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  1. love that song! AND the will ferrel skit...classic@! reaper -> will ferrell gogo
  2. Thanks for this post Thorium! Who cant relate to human things happening in the course of our days. It's also wonderful to hear that you're happy with the progress now and have brought the work into video, architecture, and these drawings. Noone will fault challenges, and hearing that you're acquiring and stocking up on talent is a huge boon! gogo
  3. gogoblender

    What are you eating

    I can imagine this taste... must be s flavorful! But... I thought we always had to cook pork all the way through... this is new to me! gogo
  4. we had some seriously awesome weather up in Alexandria at my cousin's home / farm... my nephew Jake has taken a fancy to scootering on the ice with their dog... crispy cold weather, and sun...lots of sun gogo
  5. gogoblender

    What are you eating

    Was up in the country this weekend with the family... lo and behold, these magical buttermilk biscuits appeared...hot, moist and so fragrant... my nephew took this snap, his first..he carefully put the home made jam on top then laid the top piece of biscuit atop it at an angle... showing promise Jake! gogo
  6. gogoblender

    Currently Watching...

    Absolutely adored the Umbrella Academy... one of my favorite views this season. Lots of everything we love, and the writing is stellar. That ending...argh... give us more Netflix!! gogo
  7. postulation -> postman gogo
  8. gogoblender

    Backdrop - New Game by Sacred Devs

    The art, as has been noted Frank and Franz is exquisite... who is illustrator? All done directly on computer, or starting out from sketches? gogo
  9. gogoblender

    Home AI - Google Mini, Amazon Alexa... anyone got this yet?

    Gonna get a mini for my Mom down in the states. I've gotten so used to using a Timer now then using the stove. Old building, lots of wood,... It also makes for an awesome new broadcaster in the morning gogo
  10. definite -> best guess gogo