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  1. gogoblender

    [REL] Diablo 2 Fallen

    Flix, this is just awesome, thanks for putting all this work in... careful that you don't get mobbed by fans when going for your starbucks one early morning gogo
  2. gogoblender

    Frozen happiness!

    My friend you have come far far along your road and have so much delightfully far to go with your journey ... I'm grateful you keep sharing your experience with us of life and cookery... sometimes your images of sweet concoctonations (hell I made that word up ) dance in the dreams of not only me but in the memories and heart of all the cooks and cookettes (dang right im taking inspiration for that one! ( ) you inspire along your road gogo
  3. Great avatar! And...I cant guess it...ill wait till soemone snappier than me comes along Doh! gogo
  4. gogoblender

    The Related Word Game - 2017!

    wavelength -> Gamma gogo
  5. gogoblender

    The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Fine Dining -> Ultraviolet ... most expensive restaurant in world... ? gogo
  6. gogoblender

    The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Grand Prix -> So Expensive!! gogo
  7. gogoblender

    Engame and difficulty in Sacred 2

    I never thought of them positioned that way What a list that would be/is ! gogo
  8. gogoblender

    The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Casablanca -> morocco gogo
  9. I love how smileys are so easy to access...before you had to click then pick tween two sub menus...but now, with just one click, we see all the huge host of drop downs...there's some terrifying stuff in here locked away... ... just in time for Halooween! gogo
  10. gogoblender


    Wait... dont forget the complimentary poutine ... good for the soul...but mostly the stomach.. gogo
  11. gogoblender

    Question for the chefs concerning tzatziki

    I love Tzatziki! but for some reason it manages to stay off my radar. I don't know why. Possibly because the food it goes so well with doesn't oft find its way to my maw? It's latest appearance in my life has been startling as well. I went to a grocery store not often visited. Kind of far and off the beaten path. Bought a package of processed, frozen and unhappy looking kebabs. Lo and behold, what rolled out after I shook the box. Frozen and ready to be microwaved, small mini-plastic packets of whitish creamy colored liquid which I did, after, pop into the microwave.. Easy to snip open, however, and smear upon the bobs... keeeeeeeeeeeeeyukkk!!! gogo
  12. Quick beer yesterday.. place is famous for its huge hidden two story terrace... if you come to visit the Ste Elizabeth is the place :
  13. gogoblender

    What are you eating

    yes, yes, its bad for us, so much sodium blah blah... soooooooooo goooooooooooood... soooooooooo... spicy........... gogo
  14. gogoblender

    The Related Word Game - 2017!

    nosferatu -> black and white gogo