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  1. Chicken -> organic. We had a guest at La Residence once, who asked if the chicken on our menu is organic, free range, and GRASS FED... My reply was "Yes, Yes, and when chickens do start eating only grass, I am sure it will be the only thing they are allowed to eat." The guest (American) was not impressed. But the General manager saw it my way and at least I did not get in trouble...
  2. Hugs -> Awkward Hugs are very hit or miss depending on the person.
  3. Ceeni Sambol -> chutney The recipes online sound pretty good. I made an onion marmelade a while ago at home. Just cooked the onions down with seasoning and a sickly sweet straw wine that I had a few bottles of in the house... I was never going to drink it, but won't throw it away. Left out the sugar in the recipe that you would usually use for onion marmelade, added the wine one bottle at a time and let it cook out before adding the next one. Came out pretty good
  4. Yes. It takes a while to warm up to the proper temperature, but it will work. Make sure it is at the desired, but not too hot temp, add the oil/butter/ghee/fat, quickly let it warm up, then add the salmon skin side down first
  5. Stainless steel does get hot enough... but I find that a gas stove does it the best, and a cast iron pan to go with it, or Le Creuset...
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