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  1. The new images sound nice and sharp! Image size is sometimes a concern but its always something we can work with... and of , of course, we have Schot on our side! gogo
  2. hailey's comet -> armageddon is it happening this month or year Steve? gogo
  3. It was that perfect day of summer last night.. i was walking down the mountain towards my place and all of a sudden a huge red flare down the street... the sun was setting! Apparently my road and some of the other roads on this side of the mountain are the best in montreal for watching sunsets...heres a quick from last night... i really feel like trying to make an effort to catch it... lol but its summer and it happens so late gogo
  4. universe -> masters of the universe Bonfire of the Vanities.. UBER reference...and a super book gogo
  5. Ruddick has quite a following, Frozenstein... Thanks for posting the great feedback for him, he will love it.. welcome to the forums! gogo p.s. that nic Frozenstein is awesome +++
  6. Brilliant! Thats such an awesome Video Timo... cant believe you put it up so fast, so candidly and so smartly.. I would never have believed what a difference they make.. Yes...I'm a believer ..bring on those O Rings! gogo
  7. Welcome to DarkMatters, Henry! We're happy to have you here on the boards...I've translated your post into English, hope this helps you find Vagner gogo
  8. lol ... gogo matter -> teleporter pretty gruesome scene absolutely heartbreaking gogo
  9. Why am I just only now seeing this... ten years without discovery! Thank you Metal for this share/discovery ... our own baby dragon ! gogo
  10. Todd Mcfarlane, R A Salvatore...stop right there... how can this not be anything less than amazing voice acting, epic fight scenes, really really AWESOME magic... THQ Nordic...seems like they're on the ball ... what could possibly be next gogo
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