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  1. Series -> FRIENDS One of my favourite series... I love all of them, but Ross.
  2. He likes the warmth when he is being held by people. he often tries going into sleeves, or hoodies, or even women's tops and bra's/// I suppose he is a real male. Since they are cold blooded they do like the heat, and they will try to go where they will feel more secure/safe/secluded, so my sleeves are very popular, the hood of my hoodie if it hangs on my back, and around my shoulders or around my middle when it is a cold day and I am layered up. the he just chills there, I can feel how he starts to warm up, and then he is a bit more active if I handle him again. No, corn snakes do grow a bit bigger, max size that they have been recorded is 1.8m, with a girth of about 16cm, then they should be healthy and well fed. But they also need that amount of space in their terrariums. So the rule of thumb is, two adjoining sides combined must be equal to or greater than the length of the snake. They are not arboreal, so they don't need high enlosures. Our terrariums are 40cm high with a bit of enrichment, we put some vines and wooden pegs into the back so that he can slither around and explore more, but a lot of breeders keep them in a stacking system, in plastic tubs. similar to the picture.
  3. Happy Birthday Schot / B-rad! I hope you have an amazing day. And some awesome take out! Thank you for all the hard work you put in here on DarkMatters. We really do appreciate it.
  4. Well, snakes don't really have ways of showing love or affection... But they do tolerate you/allow you to touch and hold them and they do become used to you and other people touching/handling them without becoming aggressive. Corn snakes are not venomous. They are constrictors and don't grow big enough to do any harm to a human, even children and babies. They are also some of the most docile snakes to have as pets. Taking care of them is as easy as feeding them once every 5-7 days as babies, and then the bigger they grow and the bigger the rodents become that you feed them the less often you can feed them. Dexter was on rat pups, and he was being fed a bit of an irregular schedule. Since rats have more calories than mice, corn snakes can become fat from rats. I was feeding him one rat, then waiting about 8-10 days then feed him one rat, wait two weeks, feed him one rat, wait 8-10 days, one rat, 2 weeks... In that cycle. He actually did get a bit thicker which is good and he atleast did not get fat. He also got longer. The petshop did not have adult mice, that is why I took the rats, yesterday they did not have rats. So he is going back to mice. So you want them to gain girth and length, most new snake owners struggle to get their snakes to get girth, because they are scared of feeding them prey that are too big. So they feed them 2 smaller ones. Which allows them to grow longer, but stay thin spaghetti snakes... They can eat a rodent that is upto 1,5 times as thick as the thickest part of their own bodies. And it looks soooooo cool when the bump moves down their body. And then they need a terrarium, a cave or hide, fresh water, some enrichment and you only have to clean up after them about 4/5 days after they ate and handling them on a regular basis.
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