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  1. pagers still alive... great info Chattius.. and so particular to your craft pocsag -> communication gogo
  2. 120 film -> 360 cam my buddy in a Austria just got one... W O W..NEVER seen anything like it before... I thought he was using a drone... and look what he does at the ened https://photos.app.goo.gl/G5MiaiAyT8SBBA2r8 MAGIC gogo
  3. haha thats so LOL... and just out of curriosity who threw that snowball attention -> focus Glad you were determined Theuns, you made a lot of happy humans' sweet tooths satisfied gogo
  4. That’s so cool!, And also the subject of a number of post apocalyptic movies where someone takes an eyeball to put it in front of the scanner…🤭😄🙈 eye - security 🙈 gogo
  5. regional -> terroir cute local word, actually I think it can be juxtaposed in English as "of local"? kind of a foody thing gogo
  6. pleasant melody, the guitar work is a delight gogo
  7. A return to old-school builds... Chattius style! Love the tongue in cheek of the FAQ questions and I believe you'll convert a lot of players to the Dryad's insane speedy hits and Attack speeds with her ranged prowess. "to explore strange new worlds " ... bravo with helping get the latest changes in order for the most advanced dryad... with all the updates, so much of the mechanics were changed, and I always loved the hit to regen socketed which hugely had effect on all my dryad builds.. I remember years ago you were one of the first to post about this "fixed" mechanic that the devs put i
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