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  1. Big thanks to Hooyaah and SX for running this thread. It made me smile when it was just starting and it still does. I went through all the pages again and was once again amazed by the amount of beautiful designs and psychedelic bugs that are abound in this game. Makes me want to play Sacred 2 again as well as to unearth the screenshots I have saved from my many previous playthroughs. A special "thank you" goes to Hooyaah for finally answering the question of whether or not there are any foxes in Ancaria. Back in the day when CM Patch developers were adding animals to their MP Island zoo,
  2. It's good to hear that you decided to add all available skills to the list. At least now players won't be asking why you added one skill and not another. However I'm not sure about window height value that would fit everybody. Which UI design are you currently using? Is it the D2F one? I'm asking because with the default CM Patch UI and fonts the window height of 620 looks like this (both with and without UI scaling): Maybe it's just a weirdness on my laptop's part, or maybe different UI frames actually do affect the size of the space available inside the windows.
  3. Hello again, Flix. It's really great to see that you're still doing the mods for this game. It's a bit sad that its community is not as active as it once was, so I decided to drop by and give you a heads-up on the new version of the Spell Mod. Adding new skills is a great idea as it adds more character build opportunities and for some people might warrant a few more playthroughs. I would have suggested adding everything for everybody just for variety's sake, but I know that some things are technically impossible, or at least incredibly hard (the High Elf is not going to Dual Wield unless y
  4. Well, if asking one human to enslave another seems strange to you, then what about asking a Seraphim to do it? I mean the Seraphims are considered to be noble warriors of light, and one would suppose a holy warrior should be irritated by such ignoble request. And yet the guy who offers this quest would offer it to everybody regardless of appearance. He probably just thinks that all wandering adventurers are rogue outcasts who only care about the money and that his money is as good as everybody else's. If you are playing a Light Path char, you quickly prove him wrong by demonstrating that some
  5. Removing CM patch v150 is pretty easy. You can do it by running cm-disable executable that is included in the CM Patch download, or by downloading and running CM Reset tool from here (https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6mWJPtqErDcdFJfR1VlM202ek0&usp=sharing&tid=0B6mWJPtqErDcSkg0eGdubGdVaHM) The separate reset tool would only come handy if you modded the game after installing CM and cm-disable does not run correctly. Otherwise, the regular CM patch package with enable and disable executable files has all you need. However, disabling CM patch won't help you link to the console.
  6. Since I'm doing 3D modelling and new visuals for characters and items for Diablo 2 Fallen, I guess this question is more to me than to Flix, who has his hands full working on mechanics, spells, stats, lore and pretty much everything else. Well, it's not the first time such suggestion comes up. Some time ago in Item Mod thread there also were requests to re-create Sacred 1 sets. I agree that many of these items were awesome and unique-looking, but re-making their models and textures to match the quality standards of Sacred 2 is going to be a difficult and time-consuming project. It's not an un
  7. Actually, Gilberticus is right. There is a slight glitch in the wings textures. I noticed it too, and tried to tell about it during the internal testing of the Item Mod. But I got the same answer that the set never looked differently, and was not able to pinpoint the issue myself, so I let it slide. Now I found that the culprit is the volume texture. On most computers, when the game starts up, there is a slight delay in the loading of the volume maps and application of volume and fur effects. So you really see the base texture for a few seconds, then the volume map applies and you suddenl
  8. I'm not a GIMP user myself, so the only thing I can advise is to check GimpChat for appropriate tutorials. Their tutorial index can be found here: http://gimpchat.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=5148 There seems to be a couple of tutorials about adding the alpha channel here, maybe they'd help.
  9. Making a certain part of the armor invisible using textures is possible, but not for all armors. For some of them you really need to edit the model itself if you want to get rid of some parts. As far as I know, you should not have trouble with editing Angeldust set, but for other items, it's better to open itemtype.txt, search it for the model that is used for the item in question, and check the list of flags. If FLAG_EQUIPCUT is present, it means that the character's body is not rendered beneath the armor, and therefore making some parts of such armor invisible can effectively cut holes in th
  10. With I&B addon, more and more people began advocating for the active usage of Regeneration Per Hit socketables to recharge the combat arts of melee and ranged fighters. It really is a good approach, and if you take it investment in Stamina becomes unnecessary. Another approach is to push Chance to halve regeneration time to 100%. But if you don't have Bargainer characters to supply you with good RPH and Chance to halve rings and amulets and/or plan to fill your sockets with something else, Stamina can come in handy. Unlike Strength, Stamina had not become redundant with the expansion,
  11. To be able to start the game at difficulties that are not supposed to be unlocked yet, you can do the following: - Open balance.txt script that can be found in the "scripts/server" subfolder of the main folder where the game is installed. - Find the string that says: LevelMinForDiff = {1,1,60,100,140}, and change all numbers to 1. That would allow any character to create and enter Multiplayer games of any difficulty. - Go to Multiplayer lobby and start the LAN game with the character you want, teleport to Sloeford, save at the monolith, and exit to the main menu. - Now, if the charac
  12. If you are building a close combat fighter, than survivability would be much more important than whatever damage increase you can get from stats, so vitality+willpower is a good choice. Damage bonus from stats is not as big as what you can get simply by keeping your weapons at optimal item level, and extra defense never hurts. For a Seraphim or a Temple Guardian who use energy shield buffs willpower becomes better investment than vitality because it boosts the shield as well as magic resistance. If you are building a ranged character and considering a glass canon approach, putting some points
  13. The Item Mod replaces nothing in the game. It simply adds to the variety. The Mod added a large number of new models to the pool of random items because they were not interesting enough to make them into new uniques, but it set them to spawn alongside the original random models, not to replace them. Everything that was originally present in game can still spawn just like it did before Item Mod and CM v150. Also, for everybody who struggles to install CM v150 over V140hf - while complete reinstall of course helps to solve the issue with CM not being able to update itself correctly, it is no
  14. File Name: Christmas Cap File Submitter: Silver_fox File Submitted: 24 Dec 2014 File Category: Fallen Angel General Items This chest contains a festive item present in Sacred 2 - the Christmas Cap that is present in game files, but can not drop normally and can be only accessed via modding, or using this chest file. The chest contains the Cap for the six original characters and is compatible with the base game. It is not clear whether the Cap was added in the same patch which adds the Christmas Sets or before it, therefore it's recommended to open this chest with fully patched version of Fall
  15. Was the dismount trick patched in the CM? I know it exists in vanilla Ice and Blood. It was working fine for me with CM v140. Haven't tried in v150 yet, but I don't think anything had changed in that regard.
  16. It's this time of the year again... Which reminded me of an unused item that was discovered in game files at the same time as the Mountain Slippers unique. However, it was an item of limited use and no unique properties, so it was forgotten again in the rush. And now that the time is most appropriate for things like that, I wanted to show you the Christmas Cap: It's an unused festive item that was probably discarded by developers in favor of full Christmas Sets. There is a version for all six original characters, but you'd never see them drop. Well, Seraphim's version is used as a prop i
  17. 50 downloads

    This chest contains a festive item present in Sacred 2 - the Christmas Cap that is present in game files, but can not drop normally and can be only accessed via modding, or using this chest file. The chest contains the Cap for the six original characters and is compatible with the base game. It is not clear whether the Cap was added in the same patch which adds the Christmas Sets or before it, therefore it's recommended to open this chest with fully patched version of Fallen Angel or Ice and Blood. The information below applies to all versions. Item levels: Bronze difficulty: Level 1 Th
  18. The page is looking great, Flix. While it does not look big, it has all necessary and useful information as well as the index. The readers are forewarned and know what to expect from the new items, and the page looks neither bloated nor empty. I also like that you put the lightsabers on their own separate page. While this Easter Egg-y distinct kind of weapons is affected by Sword Lore, they would have looked rather odd in between swords and daggers. Which reminds me: Is there a particular reason why the shortest kind of Sword weapons is called "Daggers" on the Weapons page, but "Blades" i
  19. Come on, Flix, do you absolutely need to go around poking fun at all ideas you do not wholeheartedly welcome? I understand your being on the fence with Diablo 2 Fallen, since this mod is more about your interpretation of Diablo classes and was never announced as a community brainstorming venture, but this thread has always been about crazy ideas thrown in and the more viable of them possibly getting implemented. Though you don't need to worry - I'm not about to go on lightsaber craze regardless of what people suggest. As for those pics... the first one is not interesting enough, the third o
  20. You've done a great job adding all these new items to the wiki, Flix. There indeed is a lot of them, and listing them all is a time and space consuming project. I agree that the Unique page became wa-a-ay to long and needs to be divided in parts, but I'm torn between simply adding the items to the main Unique pages and creating a separate CM database. Up until now there was an effort to keep unofficial content added by CM separately (CM sets and Legendaries are separate page that are linked to the main ones via inclusion). On one hand, most of the players who still continue playing Sacred 2 us
  21. I'm glad that you like the designs, especially since they were your request in the first place. I never meant to sound disrespectful, and I'm sorry if I did (writing replies at 2 AM was probably not the best idea, but I really wanted to show these pics). After the Item Mod v1.1, Flix released a number of high-quality mods entirely on his own, and everything that was showcased in Diablo 2 Fallen thread so far is a result of his work as well. It never fails to impress me how much he manages to accomplish and how he keeps his projects known and discussed even while they are still in developme
  22. Well, that's true enough. Though I have a feeling that when you say "modding team" you mean Flix alone, because it was never obvious what I've been doing. And I've been (and still am) helping Flix with his Diablo mod. It started when he requested something that required a new 3D model, but one idea can always lead to another... So now I'm up to my ears in Diablo-related projects, trying to provide some visual designs that Flix can use in his mod. I just think that the new character classes he's making are absolutely awesome and I know that there would be matching class-quests for them. What ca
  23. I'll check it. If with the current version of drop.txt the set pieces are still included into lesser amount of droplists or have small drop probablity listed, I can change it for the upcoming mods. I don't want to make it unbalanced, but making the set pieces drop with frequency comparable to the aspect sets is possible. All quests that were added with CM so far, were either contributed by people here on DarkMatters or on Mantis and executed the way the contributor wanted, or completed from bugged leftovers that Ascaron devs started to make but never finished. It might be just a coincid
  24. >"...is it possible to split items in a "light" and a "dark" version?.." If you're asking whether or not we can make the items that can only be worn by Light or Shadow path characters, then no, it's not possible. The only restrictions that can be placed on items are the character class, item level, and difficulty where it can drop. We can, of course, make the item into a reward for an alignment-specific quest, but the existence of the shared stash makes this idea ineffective. >"...we're able to find a lot of items starting with Potter's, but none of them is an actuall set-item..."
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