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  1. Using this build and so far love it to death.
  2. Looking for people Sacred 2

    ^I have skype too, mine name is adriley313 on there. DO you have a headset? Thats what I use but skype could work too.
  3. Elite Mounts Project

    That fire dragon looks amazing. Keep up the great work guys.
  4. Looking for people Sacred 2

    ^ How do you play Sacred 2 on PC. I have both and do not know how to get it to work.
  5. Im down to play. GT: psiguy3 Should have some free time tomorrow and wanna start a new character as well. Love the High Elf and wanna play as her.
  6. Looking for people Sacred 2

    Add me then. Will be on later tonight after I go see the awesomeness that is Captian America. But im so down to play.
  7. Greeting fellow sacreds

    Welcome. XBox 360 gamer here. Should be on tonight around 10PM Arizona time
  8. Looking for people Sacred 2

    What version? I have Xbox 360 and PC, but do not know how to do group play with PC. Add me on XBL if you have it on there.
  9. Sacred 2 - Xbox Gamer Tags

    Anyone still play on the 360? Looking for people to play with and have fun with. I have a mic and prefer others have it as well. GT: psiguy3 Just reference DarkMatter.org I'm in Arizona time zone and usually play after work around 9-10 and my days off are friday and saturday.
  10. Advice for a newbie Dragon Mage...?

    Question: How do you download stuff?
  11. Celdrahil's Pandemonium

    How on windows 8?
  12. Advice for a newbie Dragon Mage...?

    Guess I wont be doing that. Took forever to get it past my firewall and then said I needed to Port Forward my router. Nvm, too much of a hassle.
  13. Advice for a newbie Dragon Mage...?

    How do you do that? I know the servers are down but how do I do those programs? Are they easy to set up.
  14. Advice for a newbie Dragon Mage...?

    I think I was on another Sacred 2 forums awhile ago. So n00b question. I downloaded the CM patch but how do I get the to play MP. I tried to find it on here but may have missed it. If someone can point a newbie in the right place.