I'm stoked about this! Just got to reading this post, and it must have turned out... pix if you got 'em please... I've followed some caul recipes on the nt in shows but never used it myself...and liver's never really been a mainstay of my diet, as Theuns notes, noticeably grainy...but i DO love chicken livers served up with onions and ground up like from a Deli... Chattius, hoping the chef's day is here with you on this creation gogo
  5. gogoblender

    Sacred Reborn: Daemon Chronicles

    Flix, your details of thought while taking out the Dragon are delightful! I dont think many creatures in any game have any chance against your gift for calculation. The cool thing is if you loaded up these images in order to Youtube while reading out, you'd have created yourself a true animated, narrated tale of adventure! gogo
  6. gogoblender

    Sci Fi Game Level Concept

    I adore lovecraft as well. SheHawk, your work actually got me into a love craft mood... i googled love craft type movies on Netflix now showing and have gotten some nice choices to watch this weekend...thanks for the inspiration^^ There was, as well, a whole slew of love craft inspired monsters and adventures in D and D, with tentacled, green horrors from deep beneath the waves... gogo
  7. gogoblender

    [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    Welcome to DarkMatters, nonameisme! gogo