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  1. cider_steve

    Sacred 3 - Official Announcement Trailer

    Conspiracy theorists reckon they were never really on the bridge.
  2. cider_steve

    Christmas Greetings!

    Happy Christmas everyone. Best wishes, Steve.
  3. cider_steve

    Make a sentence from 5 letters

    In jumping, Kevin fell headfirst. A E I O U. Steve.
  4. cider_steve

    Continue with 3 words only

    but the king..............
  5. cider_steve

    Hello all,

    Hi and welcome from me too. Hope you enjoy the game. Steve.
  6. I like to sound my horn too. Usually when stuck in miles of traffic............................
  7. cider_steve

    Hay is for horses so I'll just say hello :D

    Hi and welcome to you. Hope your uncle heals up and gets back on his feet real soon, and also that your cold clears up.....................it's that time of year ! Good luck with yer gaming. Steve.
  8. Oh btw..............2 things. Sorry, but I'm playing on the pc and I think this is a thread for console ?! Hope that is ok ? 2nd, I don't think that griffin de-buffs ALL the time. What I mean is, that he will de-buff you for sure, but if you immediately re-buff yourself he won't zap you again for a while. I'm thinking that he can only cast the de-buff spell occationally rather than constantly. I've beaten him with 4 or 5 classes now without too much bother. Like I said, just re-buff yourself and kick it's behind. Apart from the de-buff spell, he is a bit of a wimp. So much so that I can't even remember using a single health pot ! Go for it. Steve.
  9. Garganthropod for me. Why ......................because he just stole my survival bonus of over 80%, the dirty rat ! I got him in the end, but my sb is back down to 1%, and that blows ! Steve.
  10. Many happy returns mate. Have a good one. Steve.
  11. OUCH !! Sorry to hear that mate, sounds horrible. No tips from me, as thankfully I haven't suffered with that injury, but I wish you a speedy recovery. Steve.
  12. cider_steve

    Bonus overview display incorrect.

    Thankyou for the replies. Hmmmm, you are spot on with diminishing...................sheesh ! I checked my total, un-equiped items and checked again. The diminishing effect seems very harsh. I just got frustrated with the old swing 'n' miss, so spent ages trying to build up that mod to help out my SW. Wish I hadn't bothered now ! I'll keep a small amount, but switch to alternate mods from here on. Thanks again for assistance, much appreciated. I must stop scratching my head................these splinters really hurt ! See ya. Steve.
  13. Hi. Sorry, I have probably posted this in the wrong area, but was unsure where it fitted !? Ok. I have been boosting my "opponants chance to evade attack" stats by buying items with that mod. I have got it up to -69.4%, but, when checking the bonus overview, it says that it is only at -46.4% !! Not amused.............. Any idea's as to why it is saying that the stat is 23% lower than it should be ? Is the game playing at the -69.4% as it should be or at the lower % that it is displaying ? Steve.
  14. cider_steve

    Sacred Wiki - Latest Updates

    1000X thanks to all you guys/gals doing the Wiki. Incredibubble. If it wern't for the Wiki I would be here all day asking questions instead of actually playing the game itself ! Cheers to you all, yer da best. Steve.
  15. cider_steve

    Horse.............only good as a steak ?

    I last got my class specific mount back in 2009 or 2010 so I really can't remember whether it was any good or not, tbh. Surely it has to be better than the horse ?!?! Can't wait to find out though. I can just about remember going to an island and having to do some quests and or an arena fight....................though, knowing me, that is prbably from a different game all together, haha !! Bye for now. Steve.