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    Sacred 2 Mod Compilation - offered to community

    Was able to get the file; thanks for posting it! :-) The only prb I encountered was with the Seraphim armor; it made her pelvis vanish if I removed the chest armor. That and her eyes kept flickering, although that was pretty neat. I'll try the new file shortly... Again, thanks for sharing!
  2. junkcollector

    Sacred 2 Mod Compilation - offered to community

    When the upload is available (as of now, it's temporarily unavailable for me), I will give it a shot and see if I encounter any problems. FlyingFox89, are you using any other mods? Could it be a mod compatibility issue?
  3. junkcollector

    Abishai Stronghold - How to Enter?

    Unfortunately, I'm just running plain old 2.65.2. My intent was to finish all quests, then run the CM patch.
  4. junkcollector

    Abishai Stronghold - How to Enter?

    Thanks for the reply! I read the quest chain on Sacred Wiki, and I think the quest broke for me as well. It broke before Djaana, as I could not enter her abode. :-( Ah well... Thanks again!
  5. junkcollector

    boop-boop-be-doop... Inquisitor!

    That is awesome! I noticed that my Seraphim does a little dance if she's left alone. If she's equipped with a polearm however (or the BeeEffGee), she'll fling it around until it gets stuck in the ground. If she's equipped with a bow, she'll look around and then fire a shot, and then laugh (presumably at whatever she shot down).
  6. junkcollector

    Abishai Stronghold - How to Enter?

    Where is the Abishai? I entered the stronghold via the invisible walkway north of the the lair, between the two light poles. But upon entering I found...nothing! I wandered around, looted all the stuff, but there was no Abishai. O_o I completed the Weaken the Abishai quest too... Did my game glitch out or something? Also, is it possible to enter Dajaana's Retreat without cheating? I used Assailing Assault to leap over the wall, but upon entering, all the doors were locked, and there was nothing.
  7. Keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to playing the patch. Right now I have to finish up the empty office quest, and the blood forest quests from Ice & Blood, and then I would have completed all quests available as of 2.65.2.
  8. I like the singing bard in the towns: he sings, plays a flute, and jams on a guitar.
  9. O_O Well, that makes things even easier! Thanks much! Finally, I can get my Seraphim to look normal again. The default skin color they gave her was some luminescent white, so it just made her look very bright, and painful to look at if I have an item with +light radius equipped.
  10. Sweet! I was looking for something like this!
  11. junkcollector

    Ice & Blood - Changing Character colors

    After my masochistic side slapped me around a bit, I reinstalled Ice and Blood. Good times are to be had ahead (along with the bad, I.e. crashes). :-D Edit: looks like my original inquiry was answered here: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?sh...skin+hair+color Will have to test that out...
  12. So I just installed Ice & Blood. They've added the ability to alter the color of your character. The problem is, this only works for new characters. So my Seraphim was assigned a whitish color that I think is too bright...in fact, I think she may be glowing, as if I had an object with +light equipped (and I know I don't). Anyone know of anyway to change the color of your character to at least the default one?
  13. You just need to have Ice & Blood version 2.65.1 or 2.65.2 installed. No other preparations necessary. I edited post one in this Thread. You can find everything you want to know there. Coolness! Thanks again!
  14. Wow! Thanks for all your hard work! I'm about to give this patch a spin. Before I do, is there anything I should do in preparation? I know I'll probably have to reinstall Ice and Blood and patch it to the latest.
  15. In my brief upgrade to Ice and Blood (I've since gone back to 2.43), I found that not a lot of items changed. BUT! Some item properties did change for some items. For instance, I had a set of armor chock full of rings, that had a + to visibility range. Some of these ended up being + to light radius.
  16. junkcollector

    Are you going to get sucked in to Sacred 3?

    I'm just gonna wait a few years after it comes out. That way patches can be released and bugs can be squashed. We pay for a complete game, not to be beta testers. Plus, I hate buying a game and expansion, only to find that a 'gold' version is released that has the game and the expansion. So I'll be biding my time...
  17. I noticed they have a V2.65.2.0 patch available... Anyone know what the changes are?
  18. Just for fun, I've been trying to compile armor sets (not set items), by which I mean armor pieces that should go together (graphics-wise). I'll post some pics to illustrate my meaning. Niokaste's armor, red: Niokaste's armor, red and black: Niokaste's armor, silver: NPC seraphim armor (some of the seraphim on seraphim isle wear this): Glowing armor: Anyone else doing something like this? Here are two more: NPC seraphim, gold: NPC seraphim, red: Revelation of the Seraphim, red and black:
  19. junkcollector

    Collecting Class Armor Sets (not set items)

    This one looks really awesome! I wish I have this armor set for my seraphim (instead of the white one). Max Agreed; I wish there was an actual set item with that. If I entered battle with that my seraphim would be killed.
  20. junkcollector

    Collecting Class Armor Sets (not set items)

    Added a red & black version of the Revelation of the Seraphim armor set.
  21. junkcollector

    Legendaries needed for SacredWiki

    I've got Niokaste's Arguments...I'll grab a few screenshots and post them.
  22. junkcollector

    Poison, Ice, Fire or Magic, Physical

    I like using fire against undead.
  23. junkcollector

    Collecting Class Armor Sets (not set items)

    That can be arranged; I'm open to suggestions. With regards to names, your guess would be as good as mine, if not better.
  24. junkcollector

    Collecting Class Armor Sets (not set items)

    They were arbitrarily assigned: the Niokaste's sets were named after Niokaste's armor, which was originally blue. The glowing armor was, well, glowing. The NPC seraphim armor was named because I saw NPC seraphim characters wearing them. :-)