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  1. carry on -> charges whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... ? https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/norwegian-air-shuttle/charges-for-bringing-your-bigger-hand-baggage-on-board/ gogo
  2. shorts -> pajamas Yes... i can wear pajamas at work... work from home program can do that ^^ gogo
  3. gogoblender

    Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

    I've actually never played WoW Podgie, or in fact any MMo o_O ...but I love how you've described crafting in Vanguard... can see how a player would definitely become invested in the creation of a piece of long-wrought craftsmanship gogo
  4. gogoblender

    Food glorious food - What are you eating

    lol...thats a lot of buttah! gogo
  5. gogoblender

    Currently Watching...

    Just finished watching Messiah, what a surprise this series was. The trailer engaged me and a few friends from work also highly rated it. Just finished watching it back to back in a huge netflix session.. Production values are terrific, they have built very solid, detailed characters and... you just dont know which side is "true"... u have to stick it out to the end. Super volatile topic, but maybe it's the way that it's been handled that drew me in. recommended gogo
  6. gogoblender

    Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

    Great read Podgie. I never played this game, but it looks like a fair bit of work went into it and it had some promise... and maybe still does ^^ Looked up some videos online and this youtuber did a great narration of the game's history and how its marketing and production happened... great bit of vgame history! gogo
  7. Its funny, only when you brought this up did I remember that it was a cool way to see/read quickly topics with that super fast popup gogo
  8. gogoblender

    Making My Peace with Sacred 3

    There's still a lot of Sacred in the world. Every year we keep meeting more and more people here at DarkMatters who keep getting deeper and deeper into this game and it's legacy. Look at the huge jump in modding this year... all from not going horizontal with this game in a traditional way but with people just engaging in what they love most... doing Sacred stuff ... going deep...fractally? ( lol maybe that's too much Ender's game here I'm thinking ;)) Love what you said about Titan Quest... it means that there's always going to be an angle that's going to get someone interested in coming up with something. Maybe one day something will come that will be a great reflection of Sacred's true blood gogo
  9. gogoblender

    Food glorious food - What are you eating

    used to always eat sugar cereals and milk for breakfast... always thought that was the only thing I could palate in the morning...but years go by, tastes change... good lord is this peanut butter, and bananas on toast? ... every morning?
  10. gogoblender

    Making My Peace with Sacred 3

    THQ Nordiq? lol or something like that... I think? gogo
  11. gogoblender

    Interesting stuff you might not know

    I adore the water falling off the edge of the world... just epic! gogo
  12. Edison -> elephant search if you'd like... the answer's pretty gruesome gogo