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  1. Delta!

    Make a sentence from 5 letters

    "Want Another?!?" She Testily Exclaimed C H A R M
  2. Garbage bags -> Fridays Our garbage days....
  3. The fire is now completely put out. the mountain has lots of black scars and there is still a lot of smoke in the sky. I am just glad that the fire is not burning anymore... Thank you all for the well wishes and support
  4. My day was good thank you Timo. Relaxed, cleaned the house a bit, played some games, drank some wine...
  5. The fire is mostly under control and there is no more threat to properties. There is ash raining down on us... I am keeping all doors and windows closed at home, and even then, there is ash inside the house. I wish I could open a few windows and maybe a door, because it is hot, but I don't have a vacuum machine, and I can't clean all that ash on my own. At work I had to clean every single plate before I could use it, even though it was washed and put on the shelf for service time during/after lunch, I had to clean them all again. it is insane how much ash can get in soooooo many places.
  6. Delta!

    The Related Song Game

    INXS - Not Enough Time Cher -> Strong Enough
  7. Delta!

    Make a sentence from 5 letters

    Some Teams Are Really Sorry L O S E R
  8. Delta!

    Continue with 3 words only

    all the clocks...
  9. Delta!

    Continue with 3 words only

    the Gremlins did...