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  1. I remember that game!! Operation -> Buzzer gogo
  2. gogoblender

    Currently Watching...

    I've seen that, both versions, quite good And... gak..im stuck on watching Dragon's Den... lol... how do I fall for these things... gogo
  3. The bottle of bitters that we got for my cousins birthday was pretty tiny, and.. plastic! kind of took away from the nostalgia I was feeling...but it added great depth to the flavor ...ive never actually seen a product like that before, though yours looks quite premium Chattius gogo
  4. Navy Seals -> Operation gogo p.s. Theuns, didnt know you could shoot, thats awesome! keep in practice still?
  5. lol... if we'd had you as a neighbor we'd never leave! I also believe that you have a way with teaching that that student who was watching has gained... confidence is the start of everything! I never knew there was any range on the bitters... only that my parents had an old creaky bottle of the Angostura's in their cupboard... and now years later when we actually put some effort into finding them, they are hard to find. gogo
  6. foot percussion -> podiatrist gogo
  7. Diamond -> Diamonds on the soles of her shoes :) gogo
  8. mousse -> difficult apparently they are VERY hard to make? gogo
  9. The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) -> Charlie and the Chocolate Factory gogo
  10. witches -> roald dahl the witches move was AMAZING Angelica Huston...owning it... MAXIMUM RESULTS GOGO
  11. follower -> dungeons and dragons lol cant believe that when I read the word "followers" I instantly jump to dungeons and dragons... the things we remember! gogo
  12. gogoblender

    How’s your day going?

    It's funny how we all begin to think and muse about the humans in our life... thats our lives... the human connection... if we dont have it... perdition ...there is no bigger meaning to life got that from the Netflix Sci Fi Movie "IO"...and it has since just been bouncing about in my head...hopefully leaving behind some goodness gogo