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  1. Classic -> style We stew them, but also sautee, roast, boil(for soups and purees) and caramelized onions are delish...
  2. Roots -> vegetables. I like cooking with root veggies. The different colours, flavours and textures that they offer.... Yum yum!
  3. Denkmalschutz -> Heritage https://www.ourworldheritage.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/WorldHeritageNeedsUs.m4v
  4. Any one from the Forum that wants to come and visit please DO! I will do my best to at least take you out on a few days to show you some sights, go wine tasting, go to some great restaurants.... I unfortunately cannot accommodate more than 1 person, or a couple at the moment... having a sleeper couch in the "Spare room"
  5. Some more breads that we bake everyday. Some of them I did, some of them the baker did Italian ciabatta Mini baguettes and cocktail rolls. Seed farm bread Brown farm bread White farm bread Croissants Brioche. Kathleen is the actual baker at Joostenberg and she bakes 6days of the week.
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