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  1. gogoblender

    Another "Getting to know you quiz"...

    dont wear contacts any more switched to glasss or laser? Theres a big thread about getting laser somewhere on these boards...everyone been very pleased... hoping to book an apointment as well gogo
  2. gogoblender

    Currently Watching...

    Id heard about that...wasnt there some kind of a petition to get him back? gogo
  3. gogoblender

    Currently Watching...

    so lucky... I love shadow theatre! gogo
  4. Pittsburgh -> penguins gogo
  5. Hershey’s -> Pennsylvania isnt the factory there? 😎 gogo
  6. thanks! yah we got great feedback from members of community, and I've chilled about this. And SO very happy you're strong with eye again Spock... still getting that six million dollar eyesight? gogo
  7. gogoblender

    What are you eating

    They have a new chef at my uncle's hotel in Sri Lanka... My aunt for a while was not interested at all in what was coming out of the kitchens...but these days... magic! gogo
  8. gogoblender

    Currently Watching...

    I know... after seeing the trailers and your feedback, am stoked! Is there more than one season of it ? And... anyone catch the trailer of Spiderman Universe? Just when you think they cant get even more creative with super heroes... they go and explode a mega idea for Spiderman...the trailer is just awesome!! gogo
  9. gogoblender

    Getting to know each other quiz

    Tahiti? I sense good taste! is the weather... or the food? gogo
  10. kisses -> chocolate the best ones are out now!! gogo
  11. gogoblender


    Hey, IceFire, Happy Birthday! What a great way to post and find our l'il Sacred hidey hole gogo
  12. superhero -> Spiderman Universe... LOOKS AWESOME gogo
  13. gogoblender

    Currently Watching...

    Yee haw... Titans is coming to Netflix Canada... Yee haw! https://mobilesyrup.com/2018/12/12/dcs-titans-netflix-canada-january-2019/?fbclid=IwAR19NldfStWpvcik2kN2SIax2Mojv5p9hqV4bnpGpzkcmPrZgH2L3gB6DXg :0 gogo
  14. What a terrific write up , chattius...thanks! you made it sound so reasonable and safe...lol I was probably more scared than anything about someone poking around in me eyeballz... il book those two hours after the holidays and cross my fingers for some good feedback gogo