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  1. gogoblender

    Diablo 2 Fallen Creatures Thread

    I think the best part of reading about your mod updates is your detailed and lengthy reasoning for why specific creatures act in certain ways ...hence giving them an understandable motive... heh.. im not sure about getting more ranged attacks... maybe they got toned down because of more,,, owch ? Great read gogo
  2. e5f tornado -> epic they are! gogo
  3. gogoblender

    Food glorious food - What are you eating

    Dude.... beautiful!! the chicken in oven looks too good... im now convinced that giving up my spam and almost beans diet is the way to go! Thanks for the share Chattius... warm fuzzy feeling...oh yah thats hunger too gogo
  4. 9 degrees yesterday and only work a half day... its a shorts day...hello mountain... and now for semi shambling semblance of a jog Gloves for protectrion ...never know whenyou have to touch something gogo
  5. gogoblender


    Excalibur! The best and most noble of swords. I especially like the pommel of your design and hand guards. This is a hero's sword to rely and fall back upon when all seems darkest. Always loved everything this sword makes me feel for... history, heritage and just "doing the right stuff" Do you follow any Stephen King, SheHawk? In his Dark Tower series, the hero boasts a pair of Sandalwood guns which are his primal defense in his battles against Randal Flag... gogo
  6. gogoblender

    All time scary films?

    What ?! noooo..! I mean... really DarkWolf...what was it missing? Was there something else you wanted more of? Top Shelf acting, perfect editing, nail biting concept... and extraordinarily gruesome... Yeegadz! gogo
  7. gogoblender

    All time scary films?

    LOL.. im sorry...but that image running after the girl looking for her parts just made me laugh Chattius... with that laugh we have for old horror movies that are just over thetop... And Flix... i hear yar on the pricing...relatives we have in the states are always distraught with medical there gogo
  8. gogoblender

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    @Flix Great crowd pleaser! code, content and community you always seem to get it right Dragon Fight to the Death... Good job gogo
  9. I love this show!!! Katara -> Wind! gogo
  10. gogoblender

    Food glorious food - What are you eating

    Delighted this soup worked out so well. I know cooking in large amounts can be difficult to get with the proportions... I say... extra cheese pleeze! gogo
  11. Great topic...I just really like the title... on first read this morning thought it was someone posting about a horror movie Thanks Flix for the great info (Three days before my birthday! ) and Welcome to the forums Caeter... may your Sacred gaming dreams come true! gogo
  12. gogoblender

    Food glorious food - What are you eating

    Brilliant guys...what a good secret that is! I just remember now that my Uncle used to do that to his pizza crust when he ran a restaurant here... can hardly wait to try this out... feel like making another pie right now gogo
  13. barbequeue -> authentic really gotta taste the real stuff one day ...or pick up some cherished pitmaster skills! gogo p.s. just looking at the first ten seconds of this video make my stomach growl