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  1. So happy you got your first chattius! Almost all of my family has gotten it cuz they work in health care ... only leaving me and the other younger cousins...im anxiously awaiting even my first shot and am kind of scared now to visit Ammamma in the residence cuz I'm not immunized yet gogo
  2. holee molee Rob...im just floored by your post... what a horror story. I can relate to this strange illusory "space" of feeling that its always happening to others...but to have this virus come out and wipe out almost your entire staff...and then your boss... who you've chatted about with me to for many years...your friend... to be in the hospital like that.. im just happy he's made it out. My aunt actually got Covid..she's a nurse at a nursing home here in MTL and her entire residence had a one hunded percent infection rate... and my cousin who's a nurse at the (then) Jewish General emergenc
  3. omgod... Theuns we call this ... or a version of it in Sri Lankan cooking... Seeni Sambal...kind of like a super spicy onion cooked ... marmelade i guess? lol good word you called it..here's a pic of it... my mom actually simmers the entire onions down in oil, adds cinnamon sticks, cloves and some kind of dried fish and LOADS of power chilli powder gogo
  4. How could i have missed your post Gilberticus...and about food AND John Wick's incredible puppy! Happy you found such epiphany in a store-bought ravioli...but ... thinking bill and ted's Face the Music was comparable to the pain we felt from that puppy's death? gogo p.s. you gave me plenty reason to skip this offering in netflix this last month... thank you !
  5. This is beautiful Chattius... an extraordinary tradition... hand in hand with easter egg coloring! gogo
  6. Lordy...mushrooms!! I'm imaginging what can be done...fried, fricaseed,stewed,baked, stuffed.. I've really only tried two or three kinds here...but seeing so many in play rekindles my courage gogo
  7. That is a very beautiful and rich looking sauce. I can feel the word *unctuous* spelled out upon my tongue I dont really have the depth of cooking or profiles to create something like that ...yet. I guess some motivation is required...but looking at photos like these of food being created by actual members is a joy. gogo
  8. Thanks jedjimi for the helpful info! Cutter, we're happy to meet up with you here on the forums Welcome to DarkMatters! gogo
  9. Samana great to meet up! This introduction section has always been my favorite part of the forum. Games are great but its always been people playing behind them thats been the community. I'm thrilled reading your words about how the posts and information from the site has cajoled you into posting...and what a friendly first one as well. I know that your thanks will be read and felt by many many readers and everyone who keeps coming here to put up thoughts, feedback and questions. Re finding players, I believe you're going to have to perhaps read through some of the latest posts to see w
  10. Counting on you! I'm saving up for this computer that will "do this all!' gogo
  11. Happy to see you've found this game and that you have already met Chattius for some help with your build. Welcome to the forums SNaKeYGR! gogo
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