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  1. Smiley -> Emoji ... not the biggest fan of people that over use them...
  2. Fritz Schulz-Reichel -> Der schräge Otto (Fritz Schulz-Reichel -> The Crazy Otto) Aerosmith -> Crazy
  3. Wetzlar -> Franschhoek Village We lived there for almost three years. Absolutely beautiful, picturesque little town nestled right in the winelands. Perfect for a weekend getaway. Unfortunately the reality of living there for an extended period of time wasn't quite as idyllic. Very expensive place. And the charming village atmosphere very quickly started feeling more like a culture corset. To give you an idea how small it is, there's not even a traffic light in the town. No Asian restaurants other than a 5 Star Indian allowed. No Take aways. Only two food supermarkets. No chain restaurants. Only french fusion cuisine. We had good times there. But I wasn't sorry to leave it behind.
  4. Pregnant -> offspring My Fiance struggles to refer to children as "Children/kids/young ones"... So he calls them Offspring/Spawn/Crotch goblin/Crap factory/Sprog... Watch this for inspiration
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