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  1. And... yeeeeeeeeeeeeee... new anime? or is it a manga? Blood of Zeus... netflix... ULTRAVIOLENT... 30 seconds... the animation is kind of flattish, but the perspectives and pacing are great... this is gonna be a new great one for me...u guys see it? gogo
  2. Old friends and fans party ! gogo
  3. Really liking the depth that the blood leaves has as impact. It's like you're trotting out a fashion show for the season here for everyone on the site... Thanks for this effort and time Martin! gogo
  4. Best Sacred Scarecrow Ever! that a model? please come by for a complimentary whiskey sipping at our hidden party coords ;) Though you'll need a spooky avatar to get through the great front gates The Great Pumpkin Has Arrived! gogo
  5. maybe this looksie at the world's most expensive car shall cheer ye up? gogo
  6. Very smart ideas for the shields...these were great consumption for me alongside my coffee before work this morning...the ouroboros manifestation is my favorite (well that and the forcefield shield.. always been a sucker for those in Sacred) ..brilliant tying -n a racing glow of the t-energy with it trying to get its tail! gogo
  7. with an editor you can make a rainbow socket Maybe one that leads us to the evil land of the leprechaun's Gold Pot...where some random shots create a rainbow bridge to an artifact drop...and a VERY rare hit creates a bridge the brings forth...the leprechaun!! gogo
  8. @lujate gak, Lujate... I looked up that one song who's lyrics you threw out and now look at this... an hour later ... gogo
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