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  1. also it helps to have a higher bargaining ( I believe) in plat at level 66 I can buy +7 all day and find +8s
  2. I have been using Viper's INT staff Dryad and I have not died yet (level 63 gold, some Plat). Ancient Bark is amazing.
  3. This is good to know. I shall be searching the map out now.
  4. Rofl, about the items, I would be pretty mad if my character save go over written.
  5. The strangest bug I had was when my high elf started the Gold campaign. During the cut scene in the being when the "place holder" high elf is talking to a group of people I skipped through and my character model never loaded. I could do everything like normal but I would be invisible (to me and other people playing with me). Only time I could see myself was when I was on a mount. Now in free world or someone's campaign I was fine. Also I always started back at the tower no mater where I left off. All my quest progress was saved but I just have to teleport to where is was. Oh and the place holder high elf never disappeared. Crazy huh?
  6. I see now. But would you rather have the +CA and +skills or a much higher +skills? just curious not saying which is better
  7. honestly, from what I have seem from the bargaining threads the second ring at level 105 only +5 to CA and skills does not seem that good to me.
  8. What are the chance for the DOTs/conditions? Are they set %s or they increase with better pearls/lava/fangs?
  9. Now that I got my Scorpion Head (Lvl40) I am going to have to build a "Ranger w/ Pet" build. or maybe Voodoo caster? we will see
  10. on the console we have a limit of only +10 levels higher can join. which means if I want a level 15 noib bargainer I would have to find some group that could handle plat at level 25 max. this pretty much makes rushing not possible.
  11. Because you can get insane items. Check some of the posts in the PC section about the bargaining network they have going
  12. I just make sure I save often. I hear something about certain weapons so I tend to stay away from them. Like the orc shock. Out of curiosity I tried one last night and I did freeze up pretty quickly. I thought my high elf would freezeand I thought it was something I was wearing but I am now convinced that it is from my glacial thorns hitting so many targets and with so many crits/damage that it is just lagging extremely bad. (hasn't done it in a while)
  13. I will add you tekken. I mostly play at night around 11pm EST. I do have a mic but I currently miss placed it.
  14. On the console I don't think we have a choice. Honestly I think the thunderstorms and lighting are really cool. I will really impressed the first time I saw one.
  15. One problem I have with this is I find that I am only getting set pieces for my current class. So my HE is not able to farm for my other classes. Now I think this will help when I go back to making another bargaining armor set.
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