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  1. Delta!

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    understandably into poverty...
  2. Delta!

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    I can Incite New Greed G L U T O
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  4. That is not a Tradition we have here in South Africa... we don't have the same plant life in the Southern Hemisphere. But my mom got tired of using ugly fake plastic trees when I was still small, and then used a potted tree, a Cypress that we then used every year and we saw it grow bigger and bigger...
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    Uma Vents Unwanted Love Away T H E R M
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    and was terrorizing...
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    Safely trapped inside...
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    Felines Only Likes Killing Something M O U S E
  11. Well, currently the overtime is not even seen by anyone... According to management, it is recorded, but previously HODs signed it off every month and would write reports about why certain staff members are working so many hours extra, and some barely make the quota. I have not seen a clock in list in the past year... I have done 54 hours in 4 days now. We are getting paid bonuses in December, but you get a bonus based on how long you have worked for the company, and even if you did the bare minimum to just keep your a$$ covered, you will get your bonus. Only if you are absent for no reason, work while intoxicated, or have any disciplinary action taken against you, do they not pay you a bonus. I am going to talk to the Senior sous chef and ask if they can't add an owing day for me for all the extra hours that adds up to a working day. Owing days you get back at a later time, I usually take mine when I have leave, that is how I got 5 weeks paid leave this year. they gave me back all the owing days. and that was just owing days from working doubles, or from not getting all your off days for the month, not extra hours that I put in every day. Yes gogo, Sending out food that I am satisfied with does help and makes me not think about the hours, it actually makes me happy to send out a plate and see it come back a few minutes later, and it looks scraped clean...Makes it all worthwhile