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  1. Is this the Valheim Anonymous support group? Ok, I confess. I was juuuust a wee LOT into this. Like, I was playing way too much! Needless to say I adore Valheim. One of the best that I've played in quite a while. I played with 2 others on a server we're renting and that probably adds a lot to the fun factor. Bizarrely enough, what I like most is it's semi hard core take on character deaths. It reminds me a bit of the old Sacred game. In the old Sacred, when someone died, your friends could help by going and picking up your stuff before the dead person left the game in order to pr
  2. lol Timo We call it: Christmas... Shock & Awe! *imagining people ducking for cover as they accidentally mouse over xmas lights.*
  3. While we wait to see what happens with our fave Christmas theme designer we hope you guys enjoy some festive decor! Careful not to bust the xmas lights on the top of the site when moving your mouse pointer! Thanks @Flix for the festive background!
  4. Curious! It's strange that it is pulling the title text of the video rather than embedding it. Are you coy/pasting from the address bar? Also, what browser Timo?
  5. Thanks for the exploration guys. A short time after posting this I did some testing in Edge and Chrome which ended up confusing me more than already was, haha. It seems that the two browsers may sometimes "fix" themselves after successfully embedding a youtube video after which point copy/pasting will reliably embed the video... So much for troubleshooting! Just tested now and Edge, Chrome and Firefox are all embedding automatically after copying a youtube url from the address bar and pasting into the editor. So maybe once someone successfully embeds then it is no longer an i
  6. Yup, looks like this hard drive has been corrupted by the gogo and DarkMatters virus.
  7. Hey gang. Just thought I'd open up this topic to list the ways that can make posting more fun and less work. This one is for you @Flix! Paste a link to a youtube video but don't embed it as a playable video within the post. Just a simple link. Step 1. Paste the link Step 2. Press CTRL + Z Done! A favorite of mine and something I find very annoying without. Making a new line without double line space. Step 1. Hold down the shift key Step 2. Press the Enter key Done!
  8. Amazing exploration Flix. Right up my alley, haha. One of my clients is heavily into the Topaz collection. She calls on me to clarify things for her on occasion. When first saw my client had bought Gigapixel AI I admittedly saw it as a gimmick to add onto her collection of Topaz products but as the software evolves it's becoming more and more useful. And what great use you're making of it! The reprocessed textures are much improved. I'm most impressed by the first sword in your list. Interesting that the flat gold lines going towards the tips of the blades became embossed in the up-sca
  9. Sorry about the blinding white gang! I blame gogo cause, why not! Our Old skin is broken since updating so I re-installed a new version of it. So it's all fixed but missing several customizations I had made long ago. It'll take some time before it's back to it's "kitsch" glory. Granted, if you happen to see somethings that looks broke, please let me know.
  10. Thanks guys for the troubleshooting! Man, that Google is really making life complicated... Google has been making a lot of changes lately to the map api that I use to run the map. It used to be that I would just code the map using js and reference google as a link. NOW... It's a massively complex Cloud Platform Service. Looking at the Dashboard for Google Platform Services is enough to make even the pros cross-eyed, lol. Soooo many menus and links and graphs and charts. All of which I will never use. Just so that people understand; the reason for the recent map problems is
  11. You are most welcome @Arienstarr. Genius Timo! Thanks for that tip. I've never liked Mediawiki's url addressing. Our wiki urls used to be formatted as sacredwiki.org/index.php5/PAGENAME. I think it was a couple years ago after an update that the "5" was removed. Would love to make the time to remove the entire index.php from our urls though it's tricky from what I've read. As well as create some redirects for the old link format. One more thing on the to do pile, heh.
  12. Sorry for the inconvenience steinerrr! Although I don't think the map has been down since June as the past posts might imply, I did notice a problem about 2 weeks ago. I just couldn't find the time to fix it while having a lot of clients waiting for me. Actually... I didn't even have time today but gogo locked me in the DarkMatters dungeon until I fixed it. Now can I come out? Wow, what timing! Heh. I juuuuust fixed it about an hour ago.
  13. Happy socially distanced with sanitized hands and face mask on... "We The North" Day! Whew! That was a mouthful.
  14. Heya Zettt! I'm having trouble zeroing in on the area you're talking about. Can you tell us where abouts on the map it is? http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Underworld_Map_of_Ancaria The only thing I can see in Dryad Forest is a cave near the combo master and merchant. Is there a portal in that cave? I can't remember...
  15. Oh crap... I did! I just found them collecting dust in storage. Wow. Don't even remember making them. Ummm... See, I just needed you to tell me I made them so that I would actually go and look for them. Or something like that. Yes, that's a completely logical conclusion.
  16. Hehe, I promise not to talk about your layers. Ah! I see now. But... How were the 2DF wallpapers made? Are these from a different project? Do you have these project files? *fingers crossed*
  17. Oh for sure, that silver pen conveys lofty ambitions but it's a delightful example of something fun and educational for young tinkerers everywhere. Quite a job your dad had. I'm continually impressed by the wealth of experiences you've shared. Makes me wonder if you've had a chance to take part in Repair Cafe trend. Seems to me you'd be well rewarded simply by the experience. Yeeeees.... YEEES! Riiiise minion! I will it! Ah ah ah!
  18. Glad you approve @Flix! It's a much deserved placement. At first I was going to ask you to provide something but thought maybe you've worked enough with all that you're doing. So I managed as best I could. I really would have liked to have done a better job though. I noticed that the wallpaper you have for D2Fallen has a a nice pro cutout of the D2Fallen logo on top of the cartoonish S2 map... I think I've asked you before but can't remeber for sure... Does a version of the D2Fallen logo exist with an already cutout/transparent background? Would love to work with an original if
  19. Tinkering is so much fun eh. Those stores are like wonderlands. These days it seems STEM kits are all the rage but I agree, it's not the same as walking into an electronics store and seeing all the possibilities in front of you. Excellent lesson you provided to your #3! Saves the child from taking apart all her belongings. Reminds me of the time I thought it would be a great idea to try to recharge old alkaline batteries by connecting wires from a wall socket to a 9volt. I was a child. I swear it! Would love to try this with the nephew!
  20. Hey there ameaath. I think the first line about debuff might be more accurate: Opponent's Movement Speed -29.0%. Instantly slows target's run speed. A second blast will slow target even more. The second blast would have a visibly less effect than the first since the effect would be diminished on the second casting because of the 29% modifier. Is it possible the second debuff works but is just not as noticeable as the first?
  21. Thanks Hooyaah! I'll see if there's anything that can be improved in sideways view.
  22. Soooo... I built a mobile menu. Haha. It's a bit rough but I think it a good start. Have a look on your phone and let me know!
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